Not Sure What Happened

My wife and I have been married for over twenty years and live a normal life, at least up to that point. Recently we vacationed in Hawaii and one night we went out for a few drinks. A young black guy asked my wife if she would like to dance. She looked at me and I gave her the go-ahead. They danced for quite a while and I guess something clicked for her. We ended up back at our hotel later that evening and she got laid by him while I just kinda watched. Not sure how that happened.

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  • His black was something she wanted and believe it or not she was going to have s** with a black man no matter what. It happens all the time. I’ve worked, traveled, volunteered and see so many white females get all creamy and excited over black men. Some are in happy relationships and some aren’t. It’s just a huge desire and if the timing is right chances are they will let it. My neighbor told me one night after shooting pool that he thought his wife was cheating on him.
    He later found out she had cheated and he was black and worked with her. He and her had a happy marriage we all thought but black guys are smooth and know how to play that game. My wife is always getting hot on by black men.
    I’m sure she’s given in but she won’t admit it so I don’t push what I don’t have proof of.

  • You just got cucked my boy

  • She wanted it, you let her. That’s how.

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