I will be a senior in high school this year and I have a dilemma that I'm not sure how to handle. I can't ask my friends nor family, and I can't ask on social media. So I'm on here looking for answers.
I have a girlfriend whom I have been seeing for a couple months now. We have yet to have s** because she wanted to wait. No big deal. Here is the problem. Last year in school I was taking Algebra 2 and I was struggling to keep up. My teacher Miss Lackey offered to help me if I wanted to stay after school. I excepted the help and started spending an hour a day with just her and I. One day Miss Lackey was wearing a nice dress that showed of her b****. I kept trying to get a glimpse down her dress and she must have caught me because she demanded that I pay attention and stop getting distracted. She told me there would be time to play later. The next day she had on another dress and again I was distracted. She then told me that if I focused and got an A on the upcoming exam, she would do something special for me. She wouldn't tell me what, but said I would love it. My curiosity got the better of me and i even studied at home. Some how i managed to pull out an A- on the test, and that day Miss Lackey asked if i was ready for the surprise. I said yes and she said we would have to go to her house for it. Once there she made me promise i would never tell anyone what she was about to do. I agreed, and she asked if I wanted to see her naked. I was floored and didn't know what to say. She asked me if I wanted something else instead, but I quickly said NO I wanted to see her naked. She slowly stripped off all of her clothes and stood before me naked. She is amazing beautiful and I reached out to touch her but she stopped me say my reward was only to SEE her naked. From that day on Miss Lackey and I started making deals on rewards for me passing exams. It ranged from me seeing her naked to me getting to use her vibrator on her p****. But I always had to get an A in order to receive my reward. At the end of the year we had finals coming up and I started to negotiate my reward. To my surprise Miss Lackey told me that if I aced the test and didn't miss one question she would give me the ultimate reward and have s** with me. I started studying like a m***********, spending several hours looking over everything we had learned. On the day of the test I was so nervous because I had more to lose than anyone else, but somehow I managed to ace the test. Miss Lackey winked at me when she handed the test back to me. That night after school I went to Miss Lackey's house and true to her word we had s**. It was so awesome I couldn't believe how I managed to get ther in my teacher's bed naked with her on top f****** me.
I just registered for my senior year and I am taking Calculus with Miss Lackey. I know I'm going to need help and I really want to have the same deal as last year, but my problem is I now have a girlfriend. Should I stay faithful to my girlfriend who doesn't want to have s** or should I work with Miss Lackey and get a good grade with sexual rewards?

Aug 4, 2018

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  • My girlfriend is a teacher, and last month I discovered secret videos hidden on her PC. They show most of the young girls she tutors having oral s** with her. I located the hidden camera in her home office. Most of the girls just start kissing her after she locks the office door and then she lifts her dress, she has no underwear on and they go down on her. Then she traded places. These girls seem really into it and so does my girlfriend, I've never seen her c** so hard as with these girls.

    The strangest thing about this is my girlfriend is homophobic and hates lesbians. She says when she was 12 her music teacher began molesting her 3 times a week and forced her to 69 until she comes. She also does not want me to go down on her as she hates oral s**. Also we only do missionary and I. The dark. But she eats young girls p****. Most of the girls are about 14 or 15.

    She has hours and hours of these videos. I can't help it I keep jerking off over them. I want to watch it live.

    But I think I should get out of this relationship, she is a complete liar. I think she is actually a lesbian but is in denial.

  • PLEASE keep us posted on what you do...…...and who. :)

  • Why not both i dont think the teachers gonna tell ur gf lol

  • I agree completely. You should TOTALLY do them both for as long as you can.

  • F*** them both

  • YESSSSSS!!!!

  • School will be staring again soon. Send Miss Lackey flowers on the first day of class, having them delivered to her classroom. Do it anonymously. Let her figure it out. Once she does, tell her you have another present for her. Then bring your girlfriend into the classroom and dump her right in front of Miss Lackey. Be mean about it. Don't tell the girlfriend that you're dumping her FOR Miss Lackey, just let Miss Lackey see it happen. Then, when the ex-girlfriend runs from the room in tears, tell Miss Lackey, "That was for you". Then bend her over her desk and f*** her in the ass.

  • You don't have a dilemma: you should ONLY be doing the teacher. Get to work.

  • Record a session and then blackmail her. S** and good grades or you go public.

  • YESSS!!!!!!! Great idea!!!

  • The little perv in me says keep them both and have fun, but the parent inside of me says that your teacher is abusing her power over you and it could hurt any relationship you have in the future, not to mention your current one.

  • You should be doing the teacher full-time, every day, using all her holes.

  • Can't sleep so would like to p*** on you...sssssssss....ssssssss...ssssss

  • ...ooooooooh, myyyyyyyyy….… i bet your p*** tastes sweet...……….. mmmmmmm …..

  • Fake

  • Don't be an idiot f*** them both especially the teacher f*** her real hard and teach her a lesson

  • That young girl can't take care of you like Miss Lackey can. Go with Miss Lackey.

  • Why in the world would you EVER f*** a girl when there is a skilled and h**** adult WOMAN so eager and so available. Are you insane? Well? Are you?

  • Very, very easy solution. Ask Mrs. Lackey what SHE wants you to do...…..and then do THAT! Give yourself to her and make her your everything.

  • Do you like your girlfriend? If so, then don't be a c*** and cheat on her with your teacher, it's so simple

  • I wish my teacher did that :\

  • Whats in it for Mrs Lackey?
    Like her risk is that if you even hint at this she will go to jail.
    It does not sound like she is in l*** with you.
    It's all too clinical.

  • Another BS story.

  • Dump the girlfriend, and tell Lackey that you're doing that...…..for her. Make her a part of the decision. Whatever you do, please DON'T give up on the teacher. You will SOOOOO regret it if you do.

  • What do you think that this brood of pervs is going to tell you?

  • Hahaha. You nailed it. Obvious decision to never speak of it again. Then from then enjoy the girlfriend and all the same age friends stuff you do together. Where you would have to hide the relationship as much as possible with the teacher. evaluate if you love the girlfriend as much as you think you do. Love her enough that you will wait for intercourse? Is the s** that important? Eat her out and show her what she has been missing when the time comes.

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