The consequences and aftermath of saying something stupid

The founder of Papa Johns Pizza said something racist and is now paying for it with his career. I bet he is kicking himself every waking moment because I did something similar although not racist. I once told a fellow worker about a new pretty girl who had started working and he said she was probably a s****. I stupidly blurted out I like no skanky smelly p****. This got me fired. In my case, it was a two-bit job but to this day after twelve years I ask myself from time to time how could I have said such a stupid thing.

The Papa Johns founders mistake was far greater than mine. I replaced my job with a job closer to home whereas he will be blackballed for the rest of his life.

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  • Stupid f****** n****** wonder why people hate them

  • A New Jersey was videoed making racist statements and he resigned from the police force. I personally believe your mouth is your job or careers worst enemy.

  • Well, i think people should be allowed to express their racism and tell these foriegners we are sick of them. life was not ment to be easy. it never was easy on me. so why should we be nice to others for taking our jobs and lives and partners. being careful to offend. yet people are not to me. offence is taken not given.

  • From the way you write, I can tell you don't have it easy in life at all. I feel sorry for racists like you. I am sure, if you are clever enough, you can read the consequences of racism from what the OP wrote. Wishing you a happy life.

  • You have to be so careful these days. There is no forgiveness for going against the tide of popular political correctness. What was common once is now verboten. You make a smart remark and that is the end of it.

  • What's really messed up is when being objective and rational goes against the politically correct flavor of the moment. Racism and sexism and all that are still real issues, but instead of alleviating them now we have to worry about social justice-tards going out of their way to call every single white person on earth a racist just for existing. That creates an adverse environment wherever you go. Yay progress?????

  • Rich people are firmly and completely convinced that they are above the law and above social -- and moral -- convention. They've gotten away with their little s*** shows for so long that they believe themselves to be immune from the consequence that follows action. You and I can't get away with that. Most of them CAN. And Schnatter DID get away with it, for years and years, and he would have continued to get away with it, except that he took one step too far.

  • ^Totally true.^ Most of them are just too rich to care.

  • Spoken like a person destined to be poor

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