Pretty sure my doc is a pig.

I went for my first full physical yesterday and I am pretty sure my doctor spent far too much time down there and had his fingers up there WAYYYY too much. I had no idea what to expect but my doc is a mid 40's man and after spending 10 or so minutes groping my b**** and super weirdly rolling my nips between his fingers he got me laid back, legs up in the stirrups and made innappropriate comments about how nice my vag is and then put a finger in and pressed down on my stomach as he litterally fingered me, He relubed up and I winced as he put two fingers in and he just applied firm pressure until they slid all the way in and he touched what I am pretty sure was my G-spot.
I involuntarily made a squeaking sound and he looked at me, I looked at him and he said "You ok", I nodded and he said "Oh...You just got wet", I swallowed hard and tried not to but I came, He just held his fingers in me and his hand on my stomach and said "It's ok, It happens, Just let it go and then you don't have to worry about it" I moaned and breathed heavy as I came and sat basically straight up and he took his hand off my stomach and pinched my nip, After I came and laid back I started crying a little out of embarrasment and he handed me a kleenex, He explained that it was ok and normal and that it usually happens the first couple times and I didn't know whether or not to believe him.
He asked if I was sexually active and I said no, He asked if I wanted a precription for birth control and I said no and then he pulled his fingers out, He told me he had to check my...r***** and grabbed my hips sliding me down a bit more and I am pretty sure he didn't change gloves, By that I mean he put on gloves and I am pretty sure he didn't take any off so he must not have had any on UGH!!! He put lube on his middle finger, Spread my cheeks and said Oh that's nice and slid it in my bum, I tensed up and he said It's ok, Just relax, He was holding one bum cheek and tried to relax but every time I did a little he slid his finger in more making me tense up again.
After sliding his finger in and out a few times which I am pretty sure is not part of the exam he pulled it out and took off his gloves, I laid there naked and he stood beside me talking with his hand on my lower chest and then said "ok, Stand up", I stood up and he basically frisked me copping a feel and then sat on his stupid little stool and had me stand in front of him, He squeezed my vag lips together and pulled them down a bit and when he was done he said "yeah, Everyting feels and looks great".
I left and never said a word to anyone but i am pretty sure my doctor violated me.

Sep 4, 2020

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