Married woman with boyfriend is seeing me

OK so shes married but is free to date. Ive been with her before. She is now dating someone, and still married. She is always coming to see me at work and posting pics of us on her social media. Last night we made out in my car at work. I really dont want to have to see her boyfriend face to face ever again now. Its already hard enough when being around the husband, but the boyfriend? He doesnt know. I feel terrible now, even tho she totally initiated all this for some time now. But shes a good friend, just evil. (!!!) sigh...

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  • Dont use rubbers, there are plenty of others to blame for the pregnancy that is eventually going to happen

  • Just f*** her

  • ^agreed^. married p**** is the best p****.

  • Be glad you met her. Be glad you know her. Hold on to her as long as you can.

  • She has a pretty good chance of reeling in a one nighter and then passing around the low level STD. 'The Drip' can be healed. Some are for life.

  • Wow, lucky husband! I wish my wife was a little slutty. Dude, seriously, no need to gripe, you're in a fun situation. May not last, so take it for all its worth! Enjoy her as much as possible! I'm not into seeing other d*** near mine, but maybe you and the other guy can take turns banging her?

  • ^This^ is really great advice. Do precisely what he says. It's perfection!

  • Get that p**** as often as you can and quit worrying about the boyfriend. Sounds like my wife before we got serious. She was going out with her girlfriends and getting in many one nighters. She finally stated she didn’t know how serious our relationship would get. The actual thought of Knowing where she was getting f*****.. in cars, parking lots.. club bathrooms, her place, their place turned me down on. I almost didn’t want it to stop.i finally got her to describe how much she loved f****** other guys while we had s**.Neither of was really to get real serious but she agreed to only f*** one older married man who she stayed she wished she had his c*** every night. When he moved away we got serious and finally married

  • She is available for you and bf, with husbands ok, wish she were my wife and she had 2 bfs, would love it.

  • Wow that's big newsworthy stuff. who is her boyfriend a chihuahua pup and your the p***?

  • Are you in love with her?

  • You need to knock her up before someone else does it first. Hurry!!!

  • Don't feel bad about any of this. Seriously. They say a man never forgets the nastiest piece of ass he's ever had. She certainly sounds like yours. Tell us about her skills and her appetites. Exactly how good is this b****?

  • ...jealous here...

  • Some guys love cheap tricks

  • You should hold on to this chick even if -- or maybe especially if -- you marry somebody else. She's way too good to let go.

  • She is one of those rare and incredible women who love s** and cannot possibly ever get enough. She needs more action than any one man can give her. Does that mean she's a nymphomaniac? Maybe, or else or she just loves to cheat. Or both. But it's all to your benefit. Stay on her. Don't let her up. She wants you and she adores adultery. It's a win-win for you. Make sure that what you're giving her is always better than anything she's getting from the husband or the boyfriend. Make sure she comes to you first when she wants d***. F*** her like your life depends on it.

  • . . . . lucky . . . . once-in-a-lifetime lucky . . . . don't ever let her get away . . . . not ever . . . .

  • I recommend continuing to use her for the s**, but don't let yourself get serious about her. She can't commit, so don't commit to her. Just f*** her. Do it as often as you can. Be demanding, be pushy, be manipulative, be controlling, make her do disgusting things, embarrassing things, humiliating things. Make sure she ALWAYS comes to YOU when she's h****, nowhere else. Start a streak, and see how many days in a row you can f*** her without missing a day. Tell her you want to wreck her p**** and her a******.

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