Licked out a prostitute

Thing is I love giving oral s** to women. It's what I enjoy most. Got a bit drunk a few years back and found a nearby w****. A daytime meet at her house. She must have been early 30's with a plump, saggy body, like my wife but 10yrs younger! But so enjoyed running my mouth around her stubbly c***! We 69nd but I came too soon. She said it was a lot, I was enjoying myself! She said she came, she might have been lying, but I think she did!

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  • When we were dating, my future wife did that to me often and then act sexy with me, but when it came time to make love she would instead insist that I perform orally for her. She would always have a huge o*****. I think that is why she married me.

  • Eww man... that means you sucked every d*** that she f***** ever. I bet that's a lot of d****. Wut, like 1,000,000 d****?

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  • Boom goes the dynamite!

  • Licking out a pro is wonderful. Don't ever stop it.

  • Besides the fact this is fake cooked up. Still i liked your creativity of your disgusting mentality

  • When I was 15 I licked a girl out after she had just had intercourse with another boy. I could taste the boys s**** when I licked her. She said afterwards that she couldn't believe that I did it. She admitted that she chose to have intercourse with the other boy because she found him more attractive than me but she said that she actually enjoyed the oral s** more, so that was really good.

  • No need to be so explicit, hrh. dirty!!

  • There's nothing half as sweet-tasting as the c*** of an overused street w****. Nothing.

  • When I was a much younger man, I had a professional escort that lived with me -- off and on -- for almost 4 years. And many, many times I got massive sloppy seconds (or thirds, or fourths, or fifths) from her after she'd been out on a call (or calls). I also occasionally had the rare pleasure of eating her out afterwards, as well. You're right; totally right. I've never tasted anything as good as she tasted after she'd been "had". Damn! I wish she was still in my life.

  • Fuggin' gross dude. I'd rather eat a dozen dogs s*** off the ground from random dogs. Basically the same thing.

  • Still playing the game hey? how disgusting.

  • This is so dangerous. And so stupid.

  • I licked a w**** out once, she said I was the 12th client of the day :s

  • Dude, if you can make a pro c** for you, then YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!

  • Can I take you deep in my throa?

  • Please tell me you're horney hot big ass woman. Would love to rupture all your holes

  • OMMFG! I love it -- really LOVE it -- when a real MAN takes control like you just did: that is sooooooooo romantic. I imagine you arriving at a party that I'm attending with my husband. As he and I are standing and talking with another couple, you make eye contact with me from across the room, and the heat between us is immediate and irresistible. You nod toward the kitchen and I follow (because there's obviously no way I could NOT follow the orders of such a MAN as you!!). I walk into the kitchen, but don't see you, or anyone else. As I'm about to turn around and go back out to the party and to my husband, you grab me -- VERY roughly -- from behind, spin me about, and slam me up against the wall. You press your body against mine, rendering me immobile. And then, as you crudely force your hand down the front of my skirt and inside my panties, and jam your middle finger up into my already-wet cunny, you say to me what you just wrote to me: "Honey, I'm going to rupture all your holes". As you utter that last word, I have a massive o*****, and my love juice begins to pour down the insides of my thighs, and all over your hand, the one with the finger in my p****, scratching and clawing my inner walls. As you realize that you've just made me c** -- using nothing more than WORDS (and everyone knows that only a MAN can do THAT s***) -- you say, "Just as I're a w****". And as I begin to recover from my first encounter with a MAN like you, I manage to speak: "Yes, darling, that's what I am; I'm a w****, but I'm YOUR w****."

  • Yeah I know you're a w****, but do you charge?

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