How to make sure she gets nothing

My wife has left me and we are getting a divorce.

She wants everything. The house and my business. Neither are worth all that much.

I have hit on an idea. My idea is to molest this really cute young female staff member and then she will sue me and win and the judge will award her a huge payout and that will make the company totally worthless.

Problem is morally I cant bring myself to do that.

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  • That's your grand "strategy", using your shrew as an excuse to stick your loser d ick in something young and cute? You've got bigger problems than an upcoming divorce, amigo. Have fun taking it in the shorts left and right from the women in your life, because you obviously can't out-think them.

  • Better still, go on a killing spree, then when caught, pay for your own hotshot lawyer. All your money will be gone, and your wife will be left with nothing!

    Then you can relax on death row, safe in the knowledge that you s_crewed your ex-wife, whilst Winston s_crews you every night in the showers.

    It's a win win scenario!


  • What I now know what I should have done when I lost everything and had to buy my successful business back from my spoiled ex. Say nothing to her, Lawyer up with the best money can buy for legal strategy. If your in the States it varies greatly what she is entitled to from state to state. You must protect assets the best legal way possible. The system is clearly in her favor. Change your credit cards and bank accts if she is on them. My ex absolutely killed my credit, ran up credit cards and took from accts behind my back. I wasnt prepared before I told her I was divorcing her. Get prepared 1st before you say anything to her.

  • Burn the house down and leave the evidence in her car, then get her charged with arson.

  • If i were you. suck it up and move on. money is just money. you gain money a bad way and it will make you suffer for it. and guess what there will be another younger chick ready to take your sorry ass down.

  • That is life loser, I doubt anything is completely our own in this world, having studied law and property of all types. you can raise a dispute but if your wife did her thing in the home she technically is allowed to have her share, you can bully and mentally f*** her brain and tell her you will sell it all to a relative for $0.20cents and get something on her and make her crazy like a medusa pulling out her hair. get something on her. use it against her then. blackmail is what they call it. extortion etc. and the risk is the medical professional she tells will find out but they would have to be supeana'ed to a court to expose you.

  • The young girl though is an inviting option

  • Just don't pay her alimony and you'll be fine.

  • I can help

  • Get a great (not good) divorce attorney. Cut her a deal up front, if means you won't have to pay alimony. Then get out of the business and start a new one.

  • Burn everything thing. Don't molest her as she is not responsible for your loss in anyway

  • Start over and be glad you're rid of her.

  • Sell what you can. You will lose the house to her. Get a u-haul style trailer and start loading it up with the power tools and any business property. If she wants the company ask for a buyout. You will not win. Her and the lawyers win.

    For the company, fight for or sell your stake. Just get away.

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