Had Girlfriend Smell My Stank Feet

All consensual...., my girlfriend wanted to do bondage tied her up, used a duct tape gag. She then wanted me to surprise her, she wanted to be dominated. So I had been wearing the same dress socks in shoes for about 2 months straight (no laundry). So I took my shoes off and put my putrid socked feet up to her nose, her face grimaced and she turned away quickly and tried squirming away. The smell quickly filled the room and her lungs. I tied the binds tight enough that she could barely move and I used my feet to keep her smelling! Her mouth was taped so she had no choice but to inhale through her nostrils. The smell that my 2 months worn socks in summer were making her sick. Her reactions were priceless. They smelling like aged vinegar, feety tangy sweat and sharp cheddar parmesan and swiss cheese. she smelling my socked feet for about 15 minutes breathing deep in and out, as I looked at her, her eyes were squinted as she was smelling, I could tell the smell was really getting to her. I then took my socks off and the smell got 10x worse she muffled uh uhhh as if she had a choice, I wiggled my toes as she was taking her deepest breath in and she muffles Mmmppph uhhh ugggh as I kept wiggling the smell of toenail clipping cheese and just straight bare feet cheese wafted intonher nose and lungs. After 25 minutes of non stop bare feet sniffing she was super submissive just breathing in and out softly and deeply her eyes were closed she had given in it looked like she was sniffing roses. But the smell was actually worse at this point because all of the sweat had dried up on my feet producing a Vomit inducing aroma but she kept sniffing for about another 20 minutes

Fictional story that I want to make for my clips4sale store that Im working on getting started if anyone is interested in participating let me know as well as share similar stories where your wife or girlfriend sniffed your feet.

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  • Do you have a gf? I have a camera.

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