Crushin Hard

I am a strong believer in Christ and all of my church friends say “you date to get married” but I just want to have a couple of boyfriends before I get married. I just want to have a little fun before marriage. Also I have this strong crush on a guy from my church and I’m in love with him but he would never date me.



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  • There is nothing wrong enjoying s** a bit before marriage, then confess just before wedding date. Your body is not a temple, it is a god gifted garden to enjoy.

  • Two thoughts. First, I waited til marriage to have s**, I was a 23 year old male. She sucked at s**, as well as everything else. We divorced two years later and I started dating like a normal person and had the time of my life. Second, as a former Christian, I would not give a single chance to a girl who was not a virgin. Today, I've had like 15 partners yet still prefer virgins. Religion f**** up your mind. Get out, quick.

  • When you say "I just want to have a little fun before marriage" rather suggests that your attitude towards marriage is that it won't be fun, but is a somehow a mandatory requirement to be endured. These are restraints which your religion has placed upon you, but to which you hold the key.

  • Getting married is a choice, it's not and shouldn't be mandatory. Dating in general is a choice, it's not and shouldn't be mandatory. Individual relationships with your faiths, is a choice. Do as you wish, just ensure you value yourself and the relationship you have with your god, family, friends and potential love interests. Don't let anyone and anything, dictate your life in a negative way, you're human and imperfect, do as your heart demands without constraints within reason

  • Met my wife at church. You know some people are strange kinky and others kind of do kinky things that they see as normal. My wife was a total believer that a wife should submit to her husband. When we were first married she would encourage me to have s** with her whenever I wanted. She saw doing it when I wanted as being submitting. So good.

  • What church you go to? I went to a southern Baptist and there wasn't one single virgin girl older than 15....

  • I grew up in a strong Christian family and so did my wife. Every morning she read the bible and every night we would have a short prayer together. After 20 years she divorced me. I never had an affair. Never came home drunk. Never beat her up. Yet she still decided I was bad.

  • As other commenters keep saying, religion f**** up your head. And "good Christians" will find reasons to judge you that have no basis in reality. If you part your hair on the left and they prefer it on the right, boom-- you are Satanic. They might not say that outright, but their "thinking" really is that juvenile and that black and white. Why do you think they start screaming "persecution" at the drop of a hat? You can't make that kind of leap unless your higher reasoning is switched all the way to OFF.

  • Don't think too much. Your relationship with God is entirely personal and not based upon if you have some fun before marriage or not. Just live your life and remember God loves you. Just don't hurt anyone that's all. Have a nice day.

  • You have been conditioned not to question, so it's no surprise you are incapable of asking this guy out on a date, because you decided to 'believe' he would never date you, rather like you have chosen to 'believe' in Christ.

  • Go have s** as much as want,just don't drag Christ in this as you are weak and fake

  • Your false beliefs are holding you back. Jesus was a devout Jew who died a devout Jew. Let go of these primative beliefs and go have some fun.

  • Jesus was the original JewBu, or Jewish Buddhist.

  • This Christian f**** invents messiah, and all of the other s*** of h*** and apocalypse, they should read the f****** scriptures.

  • Uh... again, this time in English?

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