Things started going around in my head when i first noticed my neighbours eyes was always following my wife about , He was always complimenting her and flirting with her . Now Mark was 61 a widower my wife was 30 now I'm not the sort of man that wants to see my wife with someone else not at all , But Mark looking at her was doing it for me it turned me on . That was enough at first but I wanted more , Me and Mark one night got talking and I said to him that I noticed how he would watch my wife . At first he apologised to me and looked worried but I reassured him not only did it not bother me but I liked it I said you can look but don't touch . Has time passed by we was both more comfortable with it he would tell me what colour her bra was or her knickers when she left the room . One time when he told me she had on little black knickers with pink hearts on them , The following day I got them out of the hamper and gave my wife's soiled knickers to mark . I also let Mark look through her underwear drawer and I could not stop there I showed him my wife's d***** , Mark said he would love to see her juice on them so I said I'll see what I can do . A few days past and I used it on my wife my wife thought I put it safe , I popped down stairs to get a drink text Mark and handed it to him at the window . The last thing i have done me and my wife had been out for a drink and she had far to much to drink , When we got home she passed out on the bed she was out of it . So I took her top off and her skirt I was going to take her shoes off and her stockings but I didn't instead I text Mark , It was late and I did not know if he was up I was shaking . When he answered my emotions was all
over the place I was shaking excited sick , We went to the bedroom mark just stared at her then he said could I see her t*** at first I was reluctant . Mark asked again then I took her bra off we left the room and went down stairs , As Mark was at the door he said he would have loved to see more I said no then he was pleading with me . We went back to the bedroom this time i removed her knickers Mark crouched down to look at her , He was about a foot from her just looking when I pushed his head to her crutch he sniffed her then licked her she started to stir so we left . I felt guilty so I eventually told my wife she was savage at first it took a long time for us to get back to normal . Mark does not know she knows one night after s** she handed me her knickers and d**** , She said here text Mark ?

Sep 15, 2018

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  • Knickers 😆

  • Dang I wish I was next door to you man

  • Ever heard of paragraphs?

  • Will you put your wife back on? You know you love it!

  • Where have you two gone?

  • Pretty low for a husband to do to his unknowing wife who he is suppose to protect.

  • That's great you should let him f*** her deep down you want him to!
    Maybe you should let your wife sexy someone and see how much you like it!

  • It sounds dirty but will if I regret it , Do you think my wife would regret it she seems to be enjoying the play

  • I think it's not to serious but you two will have a lot fun doing this! Is she there?

  • Yes

  • Hello is this the wife?

  • Yes it his

  • Are you nervous and is your husband still with you? XX

  • No he's not I'm ok , what do you want of me

  • He tells me your a very sexy lady what do you look like?

  • Long brown hair I've been told attractive large firm b**** nice legs , I dress sexy when I'm in the mood

  • Gorgeous, What are you wearing right now ?

  • My stilettos and my thong

  • That is sexy are you tweaking you nipples? XX do you want me to do anything?

  • Yes tell me what's your favourite fetishes are tell me what you've done that's really sick

  • Tongued a woman's ass while I drank her pee in front her husband, the had s*X for hours and made her squirt and drank that too xx would you like me to do that to you!?

  • Sounds fun , what if I was standing above your face what would you say

  • I would say put your ass in my face and pee in my mouth I want you in every way your juices are all mine as is mine all yours xx
    You would love that wouldn't you?

  • Is everything OK ??

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