Gynecologist Fetish--anyone else?

I'm 24 and have been going to the gynecologist since I was 14. Ever since my first internal exam, I couldn't get enough. Most of the exam is fine, but when they spread my lips, touch my c***, and put a gloved finger into my ass and v*****...I melt. I've had boyfriends finger me with gloves just to replicate the feeling.

I always have to resist riding against their fingers, or begging for more. Usually when they leave me to get dressed I quickly finish myself off with my fingers, or grab a glove and do it in my car in the parking garage.

I feel depraved but I'm not hurting anyone, I just don't think I'm ever gonna get my wish sadly :/

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  • Oh, joy. Another roleplaying incel, pretending he knows anything about female anatomy!

  • I like when girls put gloves on and play with my hard c***. I have been with girls that get off when a guy has a glove on. I had a girl ride my hand and then make lick all the sticky girly cream off the glove.

  • I'm a single father a brought my eleven year old daughter for a full medical and I was hard looking at whole thing....

  • Very hot

  • Doctors don't stick their fingers up a womans ass, like they do guys. Women don't have a prostate.

  • Actually she's right, this is something that many gynecologists do. And no, women don't have prostates Captain Obvious.

  • Then "many" gynecologists need their licenses yanked. Signed, an actual woman, unlike you... Captain Obvious.

  • Watching a Dr examine my wife is a huge turn on for me.

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