Friends GF

My friend and I share a hotel room while working out of town, The other night his GF came to visit him and stay the weekend. I went to bed early and they came back tot he room after the bar, We have an understanding that if you are going to try and get some you just grab another room.
But...Apparently she had different plans than he did, I woke up to some heavy breathing, Right away I knew what was going on, I laid there and listened for a little bit before I could hear her sucking and slurping, I quietly rolled over and he looked at me, He smiled and pointed to her head under the sheets bobbing up and down. I gave him a thumbs up and he grabbed the sheets slowly pulling them down a bit, I could see the top of her head and she was sliding up and down sucking him off.
Eventually the sheets slid down enough I could kind of see her as she gave him head, A couple minutes in he grabbed her hair and pushed his dick forward and she groaned "Mm-mm, Mm-mm" then a disappointed "Mmmm" as she swallowed. When she was done she laid beside him not noticing I was laying facing them now, I had my eyes mostly closed and in the dimly lit room she couldn't tell I was watching them, They were whispering and she was stroking him, She was getting angry and I heard her whisper "What the fuck, That's it, You're done?", He apologized and she said "Can you finish me?", He whispered "Sorry, I am too drunk", She was getting super pissed and they were arguing about him finishing in her mouth and refusing to help her finish.
I was laying there and he whispered "What the fuck, It's usually the other way around, Normally you don't care if I get off", they argued for a little bit more and he said "Go then", She said "Yeah...You think I wont?", He said "No...I just don't care if you do", She said "Oh yeah" and got out of bed, I closed my eyes and felt her gently pull my covers back sliding into bed with me, I was like WTF but pretended to be waking up, I opened my eyes and looked at her pretending to be groggy, Then propped myself up on one elbow and she said "Hi", I said "Um...Hi...I think you might be in the wrong bed", She looked back over her shoulder and then at me and said "Nope, I'm in the right bed" then leaned in and started kissing my neck.
I looked over at my friend and he was pumping his fist in the air then motioned to me to go for it, I was a bit apprehensive but also excited, She looked back at him and he pretended to be just laying there watching, She said "You still a NO" and he shrugged his shoulders and said "Do what you gotta do", She looked at me and kissed me then slid her hand across the bulge in my underwear and stopped, She looked up at me and said "I'm definitely in the right bed". My friend had rolled over and was right on the edge of his bed propped up on one shoulder motioning for me to nail her.
She is a cute girl, Curvy and cute with dyed streaks of color in her blonde hair and decently big boobs, Little bit of extra weight but it looks good on her and mostly just in the right places, She was still wearing a t-shirt and thong but no bra and she took my hand sliding it up her shirt, Every time she did something she looked at him first so when she pushed me onto my back she grabbed the waistband of my underwear then looked at him, He waved for her to continue and she started pulling them down, She pulled them off then straddled my knees and looked down, She lifted her eyebrows and was apparently impressed, She looked at him and he just laid there watching, She put her hands on my chest and looked down at my dick then at him.
She cleared her throat and said to him "Well?", He just nodded and she took it in her hand, She was stroking it and leaned in taking it in her mouth, She sucked me for a minute then sat up and pulled off her shirt, She has nice boobs, Big and round with very pale areolas that almost blend in with the surrounding skin and nipples that are kind of thick but don't stick up much, She leaned in and kissed me as she rubbed them on my chest and I rolled her onto her back, I looked at him and he gave me the thumbs up so I grabbed her thong and she lifted her legs letting me pull it off.
She has a really nice little pussy, Small, Pink and just a thin strip of short, Blonde pubic hair, I dove in and started licking her, She was going wild and had her legs wrapped around me on my shoulders, I licked her pussy and grabbed her ass, I started rubbing her bum hole and she said "Ahem...Um...I...Um...ahem...Ahh...Ok", I made sure it was wet as I rubbed it and she was relaxing a bit more as I made sure not to make her think I was going to shove my finger in it, Pretty soon she was relaxed and she was just taking a deep breath then letting it out then again .
She whispered "Come here" pulling at me as she spread her legs, I shook my head no and she said "I don't want to come yet...Come here", I got on top of her and she reached down grabbing my shaft, She rubbed it on her clit then started shoving it in her, I pushed forward and she grunted then put her hands on my stomach and said "Slow, That's...A lot...For me" and looked at him, He smiled and shrugged saying "I told you", I looked down at her and she smiled shyly then shrugged and said "I asked ONCE" and looked at him, He just laughed and I started stroking her slowly with half strokes as she moaned each time.
She started taking deeper breaths everytime I slid in and letting them out when I pulled back, I tried a few times to go deeper but she would tense up and say "Ohh, gentle", I picked up my pace a bit and she seemed to be enjoying it laying back with her eyes closed, Moaning and biting her bottom lip, I worked a bit more into her as she relaxed and got wetter, I had kind of forgotten about my friend and was concentrating on her but he knelt beside the bed and started pinching her nips a bit which made her moan a bit louder, She was grinding her hips forward everytime I would push into her and eventually I slid the whole thing in, She twitched a bit and twisted sideways and back, She leaned her head back and arched her back, I gave her a few full strokes and she grabbed my hips pulling me into her, I slid it all the way in and she opened her mouth, Her eyes rolled back in her head and her legs started twitching, Her whole body started to shake and her tits jiggled as she moaned "Oh fuck me, Fuck yes, Your dick is huge", I slammed it all the way in and held it there, Her whole body was twitching and she was digging her nails into my hips, All of a sudden she just took a deep breath, Tensed up and I felt her pussy tighten up then relax and she came flooding the sheets, I could literally feel her coming.
She twitched and bucked her hips a couple times then grabbed my hips and whispered "Come for me", I hammered her hard for a minute as she moaned and twisted wincing in pain then slammed it all the way back in, She moaned and winced saying "Oh fuck, Too much, Too much" trying to push me back then when I pulled back She clenched her pussy muscles and I came, She looked like she was going to pass out as she lifted her head and her arms twitched, She looked at me and said "oh god...I can f..f..feel your come".
I finished and rolled off her, She slapped her boyfriends hand away from her tits and laid there for a minute before looking down and getting out of bed, She turned around and looked at the soaked sheets biting her top lip then at me and said "Ahem...Uh...That's a first" and went to the bathroom.
My friend sat on his bed and whispered "Holy fuck dude, Did you fuck the shit out of her", I just chuckled and we heard the shower start, He looked at me wide eyed and said "Go", I went to the bathroom and opened the shower curtain, I looked at her and she was blushing, She said "Sorry...", I said "That's more than ok...Mind if I join you?", She stepped back and I got in. Within seconds we were kissing and lathering each other up, She got me hard again and sat me on the shower bench then sat on my dick and rode me.
We ended up getting out of the shower and she led me straight to their bed, She pushed me into bed and we spent the night tag teaming her, Me and him went to work the next day and she stayed at the hotel, That night we went for supper and after we ate he said to her "Why don't you guys go upstairs, She didn't even ask for confirmation and just looked at me, I looked at him and he nodded. We went upstairs and were in full motion when he came in and without skipping a beat stripped down and joined us. We nailed her hard for a couple hours probably and she just loved it, She took every load (2 from me and 3 from him) and just happily rolled over going to sleep in my bed with a big smile as he went back to his bed.
The next morning she was leaving but when our alarm clock went off he said "I'm going for breakfast, You guys should stay here for a bit", Then got dressed and left us laying in bed, I fucked her once more before I had to go and left the room with her laying on her back completely naked smiling at me as I looked back.
It's been a few days but he talks about it constantly and says she wants to come back in two weeks when she is off work again...Who am I to say no...

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