Red Dress

I've read many stories over the years about male bosses taking advantage of female employees . What I'm about to tell you happened a long time ago but it's true , My wife at the time was 23 our 2 children was in primary school . So my wife wanted a part time job which would fit in with the kids , She had gone to evening college and acquired the pass certificates she needed . She could not believe it she managed to get the job she wanted , The hours was flexible and the money was good she was a personal Secretary . The only thing she did not have was experience but her new boss said He would give her a 3 month trial to see if she worked out . My wife's boss was a guy in his late 40s and single , She said he was nice and really kind to her so she really liked her job . When i got home from work one evening my wife said her boss as asked her to ask me if it would be ok if she could accompany him to a dinner dance . She said it was to do with other company's he does business with , So I thought it was ok . My wife was worried what she would have to wear , So I said ask your boss . Any way she came home and said he his taking me shopping for a dress and he's going to pay for it , Well he said the company going too , Anyway it's an investment could do it again . On the day of the dinner dance my wife bathed done her hair and make-up I don't think she missed a thing she looked perfect , I had not seen her dress so she went to put it on when she appeared I could not believe it she looked fantastic . It Was a long red dress with a split up to the waist showing her knickers I said you can't wear that , My wife said the panties and bra are all built in its safe , I wasn't sure . She also had on really high heels and a little like jacket covering her b**** , Well her boss turned up in a posh taxi opened the door for her to get in and they went . When she arrived back I heard the car pull up in the lane so i popped out to meet them , Has i was walking I heard the door open my wife got out so did her boss they talked for a little while then he tried to kiss her my wife moved away . He looked annoyed they talked a bit more this time he tried again i stayed where I was watching to see if my wife would behave and she did , He said something to his driver and his driver got out . I got closer because I was not going to let it go any further when I heard him say he wants the dress and jacket back , My wife said I'll go and change then bring it back out . Her boss said no take it off now , Then he grabbed the jacket then her arms then told his driver to un zip her dress . The driver done what he was told her boss pulled the dress down to her navel knelt down then pulled it down to her shoes , Her boss was eye level with her crutch then my wife ran in the house I managed to creep in without her knowing that was easy because she was looking for something to put on . I never told my wife what I had witnessed but that night when she got into bed she was Has h**** has me .

Aug 30, 2018

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  • Yawn. Next!

  • This story is not real

  • Did you want him the f*** your wife?

  • Really?
    and the issue is?
    I can not believe this is real. People who own businesses know the risks of that sort of thing.

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