I am a female...i am christian and i m*********... so much that i have attracted an incubus..he or it...comes in my dreams everynight and has s** with me...although i know its a horrible dirty..unholy thing...the s** is soo great...and i admit i dont want (him or it) to go away..however when i try to go to church.

.it threatens me the point i am afraid to o to church..i cannot tell my pastor because of the shame..but the "being" has gotten so strong that i wake up with strong sexual urges..the scary part is i know that "he"did this to me so that he can pull me back in......

sometimes when i walk next to a church my head hurts or my stoamache turns...i get these irrational sexual thoughts..i know its hard to belive,but the last time a man tried to preach to me..this really sexy guy comes past and flirts with me infront of the preacher..SERIOUSLY WHY DNT CHRISTIANS TALK ABOUT THIS STUFF? i need help...

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  • Are you sure it's an incubus? Things like this have not happened since the time Jesus lived. However you can always pray to God to give you strength in any situation. It is completely normal for a christian girl to have sexual urges. Anyone that tells you that it is a sin is wrong. They are just repressed and probably taking it out in an unhealthy hurtful way. And trying to convince you to do the same. Accept yourself God made you perfect honey. S** can be a beautiful thing and when you meet the right man someday you'll understand. But by bottling it all up and not releasing? It can make you insane. Masturbation is pefectly normal and gets your sexual frustration out without actually having s**.
    Remember God is always with you and wants what's best for you. He is not out on a witch hunt like so many people are.

  • I'll be honest, I don't know what an incubus is, but I can tell you that it's not abnormal to have sexual dreams. The feelings you have when you're at church is God convicting you of sin. It's not right, but it's normal. Pray about it and talk to someone in the church that you trust about it. Having someone to keep you accountable will help.

  • an incubus. uhuh. riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. wack job.

  • Call on Jesus Christ of Nazareth and ask Him to save you. Confess this sin to Him, and ask Him to grant you true repentance (genuine turning away from this and/or every sin).
    Go to church regularly, read the Bible, and pray all the time (God is never tired of hearing from us). Finally, just trust Jesus and obey Him. He will deliver you from all your sin, and call you to Heaven at the last. May God bless you, and prosper you.

  • Wow it has come every night in ur dreams.
    Everynight before I sleep I wish one incubus come and have s** with me but it only comes few times in my life. I know how it feels it's better than when we are having s** consciously.
    I have one idea... Just expect that thing come to ur dream then it will turn upside down like my case.
    The more we struggle over things the more it gets worsen.
    So try the opposite...

  • nonsense advice

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