Is my girlfriend cheating

I have been thinking for a while now my girlfriend is sleeping with someone we haven't had s** for 8 month so on the odd occasion when she comes back from work I have noticed the little stains in her knickers yes I know it's wrong to look but then yesterday she came home and run a bath I went in after and there was all white in her knickers it wasn't wet or nothing dried white but quite a bit of it am I paranoid is this discharge or has she slept with someone

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  • F*** her like an animal. No mercy. Just hit hard. Blow her mind. Do not go gentle. Be rough. Then she won't cheat on you .

  • 8 months you kept her hungry, now what do you expect

  • Yeah. Do a lick test in the knickers.

  • All women cheat. It's designed by nature that way so they pick out the best mate for their offspring. EVERY woman cheats on their partner, it's only a matter of time. So yes, your girlfriend is cheating on you.

  • That’s not true. Some of them have had enough d*** to settle down on the right one.

  • Settle for now. Give it time, her inner s*** will come out. And she'll f****** someone else's d***.

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