My wife has always been a fun loving, uninhibited, incredibly sexy woman. I love her more than life itself and cannot imagine life without her. I'm sure she feels the same way about me.

Two years ago she surprised me with a strapon and seeing her wearing that thing was the sexiest, most erotic thing I had ever seen in my life. It was just a joke. She walked around wanking it like a man, fooling around, laughing. We both thought it was hilarious. She jumped on top of me and pretended to f*** me and she was so funny.

Then she asked me if I would actually let her f*** me. I was so turned on and I thought her surprising me wearing a strapon was the most amazing thing she'd ever done. So, I was like "Oh, OK then." After all she let me f*** her up the ass whenever I wanted so fair's fair, I thought.

When she put that thing in me my c*** got harder than it had ever been and she noticed. "Wow, you really like this." She said.

So, it became a regular thing and every time I f***** her she'd f*** me. I loved it. She loved it. We both loved it. She'd f*** me doggy, lean over me with her t*** rubbing on my back and she'd j*** me off till I came while she f***** me.

Now two years later I can't get an erection unless she has her strapon c*** in my ass. She gets frustrated because every time she wants a f*** she has to f*** me up the ass for a while till my c*** gets hard then rip the strapon off and quickly get into position before I lose my erection.

If we don't use the strapon she cannot get my d*** hard no matter what she does.

She's not happy about it and sometimes she says "It would be nice to have a normal f***" or even worse, she says. "Sometimes it would be nice if you would just f*** me like a normal man." But the sad, pathetic truth is that I would rather her f*** me than me f*** her.

I'm not interested in having s** with guy and in fact the only person I want to have s** with and ever wanted to since I met her is her. She really is the only one for me. She wants us to go to a s** therapist but I am too embarrassed and I actually like things just as they are but I am afraid that it's putting a strain on our marriage.

I've never been a 'manly' man but I've always been an aggressive f*****. She always used to say every time we f***** was like a surprise because I was so aggressive and I just didn't look the part. She also used to always tell me I was the best f*** she'd ever had in my life but she hasn't said that for a long time now.

I don't even feel like a man any more when we have s**.


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  • Maybe it’s more of a mental expectation type of thing. You like what you like. There’s always a penial implant & she can have it ANYTIME she likes. There’s no effort there.

  • Dude - pump some iron, get some testosterone flowing and stop with the faggoty bum play.

  • Try d*****...

  • Have you tried taking pills? They work.

  • Yup. S** therapist. Just do it.

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