A young lover for older couple.

Hi, I am 25 year old guy and I have a question about group s**. I met a gorgeous lady in her early 40's at work. Every now and then we used to go eat for lunch and chat. Long story short she is married and told me that her and her husband were looking for a young guy with a bigger c*** size and
long lasting s** to please her for a few hours and asked me if I was willing to try, I got excited and told her yes nervously. A few days later she confirmed that they talked about me and they would go for it. She gave me instructions to shave and wear a c*** ring for that occasion. We had done it 3
times already and I enjoy having s** with her while her husband watches and joins in and specially when she wears stockings and heels. My question is lead by the fact that sometimes while she sucks me, she makes her husband suck me at the same time and he likes to lick my c** off her body and after 2 rounds of threesome s**, she smells and taste of both of our c** and it turns me on. I don't like men but I love it when a woman is covered in c** while having s** with her. Is that being bi curious??

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  • I'm a male in my mid 20s and for the last few months I've been in a relationship with a couple that I met on the internet. My role in this relationship is basically to pleasure them sexually in whatever way they want. I know it is a one sided relationship but I don't mind. My preference is to pleasure the woman but she enjoys watching me pleasuring her husband and because I want to please her I do as she wants. I admit that it is not a normal relationship but it works for me.

  • When I was 18 years old I had a 40+ year old woman ask me to have a threesome with her and her husband. I also agree because at the time I had only ever had s** with 1 other girl whom I had dated through high school. Long story short, when I met her husband he thought I was too young and said NO. His wife didn't take too kindly to him saying NO and told me she would have s** with me anyway without her husband knowing it. We ended up f****** for several years before her and her husband moved away. Today I'm 42 years old and I have yet to have a threesome. I got close to it, but never completed. At least you've fulfilled a bucket list item.

  • Who cares man. Im straight. One time I was dp ing a lady in an orgy. Ine guy crossed swords with me because he was trying to find her hole. I even said it out loud. Hey man no sword crossing. All the other guys laughed while stroking their c****. I still j******* to that once jn a while. Just the thought of this lady was so slutty and all the guys was jackkng off while I was pumping her ass.

  • Who cares if you are or not, everybody have a good time win win win in my opinion the majority of people male or female are bi curious even if they do not know this maybe.

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