My 18 yo sociopathic stepdaughter is pregnant by a piece of ** 24 yo who signed away his parental rights of his 2 and 3 yo the very week he got her pregnant. I believe she got pregnant after he cheated on her to keep him. Does this sound crazy or what? They use my MIL to the point where I worried about her physical safety, yeah, like crime show worried. I am so worried about this baby, because she had such an awful mother, she already is her mother. She has become everthing she hated and refuses to acknowledge it or change. She won't let her BF drive or work, because she has to control him and know where is he is at all times, he just went to work today but because he is working for her father, my husband. BF told her to get abortion, he didn't want the child, she kicked him out and let him come back 1 day later, he came back because he is using her and my MIL and he has no family and no place else to go. I know he doesn't love my SD because there is nothing loveable about her. I hate her because she is a liar, thief, manipulator and all around just no good. I placed half the blame on her and the other on my HUSBAND AND MIL, for never holding her accountable for her actions and never saying NO. I'll say it again I am insanely worried about this child. My confession: I intend to call CPS every chance I get.

Sep 11, 2018
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  • Hi there lady hete who cought eldest daughter stealing. answe too your last? we have three girls and two boys

  • Oldest girl is 11 right?

  • Correct and youngest girls are 9 and 7. boys are 8 and 12 and busy house

  •'s none of your business …. .............. ** out....

  • Words of judgement generally say more about the writer.

  • Involving government equals loss of children to strangers. Money and legal. You can bet there is a service fee for filing this. A fee for that. Deposits,Retainers, Lawyers ......

  • There is no deposit, retainers or lawyers to pay when filing a compliant with CPS.

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