Girlfriends family

When I was younger (18, 19 years old) I dated this girl who's family was real religious. Anytime we would visit her family we had to sleep in separate beds, even though we lived together in our own apartment. We weren't married, so I understood and followed their wishes.

One year we were invited to Thanksgiving at her grandmother's house about 8 hours away. So we made the trip and decided to stay at her aunt and uncle's house. The first night we visited with everyone who had come into town. Later on my girlfriend asked if she and I could get in the hot tub in the master bathroom at the other end of the house. Her family gave us the approval and we headed to get our swimming suits on. Once we got in my girlfriend waisted no time in grabbing my d*** and playing with it. At first I tried to stop her, but she can be very aggressive. She ended up pulling my shorts down just enough to get my d*** out and then she slid her bikini bottoms over so she could slide down on my d***. We f***** and I ended up c****** in her p****. When she got up off me some of my c** was floating in the water. We tried to swish it around to get rid of it. Little did her aunt know that my c** was in her hot tub.

The next night we stayed with another aunt and uncle of hers. They had two guest bedrooms upstairs and the master bedroom was downstairs. After we all went to bed, I snuck into my girlfriends room and f***** her doggy style as she was bent over the end of the bed. When I pulled out after I finished, some of my c** dripped onto the carpet.

The third and final night we stayed at her grandmother's house. We didn't get an opportunity to f*** there, the house was too small and I had to sleep on the couch. So instead I video called her phone and watched her rub out an o*****. Then she watched me j****** and shoot c** down in the cushions of the couch.

The following month we again were invited back for Christmas. This time we didn't go, but her parents did. They asked us to keep an eye on their house while they were gone all week. We did as they asked, and stopped in everyday to check on things. And to f*** in her parents bed.  How ya like me know? Guess you all should have just let us sleep in the same bed.

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  • So you had s**? Okayyyyyy

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