Having a nervous breakdown

I had a breakdown while working in a factory with very loud metal presses. Apparently, my nervous system is too weak to handle the long hours I had to work around these devices.

It started with an anxiety attack and then a rapid heartbeat. Then a strange feeling in my brain similar to a car engine that needed a tuneup. Then chronic insomnia.

Going to the doctor I got tranquilizers but that got me fired for sleeping on the job.

Getting fired from that job was good because the cause of the breakdown was not there.

Getting sick like this is so bad its hard to explain. Take my word for it nervous breakdowns and panic attacks are life-changing events in a very negative way.

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  • Hang in there. I went through that with my Boss and the job stress.
    Sometimes change is a great thing.
    Listen to your body #1 advice
    Once your body starts breaking down it’s all starts going downhill here from there

  • May god be with you dear...I wish you faster recovery. I feel your trauma, once i had a paralytic attack and i thought i will never move again and my life was over. If you ever felt worthless not being productive, don't worry about it takes some time.

  • Good luck to you to.

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