Fetish for bare midriff in cold weather

For me the bare midriff trend is the best thing that happened in women' fashion ever. While this is most popular during hot sunny days for me things get really interesting when the weather is not so good :) The colder there is outside the hotter it looks for woman to show her belly and navel (the more belly skin is bare the better) in my opinion. The best for me would be to see in the frosty day in the middle of the winter with snow all around the lady brave enough to rock low rised pants, very short crop top and cropped sweater/sweaters ending a few centimeters above the belly button (so almost her entire belly is on display) and just as short warm winter jacket or longer jacket/coat but open to leave her entire belly bare while enjoying cold breeze on exposed belly skin:) Navel piercing is optional.

Anyone else has this fetish? Have you ever seen woman with bare belly despite cold weather? If yes please write about your experience: how the woman was dressed, how much of her belly was bare, how cold it was? Maybe there are some ladies that sometimes dress like that? Please write about your motivation and experiences :)

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  • Agree! love the bare midriff with hip huggers and dancing belly button jewelry. Medium to large t*** with a halter and no bra is a bonus!

  • I love to wear very short, very revealing crop tops when I go out in public... especially when the weather is cold. I don't wear bras and I wear dangling pierced belly button jewelry and a nice belly chain. I also wear thin strap high heel or flat sandals on my little bare feet... and thin material skirts of different links... almost always slit wide to the hip on one leg. My motivation for dressing like this is that it makes me feel so pretty, feminine and incredibly sexy. My husband loves it as well. It such a turn on for me to wear so little when we go out.

  • Love the sexy dress up! Does your husband share you at all? Do you dress like this to go out to a bar?

  • Right up until some guy you don't personally find appealing drools in your general direction. Then all of a sudden it's like "EWW! Don't judge me by my appearance! Ew! Creepy! Stop staring at me! Eww eww eww!!!"

  • …. i love that too.... my mom has a friend that wears that...….. she dont know but I fantasize about her in those clothes...… i want to get on her...…i love her...…..she is too fine!!!! damn...... i been want to hit that!!!!!

  • Does she dress like that when there is cold too? What was the coldest temperature when she had bare midriff?

  • ….god oh god yes! she so fine! too fine in the cold! …… thats part of why I love her as much as i do....and why i want to get her from her husband ..... permanent...…......even tho i am too young for her...….its like she want you to look even more when its cold outside...…,.… the coldest temps was probly like in the teens or 20 when she did all that......one time she wore a crop sweater under this fur-type coat ……..and g******!!!......when she took the coat off in our house i almost came in my pants...…. it was like she stripping just for me....like a stripper......…. somehow i think she maybe knew what she did to me....or maybe i only want to believe what she knew...i kinda like the idea that she playing with me...…........idk...….but i love her so much.....

  • Almost a year ago I started working with a woman in her late 40s who wears these type tops even though the dress code prohibits them. The only people who complain that the tops aren't compliant are other women who are jealous of her and of the attention she gets.When this chick wears these tops I get a hardon every time and I m********* like a madman. She sends my imagination and my fantasies into overdrive.So hot and so sexy. DAMN!!

  • I'm a high school teacher, and about 3 years ago I had a senior in my Period 1 class who wore a midriff-baring sweater to school one day. She actually had a cropped tee under it, but you could still see her abdomen and hips, and oh dear God...……..I have NEVER seen anything as sexy. I had to go out to my car and get her a sweatshirt I happened to have, for her to wear it the rest of the day, but I wanted to leave her like she was...…….and then follow her around all day looking at her...…..and then take her back to my classroom and f*** her. That image has remained with me every day since then. Every day. I still think of that sight every time I rub one out. Every time. So, yes...……….I share your love of the baring of the belly in cold weather. That child was an angel sent to me from heaven. And sadly, I have to cover her up. :(

  • Last winter, I went to a club with some work friends. While we were drinking this group of slightly older ladies came in, and one of them was wearing a cropped sweater, but I couldn't tell that at first because she was wearing a big winter coat. After getting a cosmopolitan martini brought to her from one of her friends, she unbuttoned the coat and I could see that she had a cut sweater on, and that she had a belly button tattoo and ring, too. She was heavy but still attractive. I could NOT take my eyes off her, not even after she saw me eyeing her. She smiled my way a few times, and then I went to the bar and ordered her another cosmo and brought it to her, telling her that I loved the cropped sweater look. All she said was "thanks", so I thought that was that and I went back to my friends. A few minutes later, I glanced back her way, and when I did, she immediately took her coat off altogether, and modeled her tattoo on her lower back for me, below the cut sweater's ragged hem. I brought her another drink, telling her "I'll buy your drinks all night if you don't put your coat back on". She asked if I'd buy her cigarettes, too, and naturally I agreed straightaway. We chatted and flirted for a few minutes while she drank and smoked, and I finally got up the nerve to kiss her on the cheek, and then twice on the lips, and when I did that she stuck her tongue down my throat. Her friends laughed and cheered. We kissed for probably 6-8 minutes straight, and she said "You're taking me home now, and you're spending the night." I'd already told her I was married, so that didn’t bother her, and so I went home with her, calling my wife as we drove and lying to my wife that I had to go back to work. I probably wouldn't have tried for the hook-up if she hadn't had the cropped sweater, but she did, and that fact led me to the best s** of my life, and into an affair that I am still heavily into.

  • You and the no sock guy needs to find some mental stability somewhere.

  • As a 24 year old guy, I have this fetish too. I love women showing off their midriffs. It doesn't matter if they are slender, curvy or chubby..a woman showing off her midriff with confidence is pretty sexy to me.

  • Https://gfycat.com/gifs/detail/unlawfulmetalliccalf

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