I like this girl but my friends dont.

So theirs this girl at my school that Ive known since about 6th or 7th grade. We never really talked but we said hey during classes in the halls and lunch n s***. A couple of friends told me that she liked me and at first didn't even consider dating her. But now that i see her she is so damn cute to me for some reason. I told a couple close friends that she liked me and they all cringed and was like, "damn bro i feel for u" and s*** like that. I dream of her every once and a while, i even went as far as learning to lucid dream so i can dream with her again. I guess my friends think shes unattractive, (at first i kinda did too) but now that i text her every day and i know her and she knows me i think shes so cute. She dresses so cute and she loves the same things i do. I hardly date, people ask for my sc and i always leave them on seen cause high school love is bullshit., just an act. But shes different, i really like her and wanna ask her out but my friends would think im stupid and they would give me so much s*** everyday knowing them. We text daily and we have such a strong bond, She even lives really close to me. She even confessed to me that she got wet thinking of me!? What do i do?

Jun 12, 2018

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  • Ignore your so called friends , If they was in your position they would drop you they are jeleous , I have been in that position my so called friends tried to knock her off , I was with her for 6 years and don't regret one minute ,If you love her F - - - um

  • I do love her, alot. But everyone one think im desperate wont they! Cause everyone else thinks shes "ugly".

  • Who the h*** are these friends...why are you letting them control your life...How dare them to call someone ugly when we can't control somebody's physical appearance......
    Maybe you really don't have the b**** to stand by her.....I am sorry but love and fear cannot be at the same place

  • Your so called friends are jealous and selfish. They are worried you'll spend time with her and not with them and they don't have a GF and are too shy to ask one out.

  • Thx broski

  • I had the same problem at school, I regret not telling the girl I loved her. Tell this girl how you feel or you'll regret it your whole life, like I do

  • Why do you, did she move on or what?

  • I never had the b**** to tell her how I felt

  • Go for it. At least she won’t be hit on by your friends ;).

  • Holy s*** u right

  • How old is she?

  • Don't listen to your friends....your heart wants this girl just listen to it

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