My 18 yo sociopathic stepdaughter is pregnant by a piece of crap 24 yo who signed away his parental rights of his 2 and 3 yo the very week he got her pregnant. I believe she got pregnant after he cheated on her to keep him. Does this sound crazy or what? They use my MIL to the point where I worried about her physical safety, yeah, like crime show worried. I am so worried about this baby, because she had such an awful mother, she already is her mother. She has become everthing she hated and refuses to acknowledge it or change. She won't let her BF drive or work, because she has to control him and know where is he is at all times, he just went to work today but because he is working for her father, my husband. BF told her to get abortion, he didn't want the child, she kicked him out and let him come back 1 day later, he came back because he is using her and my MIL and he has no family and no place else to go. I know he doesn't love my SD because there is nothing loveable about her. I hate her because she is a liar, thief, manipulator and all around just no good. I placed half the blame on her and the other on my HUSBAND AND MIL, for never holding her accountable for her actions and never saying NO. I'll say it again I am insanely worried about this child. My confession: I intend to call CPS every chance I get.

Sep 11, 2018

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  • Hi there lady hete who cought eldest daughter stealing. answe too your last? we have three girls and two boys

  • Oldest girl is 11 right?

  • Correct and youngest girls are 9 and 7. boys are 8 and 12 and busy house

  • So I can imagine when the girls got spanked the boys were erect.

  • Our eldes daughter is only one so far. but as said we are seriously consindering useing it from now on

  • When I spanked I had all children present at same time so each one saw the other getting spanked and put more effort in behaving better. All nude of course.

  • Well bedtimes allways a challenge and perticuarly sunday evenings at bathtimes for school in the morning

  • Maybe to save time start bathing them together.

  • Good thinking and although we would maybe only get three in at tops

  • Anything to save time.

  • Realy is good thinking and thank you and now we will let the fun and games begin

  • What do you wear when you are bathing them?

  • You there

  • So how did bathing go?

  • Five glowing red bottoms in their beds

  • What are you and husband wearing right now?

  • My husband wares robe with boxers under it and i mostley ware long t- shirts or light pjs

  • Maybe husband should go around in robe only I did for long time until we became nudists. You just have long t shirt on no panties.

  • Have thong on at moment and sometimes panties

  • Just them only?

  • Infact my husband agrees with you

  • I wish

  • Then just wear your thongs.

  • You have my husband going here

  • Greetings and salutations.

  • Your a funny guy and we bought thank you

  • Are you putting cream on their butts ?

  • We done all their bottoms

  • Did any of them wake up? Were you wearing your new outfits?

  • Our eldest girl and younest boy stirred. the most

  • Must have starting to enjoy the cream.

  • I know our eldest girl did after the last copil off days she has had

  • Did you give her a o***** yet?

  • Not yet though she was squirming a little yesterday

  • Have you seen any of your children masturbating?

  • Touching themselves more so and eldest girl mainly and boy

  • I have seen my step daughter m********* and few of my sons and yes they have seen me also.

  • Just back after drop kids too school and how are you. by the way my names amanda and husbands anthony

  • Hello Amanda my day just started waiting for coffee to get hot.Do some exercises for my right shoulder after surgery this past July and do my pelvic floor exercises.
    What are you up to this day?

  • Sorry too hare that. you seem too have gone through alot

  • Thank you for being here. Did you bathe them together last night how did that go?

  • Yes and it did not go well and they were spanked. our eldest girl was upset when we informed her no panties too school and got bratty. so i spanked her before putting her in car. i know she will struggle too sit comfortable in class

  • Seems that it takes some children a longer time to learn to behave better than others.

  • We bought hope it will stop our eldest daughter stealing and curb our other kids bad choices also

  • I spanked all the kids in the same room in the presence of others they did not like that at all specially when the boys got excited and sister's eyes were peeled.

  • Do you mean in front off family, friends, neighbours etc. i know those men and even little boys in that shop kept stareing and few off them adjust their trousers and some women and little girls stared also

  • Most people do not see another person's p**** or v***** and they are curious in a nudist family that quest will happen in the beginning but later you have seen it all.

  • So i guess those people in shop each in their own way got off on it a little

  • Yes the guys and boys wish they could take their penises out and stroke them. The women and girls probably got wet vaginas and wish they could finger themselves right there also. It is our sexual makeup some need immediate release some can control it.

  • Am i wrong too feel aroused by the thought off so many people pleasuring themselfs over our young daughter

  • You are a highly sexually energized person. That thought gives you pleasure and probably are thinking of dipping a finger or two in your panties or thong right now. A perfectly normal thing.

  • It is what im thinking

  • Do not just think it let your fingers do the walking.

  • My husbands gone for a bit. care too help me out

  • I suppose I should just start rubbing my p**** up and down your wet slit as I suck on your nipples.

  • I shave and hope your ok with that and thanks

  • Your slit is so hot I love the feeling and your nipples are so hard are you moaning?

  • Thank you and you so good

  • I think it is time to plunge in ready or not here it goes in all the way.

  • Hi there and kids all at school. we had a toufgh day yesterday with them. how are you doing

  • Having a fine nude morning.

  • Husbands off doing a few things and guess i should get nude

  • Enjoy the air it feels so wonderful.

  • Feels wonderfull and thanks

  • ^^ hello my love I have missed you xx ^^

  • Your whole family can enjoy this.

  • Dont think our kids be too happy. but it feels wonderfull

  • Are you wet my lover xx

  • Give it a try.

  • Could do. and i would like too see their faces

  • Give it a try you will be amazed.

  • I would not mind and its our kids i know would never agree

  • How do you know they would not agree unless you taught them to.

  • Think I have the wrong person sorry

  • Do you want to make love my lover xx

  • That was so good xx

  • We will now and their all sleeping

  • Your welcome any questions?

  • …….sometimes...………..…...a b**** just need a beating...………..

  • Another fine example of the over whelming worthless generation.

  •'s none of your business …. .............. butt out....

  • When I read posts like this, I think mandatory sterilization would't be such a bad thing and would break this awful cycle.

  • Words of judgement generally say more about the writer.

  • Involving government equals loss of children to strangers. Money and legal. You can bet there is a service fee for filing this. A fee for that. Deposits,Retainers, Lawyers ......

  • There is no deposit, retainers or lawyers to pay when filing a compliant with CPS.

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