More than an 'Oedipus' Fetish...

I love my Mum... I mean, REALLY love her... So much so, that I "borrow" her clothes as often as I can sneak them out of her house, to wear them... (and w*** in them...).
More recently, I discovered my older friend has quite a fetish for women's satin clothing, so I had to see if he would be interested in my Mums offerings... Turns out, he loves his c*** being sucked, and c****** deep in the satin lining of a coat sleeve... And I ADORE being my Mum for him...
He wanted more 'physical passion' the other week, so I asked what he had in mind... I ended up bent over a coffee table, wrists and ankles tied to the legs, and he spent most of an afternoon humping my a*** whilst layed on my back, then after c****** on my entire satin outit several times, he stood infront of me, and announced that I was now his sissy f***** - And, (pretty roughly), forced me to deepthroat him... It scared me initially, until he said that he was going to steal some of HIS Mums clothes, mainly coats, for me to f***, wear, c** in and share with him as our NEW PERVERTED HOBBY...
I have to admit though, I would love to f*** my Mum whilst wearing her satin lined coats, satin bra's and satin knickers... I'd be her sissy worshipper, tied to her bed, and have her sit on my face... Then use me as her toilet, through her satin knickers...
I also stole my Nan's vintage fur coat before she passed on - Her typical Old Lady Perfume smell still makes my c*** hard, even before I strip off, and f*** her sleeves as if she was the coat itself... My friend ONLY gets to c** on her satin lining whilst stood over me wanking... My Nanna is FAR TOO dear to me... as my perverted incest fantasy...!


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  • Id love to dress in small cotton panties and knee high socks. I wud let u use your moms underwear on me if u let me j*** u off in my sistrs

  • He should try just satin bikini, or cheeky, panties along with a satiny bra to wear. Then while you're at it you could slso put on a pair of satin panties or non satin panties yourself to wear & enjoy!!

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