The guy downstairs

There's a guy who lives in the apartment below mine who has never had a job or a girlfriend. He's a bit of a loner. I'm not attracted to him but when I'm between boyfriends and need something more than my fingers I knock on his door and use his services. We don't do intercourse because I figure that's for when you're in a proper relationship, but he's very good with his tongue and enjoys licking me out and r****** me. When I'm done I say goodbye and go back to my own apartment. If I have a boyfriend I don't call on him for months at a time, although one guy I was dating worked away a lot so occasionally I'd call on the guy downstairs for a quick lick if I needed it. He's ok with this arrangement because for him too the taste of my p ussy is a nice change to jerking off on his own. When I get another boyfriend I usually leave a pair of my panties with him so that he can sniff them while jerking off thinking of my puss. This arrangement may seem a bit unusual but it works for both of us.

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  • Sounds like fun, i had a neighbor who i was able to hook up with a few nights in a row. I regret not finishing inside her, f*** it. I told her I wanted to and I think she would have let me.

  • LOVE IT! Keep getting on the meat, and don't ever stop! If you got a man who knows how to take care of you, and doesn't care about your boyfriends, then don't let him go! Wish I had one of those!

  • That's a wonderful relationship the two of you have developed together. I hope you're able to maintain it long term. It's perfect for both of you and fits both your needs. Well done!!!!

  • I envy your neighbor.

  • Sounds like my girlfriend when we first started dating. She was f****** the neighbor who lived above her. I knew something was up when I saw how he looked at me whenever me and her went back to hier place. One night after drinking she admitted she was f****** him before we met and S** with him was only physical but he was very good in bed. It didn’t really matter that she needed her fix but hearing about how she loved how he deep f***** her turned me on

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