Bipolar boyfriend

I am sick to death of my bipolar boyfriend. He is constantly whining about how he can't bring himself to cook himself a meal but he has no problem running around to every bar in the city to get drunk. Anytime I get upset with him for his s***** behavior he immediately vilifies me to a bunch of single women on Facebook. He is constantly playing the victim and refusing to take his medications. I have told him on many occasions that if he doesn't take his medications that it is a deal-breaker for me and I will leave. Well, I found pills that he hadn't taken and I told him that I was done with him. Know what he did? He threatened to kill himself if I didn't stay with him. This is abusive and hateful and I absolutely despise him now. He manipulates me and lies to me and uses his mental illness as an excuse for his s***** behavior. I can't stand his whiny crap any more.

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  • I broke up with a dude that then threatened to kill himself before in some kind of twisted way of getting me back. He also told my parents I was a h*****/escort by sending pics of me from an online listing with the web address to embarass me (this part was true - I was doing it because I had no other viable means of making an income at that point). Um, he also had me arrested for having a video of the two of us f****** on a website (that he knew about while we were together and approved of) for 'harassment' and I spent 12 hours in NYC jail. He texted, he called, he came and knocked on my door, all despite me having a restraining order against him in place. There's so much more I could go into, it's almost pathetic. All of this is to say, threatening suicide is manipulative, EVIL (how awful to put someone in that situation), and is s***** to humans in general because it makes us downplay, perhaps, someone who really IS suicidal and not want to offer the help they really do need. I would start cutting ties with this guy ASAP. I'm sure there's positives about him you haven't mentioned, but clearly since they weren't mentioned, they don't counterbalance something as awful as trying to make YOU responsible for someone else's death through no fault of your own! This guy is a creep and nothing will change that short of a miracle, especially not himself with all his self-destructive behavior.

  • He is your boyfriend, not your husband or partner. You have one life to live. He needs help which you can't provide. Leave now.

  • Why did you choose a loser?

  • Get out fast!

  • I totally totally totally totally totally totally agree. You are not just in an unfortunate or inconvenient situation. You're in danger and you need to remove yourself from it. You aren't his mother and you don't need to take care of him or support him or protect him or fix him. Go. GO!!!!

  • Run girl, it will only get worse

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