My ex is dumb

My ex wife left me almost 2 years ago for her boss, Well...a year later she finds out he is pretty much banging everyone from his ex wife to his secretary to his 55 year old house keeper.
Not only is it great for me to know that she knows she messed up a really good thing leaving me and taking my kids away and ended up being the one getting s*** on in the end but now she wants to come back which is not happening. She knows he is dipping his wick in everyone he can but my ex is someone who would never make a move without having a safety net in place, She knows he is doing it but she won't leave and risk being left alone so she is constantly trying to get back with me.
My ex is a very attractive woman and I am sure she will have no problem finding someone else and honestly I hope she does, It just won't be me but still she tries, She will get drunk and call or text me and if my GF isn't over I will let her come over and nail her in hopes she will go home and do him so he can have my sloppy seconds, My ex calls my GF "The Little B****" because she is younger (Her: 29, My ex: 39, Me: 42), She will text and ask if she is there and if I say no she shows up crying on my shoulder and trying to somehow get strange sympathy from the guy she left over things the guy she left him for is doing.
Well...Last weekend my GF was out of town and she texted then showed up, She was pretty wasted and was all over me, Finally she said "Ok, What is it that the little b**** does that makes you want to be with her instead of me". I wanted to say "Well, She doesn't s**** her boss" but I didn't, My ex was leaning on my shoulder stroking me through my pants and I whispered to her "She takes it in the a$$" which is totally not true, My ex sat up and stared at me for a second then said "WHAT???" I just shrugged and she looked down then at me and tilted her head to the side saying "That's what it's gonna take" thinking somehow that if she did that I would dump my GF and take her back, I could see the wheels spinning in her mind and she was pretty much staring at my crotch.
As per usual she undid my pants and was sucking me on the couch, I was rubbing her back as she laid on her side resting her head on my stomach sucking and stroking me then slid my hand down her back and cupped her bum, I massaged one cheek then the other which are a little bigger than my GF's but she has always had an amazing bum, I slid one finger between her cheeks and started rubbing her p**** first and she was getting really wet but she tensed up as I pulled back a little and rubbed her bum hole.
She stopped sucking and looked up at me saying "Really?" and I just lifted my eyebrows and smiled, My ex had only done that once back in highschool way before we were together and told me it was NOT an option ever due to my girth, On my birthday or whatever she would let me rub it and a couple times let me put a finger in it but always hated it. She swallowed hard and shook her head then repositioned herself and I could tell right from the start that she was hating her life at that moment. She was wet and h**** but super stressed and tense as I rubbed and slipped one finger in her bum and when I took her to the bedroom I thought she was going to back out for a minute but then she took a couple deep breaths and started giving me head, We got undressed and got into the shower, My ex is really an impressive looking woman naked, She is brunette with big floppy b****, Flat stomach and a small waist, Great a$$ and beautiful legs so she is real nice to look at, We were getting busy with some heavy petting and making out, When we got out I went down on her and then I gave her a few minutes of missionary before I whispered in her ear "Roll over and show me that beautiful a$$".
She sighed and looked at me saying "For real?", I just shrugged and said "Or not, Up to you" and she took a deep breath then rolled over, I positioned her bent over at the edge of the bed with her feet over the edge and her a$$ on her feet and she was propped up on her elbows, Since leaving she has been getting laser hair removal and I will say that she looks real nice completely bald all the way back which she never used to be but she looks real nice. I started by kissing her feet then her pu$$y and her bum cheeks before flicking her hole with my tongue which made her jump a bit but she settled back in and before long she actually seemed to be kind of enjoying having it licked and rubbed, I was working her c*** and fingering her at the same time and reaching up pinching her big, Hard nips then stood up behind her and she looked back saying "You are gonna need more lube".
I reached in the night table and got the lube rubbing it on her little pink bum hole and she was getting a bit tense again, I rubbed my k*** on it and tried to help her relax but when I tried to push it in she sat up and pulled away saying "Oooohh, Nope, not gonna work like that", To be honest she was actually trying, She tried face down laying flat and bent over the bed standing on the floor but never got more than the tip in. Finally she laid on her back and put her ankles on my shoulders, I worked the tip in and she made me stop saying "Hold on...Give me a second", When she was ready I added some lube and stroked a little before trying to force more in, I was stroking inch by inch and knowing my peni$ is widest at the center that would be the breaking point if any, I was almost there and went for it sliding the thickest part of my c*** into her a$$, and her eyes rolled back in her head, She arched her back and balled up her fists pressing them to the sides of her head as she grimaced and then whined "Stop, Stop, Stop, Just...Give...Me...A...Second", I just stroked back and forth an inch or so to keep the movement going and she was obviously in pain whimpering "Oh god it hurts, Why are you so hard, F***, F***, F*** it hurts", I reached back and opened the night table pulling out a nipple clamp my GF has that vibrates and put it in her hand, She looked at it and then at me and said "What the f*** do you want me to do with that", I pressed the button and turned it on then pressed her hand to her pu$$y, She started rubbing it and eventually relaxed just a tiny bit, I started stroking her again slowly and she was a real trooper, She laid there rubbing herself while I f***** her a$$ and pulled her nips, She was not enjoying it at all but she did her best and lasted maybe 3-4 min before whimpering "Baby, It hurts so much, Please come".
I was thinking about keeping on with it but she was actually starting to cry and I was actually pretty close so I slid it in deep and blew my load.
When I did she looked at me looking very unimpressed and said "Oh god that's gross" and then she gagged, Her gagging at the feeling of me coming in her a$$ made me laugh which made me thrust a bit harder and caused her more pain and she would gag everytime I would pump more come into her bum, By the time I was done and went limp she was whimpering and crying a bit and when it slipped out she slowly put her legs down and said "So f****** gross, I need another shower", I let her start showering before I joined her and she made me scrub my d*** so she could get what she wanted after.
I pounded her again after when I got it hard again and got her off then while laying in bed she looked at me and said "How in the f*** does the little b**** do that, That's so f****** gross", I looked at her and said "She doesn't but you do now". She looked at me and tears welled up in her eyes as she said "What?", I said "really, You think she takes d*** in that tiny little a$$ of hers?".
After calling me a bunch of names as she got dressed and stormed her way to the the door I stopped her and said "Hey, Come here", I held her as she sobbed a bit and then looked at me saying "Why would you make me do that then?", I looked down at her and said "I don't know...I just always wanted to f*** you in the a$$", she looked at me and said "You are suck a d***" and just then her cab showed up.
She left and went home with an a$$ full of come and I haven't heard from her since but I am sure I will.

Jul 16, 2018

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  • Your ex is an ex for a reason. Move on.

  • It's nice to reinforce to ones sub that sacrifice is important

  • If Penthouse Letters was still in business ......

  • You really had a nice nice revenge....

  • Well it would seem you two are made for eachother. She cheated on you now you cheat on your girlfriend with her. You are both trash!

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