The neighbour slept with my mom and i dont know what to feel

i am 30 years old now , but i remember when i was 13 that my dad was travelling away for work and my mom was kinda alone and it was just me and her at the house

i noticed first that she started to watch p*** on satellite , but later on i was hearing her on the phone at night all the time with our neighbour

and at one night she got him at home at like 2 am and he stayed there like an hour and i was hearing her moaning , it was weird cause i was at school in the morning so she could have gotten him there at that time , i dont know

and after months , this relative for us used to come home and they were sitting alone in the guests room and whenever i sit with them she tells me to go out to my room cause they wanna talk in some grown ups subjects and she closes the room with the key

it feels weird but i kind of enjoy it that my mom was enjoying her time , not sure if she had more guys but those two were the ones that were happening just in front of me

but even til now , i even like it when my gf wears sexy things and reveals a lot , sometimes i fantasize about threesome with her and a guy , i dont know

note : i am middle eastern muslim guy so these things are so weird for the culture.

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  • Culture which suppress it, often do it more. That's the nature.

  • This kind of happened to me when I was young, my dad was working away and one night the door went I was quite late I was at the top of the stairs looking through the gap, my had it on latch, and I heard a man say, his dog was stuck in the garden, she then opened the door to him as they walked further in, I couldn't see very well but noises like "you can't my kids are in bed" and "my husband will be back any minute", I heard him say I don't care!
    She must have been h**** for him as she kept saying "don't stop" and "please" and help me! Which I'm guessing was please help me o*****.
    My curiosity got the better of me after a while of there groans, as snook down I saw my mums ass in the air, and the man inserting his p**** in her! She was enjoying it so much she had tears of joy in eyes!
    Bit of a slit but good on her !

  • Where are you from? and does it make you feel that you want your wife to be doing these things etc..?

  • Just explaining how much my mom enjoyed that guy coming round,

  • Did you enjoy it somehow ?

  • Yes, did you?

  • Yea , i dont know but it turns me on of realising that my mom was kind of a w**** ..

  • Do you still live with her now?

  • No , why ?

  • Didn't know if she was with you?

  • I dont get your question , what do you mean??

  • If she was there, you could put her on, and reenact what happened?

  • No , i dont think i would like to do anything with her ...but i think i will enjoy it if other guys also came over u know...

  • I Ment my self, if you could get her on line she could play with me?

  • Mmmm....i dont know ...she is pretty old now ..late 40s..

    what you wanna do with her exactly and ..where are u from?

  • UK and I like milfs simulate s** if that works then we could meet up?

  • Damn man , it feels weird someone talkin to me about banging my mom ..!

  • You want me to don't you?

  • Yea ...and u know what i else dream of ..? lickin some man's milk out of her v***** ...

  • Well then are you able to get hold of her?

  • Nah man ...i am not livin with her any more ...sorry
    although i appreciate your desires...

  • Shame I would of enjoyed putting my self inside her, my hole body caressing her, making her feel orgasmic ecstasy?!

  • Your trying to get hold of her arnt you??

  • Naah , that was very much longtime ago ..but i just feel it affects me til now

  • Did you marry an older woman because of it?

  • No , but i just feel that i want my wife always to be revealing her body and i fantasize about some man sleeping with her

  • Get your wife to come on later

  • You need to put her on instead?

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