My friend and I spent a weekend stuck together

Back during summer break, I [F/15] went away with a friend [F/15] and her family to their weekend home. It's out by this beautiful lake in this small, middle-of-nowhere type town.

We arrived on a Friday around noon. The first few hours were uneventful. Me, her, and her little brother fished for awhile before heading inside. Then her brother showed us a pair of handcuffs that his uncle had given him as a birthday present. He'd left them behind the last time he was there. My friend and I took them and decided to cuff ourselves together as a joke. Then her brother realized he didn't remember where he'd put the keys last.

We searched the house but didn't find them. Her bro eventually remembered that they were back at their other house in the city, four hours away. Like I said, we were in a small town so there was no locksmith. These weren't police issue cuffs so we couldn't call the cops and ask them for a key. We tried picking the locks but couldn't manage it. In the end our only options were to either stay cuffed together or cut them off.

Neither of us wanted to destroy her brother's present since it was our own fault we'd put them on without looking for the key first. So we decided to own this boneheaded move of ours and told her parents we'd stay cuffed together for the weekend. They got a big laugh out of that but agreed to let us do it.

We had a blast the rest of the time we were there. We didn't let the fact that we were stuck together get in the way of having fun. We fished some more, hiked in the woods, and did loads of other fun stuff. We even went into town for ice cream at one point. We got some weird stares, LOL, but that was okay.

We arrived back in the city on Sunday afternoon and were finally un-cuffed, after about 48 hours that way.

I haven't told my parents about what happened, cause I'm sure they'd think we were nuts. Personally, I think we had an obligation to not destroy her brother's present since it was our own fault that we got stuck in them. I guess we could've just bought him another pair, but we kinda enjoyed the challenge of having to do everything together. I don't know, maybe we are both nuts for thinking this whole incident was funny. But I have no regrets.

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  • That very fun to read. Thank you

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