Viva Las Vegas.

My wife and I had our first ever hookup with another couple, Some friends of ours all planned a trip to Vegas for the one couples 20th anniversary, 6 couples in all went and we ended up partying late with my wife's best friend Kim and her husband Mike (Not real names). We were in the casino and who even knows what time it was but there was some flirtiness going on and out of the blue Mike throws out the "What happens Yada, Yada, Yada", We all laughed and next thing I know we are discussing this, Like it might happen or something.
I know for a fact that my wife would have never under normal circumstances ever have even considered it but for some reason she seemed to be going along with it, When the suggestion of going to their room came up I just kept my mouth shut and went along for the ride to see where it would end up. I kept waiting for my wife to stop things but she didn't, We got to the elevator and everyone was still laughing and flirting, My wife pulled up Kim's skirt flashing her bum to me, Kim wrapped her arms around my wife and gave her a big kiss right in front of the elevator. There was another couple that had walked up and were standing there, I looked at him, He looked at me and we both smiled...His wife didn't look impressed.
Two elevators dinged and opened, We got in one, The other couple got in the other and once in the elevator my wife was kissing and rubbing up against me, By the time we got to our floor she had her hand in my pants and I could see that Kim was doing the same to Mike, I fully expected my wife to stop at our door but she didn't, She continued following Kim smacking her bum as we walked and both girls were laughing. We went into the room and Kim turned out the lights and just left one lamp on, Initially I was kissing my wife and Mike was kissing Kim.
I was watching Kim over my wife's shoulder as her and Mike were talking and she nodded, He shrugged and nodded and Kim walked up behind my wife, Kim and my wife kissed a bit before Mike kind of stepped in and started dancing with my wife, Kim came up to me and we started dirty dancing. I was holding Kim back because I wanted my wife to make the first move so I couldn't be blamed later on and she did, My wife looked at me, Raised her eyebrows as if to say "Yes?", I nodded back to her and she slid her hand in Mike's pants. Pretty soon all four of us were all over each other dancing as we undressed each other.
Kim and my wife are both 41 and both have kids, Both have decent bodies, Kim is a touch taller, and a little smaller up top than my wife but otherwise very similar builds, Mike had my wife's dress around her waist and her bra off, I did the same to Kim and she has really nice b****, A little saggy, Just a couple stretch marks but big wrinkly nipples which honestly were really awesome and I have never seen any like them but they look very similar to the p*** star Kelly hart, Started out big and round with just a little nub on them but as they got hard they wrinkled right up and stood straight out, My wife's b**** are not quite as saggy and her nipples are more...Normal, Just small, Bumpy (Braille) Hard nipples sticking out.
Kim and Mike have been together since young, I think she was only with one other guy before him and I'm not sure how many girls he was with but I know from my wife that both Mike and the other guy she was with still had their foreskin and when she slid my pants down she stopped, Looked down and nodded saying "Nice", My wife looked over at us with me standing there, Pants around my knees and Kim holding my c*** in her hand, She wasted no time and had Mike's pants at his ankles, My wife and I have been together since college but she has had more of a...Selection so Mike was no big surprise and she knew what to expect.
I looked over and Mike was bigger than I expected but was only half hard and my wife started stroking him, I was already rock hard and Kim was starting to suck me, We all ended up in the bed together and Kim and I were 69'ing, Mike was kneeling beside my wife's face and I made sure I was positioned to watch her suck another man for the first time since we met. It was great, I watched her j*** him, Pull his foreskin back and open her mouth swallowing his whole, Half hard c***, Mike was reaching over grabbing Kim's ass and in no time he was hard making my wife work much harder.
We were only a few minutes in and Mike grunted, Pulled out of my wife's mouth and she squeezed her b**** together, I was watching intently as he jerked it on her b**** but he just had a dozen or so drops of come dribble out onto her nipple and you could see right away he was frustrated, He was jerking hard trying to get more but then you could watch as he went soft. My wife put him back in her mouth and was sucking him and he was watching us, Playing with Kim's ass and b****, Playing with my wife's b**** and p**** and he was still limp. Me and Kim had switched positions and they kind of took a little break to watch us as Kim laid back and spread her legs, I started f****** her and Mike was on his knees behind my wife fingering her and jerking himself while my wife watched us, Played with Kim's b**** and pinched my nipples.
Mike tried shoving his limp c*** in my wife but it wasn't working, My wife got on her back and tried to get Mike to go down on her but he kind of leaned over her face and she opened her mouth, I pulled Kim down so me and her were more in line with our faces even with my wife's face, I slowly f***** Kim with her legs wrapped around my waist as we watched my wife and Mike, My wife was licking and stroking him, She jerked him as she sucked his b****, Mike sat up and my wife sucked his b**** while he jerked himself with one hand and reached back with the other fingering her.
Kim was really enjoying herself and was reaching over pinching my wife's nipples while I sucked on her big wrinkly ones, Kim started to breath heavy and buck her hips before she let out a scream of "Good f****** god yes, F*** me hard, Hard, Hard, OOOOOOO, aahhhh. stop, stop, stop...Go slow", We all looked at her and she gained her composure as we all laughed, Things weren't going well for Mike and you could see that he was getting frustrated, He put his c*** back in my wife's mouth and pulled on her nipples as she sucked him. I reached back, Held Kim's ankles and slammed deep in her making her tense up and moan "Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh that's good" as I came in her, I should really thank the bartender for whatever he was putting in our drinks because I came hard and held it inside Kim the whole time and was still hard when I pulled out of her.
I leaned back and Kim sat up, Me and her kissed before I laid back to catch my breath, My wife had her legs up and her feet on Mike's chest while he sucked her toes and her whole p**** and ass were wide open, I reached over and rubbed her watching her tilt her head back as she sucked Mike, I leaned in and licked her a little and Kim got up, I started licking her and Kim came to the foot of the bed watching me then laid on the other side of my wife to watch, I started tickling her bum hole with my tongue and she started rolling her hips from side to side, I looked at Kim and nodded toward my wife's p****, She looked at me, Looked at my wife and she took a deep breath before leaning in and licking my wife's p****, She licked it a couple times, Pulled back, Looked at it then leaned in and buried her face in it, My wife was sucking Mike, Jerking me and rubbing Kim's p**** all at the same time as Kim licked her, I got up on my knees and Kim moved as I slid my d*** in her, I started f****** her and Kim licked her c*** Mike looked back watching Kim and me and then my wife started to moan and came hard creaming all over my c***.
Mike got off my wife and Kim started sucking Mike while I pounded my wife, Kim turned around and my wife put her hands on my chest saying "Stop, Stop, Stop", I pulled out, Wiped my c*** off and watched as Kim got on her hands and knees with Mike kneeling behind her, I got on my knees in front of her while Mike licked her from behind and I reached around pinching her big nipples, I grabbed her hair and my wife reached between my legs massaging my b**** as Kim swallowed my load.
I was done and had to lay back and watch as my wife and Kim made out with Mike's c*** between their lips, Mike laid my wife back and got on top of her, He finally slid his d*** in her and pumped her maybe 20 times before pulling out and dumping another small load on her stomach. Me and my wife went back to our room after cleaning up and she tried to get me up again but after a few minutes I just pushed her up against the wall, Lifted her leg over my shoulder as I knelt in front of her and licked her p**** until she came and pretty much collapsed on top of me.
We have been home for a couple weeks and my wife and I have talked non stop about what happened, She talked to Kim and Kim said Mike is not happy with his performance and was just too nervous, My wife told Kim maybe he needs a chance to redeem himself and Kim said "Maybe" ;)

Jun 10, 2019

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