I want to win the lottery

I want to win the lottery to pay off my obnoxious student loan that I have had since 1993. YES I was in college in 1993 and I still owe that damn loan. If I started paying now (i have had all the forbearnace and crap and income sensitive repayment plans in place for a long time) If I started paying it now I wll be 74 when its paid off. Just in time to die. I just need a break here. I just need to pay this 23, 000 bucks back. PLEASE ! Let someone die and give me a bunch of money. I promise to pay my bills off and be responsiable. Because I am going to default if I have to start paying 200 a month. I already have to pay on this thing for my kid to go to Europe next summer with her classmates. I want that for her so bad...yeah I know its a luxery and all that but this is a once in a lifetime thing for her and I can't afford to pay for that and this useless g****** loan!!!!

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  • L****. Man up dude

  • We don't go on vacations. We dont own newer a car. We don't live in a new house. I dont do much for myself at all (I dont buy new clothes, I dont waste money on things like manicures, I dont go out...I haven't been to a movie in 3 years) and I am FINE with it because I want my family to have essentials of life without struggle. I pay all the bills on time. I've NEVER defaulted on this loan no matter how many things were going on. But ok sure, go ahead and criticize me for dreaming of paying it off in a lump sum so I don't have to think about it anymore. Most of the things we do as a family are either free or very low cost because I go out of my way to find coupons, deals, free events so we can enjoy more things together. And I want my kids to go to college without burden. If I can make that happen then I will. Because nobody in my earlier life cared about helping me. I can't let this happen to them.

  • You're full of s***. There is no way you live that frugal and are still broke. Not unless you have a s*** job, like part time or minimum wage. In which case it's still YOUR fault because you won't get a better job.

  • I didnt ASK anybody for anything. Damn. You all cant read can you? lol Dreaming of winning the lottery is a dream a LOT of people have. That isnt asking YOU or anybody else to GIVE me anything. I have to pitch in a dollar or two to play the lottery thus I didn't ask anybody to DO anything for me or GIVE me anything. And plenty of kids in schools get the opportunity to go on trips in conjunction with the school. Most people who want to win the lottery talk about traveling, buying a new house, buying expensive cars...all I want to do is fix a mistake I made too many years ago.

  • Asking to win the lottery IS asking for something to be given to you. How f****** dumb are you? Maybe you need to learn how to comprehend English. You didn't earn the money if you win, someone (the state) gave you the money.

  • My daughter is 13. She isn't going to get much of a job at 13. And if I'd known I couldn't pay the loan I wouldn't have got it all that time ago. I was young and stupid and had zero help or parental guidance. I thought it would help me by getting a better education. And I have made payments on it for YEARS. SMALL ones yes but it was because I qualified for income sensitive repayments. It jumped from an affordable amount recently to an unaffordable amount. After I already budgeted for her trip. No place have I said I am not paying it back. I'm allowed to think it sucks though. I'm limited in what work I can do because l had heart surgery in the past year. No your tax dollars didn't pay for it, we have insurance. We also own one car...You know to SAVE MONEY.I didn't ask you a******* to pay it off btw...reading comprehension is everything. Winning the lottery isn't taking money from your pockets.

  • No, but you are asking for something for nothing, and you are on the internet b*******.
    And who the h*** let's their 13 year old kid go to Europe on a class trip?
    Either way, you can't afford it now anymore than you could have afforded it before they jumped your loan payments. Or did you forget that you were paying s*** on your loan in the first place.
    And at 13 you are old enough to get a job working in the park mowing or any other job like babysitting. The farmers are in the fields right now, have her go to work for one of them. They're hiring right now.
    The point everyone was trying to make was stop making excuses, stop f****** crying about it, and man up. You are where you're at because you chose to be there. You don't like it, change it.

  • I would want to win the lotto for the opportunity to live out all my sexual fantasies. F*** all my wives hot friends, pay them to let me watch them take on huge c**** just to be able to hear their pretty soft voices moan in pleasure all w/o their husbands knowing.
    I know they all have wild sides and I would love to see it for myself.
    I would love to have as much s** with all those Young college females.

  • Oh, so you're a liberal. You expect others to GIVE you everything you want.

  • L****...... I spit my coffee out when I read this, it was so funny :D

  • I have no pity. You college Einsteins borrowed the money now pay it back. When you pay the minimum payment on a Credit Card it will take forever just like college loans. When I'm slapped with a big bill I suck it up and pay it I dont go out and buy non essentials. When my 1 job wasn't enough I worked 2 jobs.
    I didn't over buy on cars I drove what was practical. I paid off 100k in debt after a divorce by living responsible, paying on the debt not by sending Jr to a European vaca and now I live very comfortable. It's evident there is no college courses offered on common sense and responsibility.

  • Hmm, maybe you shouldn't have gotten the "g****** loan" if you didn't want to pay it back. And maybe your kid should get a job so she can pay for her own European trip next summer.
    You have been p*** poor at managing money thus far, but you want us to believe you will miraculously start managing money better if someone gives you some? That's laughable.
    Here's an idea. You stop b******* and get a second job to pay off your loan, and your kid get a job so she can go to Europe next summer. Problem solved!!!
    You're welcome!

  • I prefer not to break the law but thanks for the suggestion.

  • I hear s** workers can make good cash. ;)

  • Nobody is going to give me money. I'll just die instead.

  • You are on the wrong website. Try here :

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