Celibacy in the Catholic Church

Does it really work? Apart from the sick peados that we've all heard about, do the majority of priests and nuns abstain their entire lives? Or is it an 'open secret' within the church that they're all at it?

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  • I don't think it works. I was in this small cubicle to confess the guilt for my FIRST sucking of my bf's c***. I was too h****, my bf was kissing and fingering me. And instead of allowing me to have s**, I have him BJ. The priest I respected ask me to tell him what had happened - I started described the incident. Suddenly I noticed even in the poor light that he took out his c*** and started to m*********. As I about to finish my statement, he e********* a huge load. I stopped going to Church after that.

  • Don't be stupid. It is the abstinence from 'conventional' heterosexual relationships that leads to sexual deviation among priests and nuns. As most were raised Catholic and took holy orders at a relatively young age, they will not have had many sexual encounters. Their sexual urges will therefore be imposed on those who they can control and exploit.

  • So true. The biology of sexual urges goes on until you are an old man. The young man thought he could remain celibate when he took his vows but life goes on and changes things. I seen it happen in my own church over the years. Most of them were approaching 40 when they ditched the priesthood and married the parish woman they had been s*******. At least they made an honest decision in the end.

  • As a priest I tell you yes it works. But as a man who is weak I say no. I have failed many times. I love my fellow priest but I find myself attracted to them and want to be close after all we have shared. I have been with the same man for over 20 years. We have been able to keep it a secret but I think others know. I wish we could be more open. The church needs to get more modern and open and with the times. We would marry if we could. We love each other. I have seen a few come and go and the relationships they had and the tears and sorrow it produced. Things must change. Not sure they ever will though.

  • I certainly wouldn't turn my back on any of them. My mom said she wished he had eyes in the back of her head when going to church. I agree with her perspective entirely and have since stopped going since my girlfriend told me about being touched and it wasn't by no angel if you get my meaning. They protect each other worse than a bunch of cops beating Rodney King.

  • If the Catholic Church is anything like the Christian Church, it's all a hoax, at least in my experience. As a teen, we we're all forced to sign purity pledges. Once I realized me and one other guy we're the only two virgins left, I got the picture lol. Abstinence does not work. Otherwise, all these hypocrite churchy parents wouldn't have all these pregnant 14 year olds running around everywhere

  • Abstinence is unnatural and goes against 2 million years of evolution and the 198,000 years our species presence on earth prior to the existence of Christianity. But if you are dumb enough to choose blind faith over fact and reason, then you make yourself vulnerable to such ideas. When basic natural instincts are suppressed or denied, this tends to lead directly to sexual abuse, which is widely prevalent in the Catholic church.

  • How the f*** are we supposed to know that? Why don't you ask some nun's and priest's, how about that? And if you ask one or two of them, don't assume their answers account for the majority of nun's and priest's, everyone are individuals.

  • When it comes to you it becomes body need , so why can’t a priest or nun enjoy their lives. Do we really have the right to judge anyone like this way when normal person like are have a mentality clouded by l***. Though yes there are several boundaries defind by religion but we should go about our own business and let god judge us

  • I agree. That's why I don't understand why the Catholic Church insists on making them take a vow of chastity. It's no-longer the Middle Ages, it's the 21st century

  • They use the confession box for s** too.

  • Really? You know that for a fact?

  • Oh, so now you need factual evidence ?
    You were more than happy to swallow the story that a cosmic Jewish Zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree without any proof.
    As the previous poster so eloquently put it "F👅CKING HYPOCRITES"

  • There all F****** hypocrites !!!

  • I can't speak for the priests but my wife and I practice sexual abstinence. It was initially realy really hard and there were lots of failures but now I am able to maintain it. We got me there by letting me o***** about once every three months. Two things helped to make it perminant. Firstly the first month was the hardest and so having to relive that over and over was really hard. Then it was actually quite weird and painful not in sharp way but a deep inside way to e******** after 3 months so we (she after I told her about this) decided it should be perminant. So now just gone 4 years without e**********. SO it can be done. We found that pain was a good substitute. She would dig her fingernails into my erect p**** and I actually found that to be a good distraction for the desire to o*****.

  • Why did you choose to abstain?

  • Why is a difficult question and tinged with some feelings of strength, weakness, pride and also regret - missing out if that makes any sense. Well we met in the church and both believed in the sanctity of marriage. In my teens I ended up in a cycle of m********* then feel weak for not being able to resist. My girlfriend challenged me to not m********* or we would not get engaged but I kept failing at that too but she relented.

    We got married and tried to manage s** with charting her periods. This was frustrating and unsuccessful and led to tension. It was like every child was an accident rather than planned and wanted. We used to talk about how close we felt when dating and s** was not an option. So we started to just do that. Lots more hugging and kissing and spending time together but knowing no s**. We were still doing the NFP thing but s** was always tense with a fear that she would get pregnant again but also she felt an obligation to submit to it and then I would feel weak that we had had to do it. So we started to see if instead of doing it once a month that we would skip a month and then two months and in all this time we were really conscious that if we were not doing s** then we needed to do lots of other intimate stuff. The final thing was that I found that if we went three months when I did e******** it was mildly painful plus the first few weeks were always the hardest. I would plead with her that surely we could do it or even orally or anally but she would have none of that. She did however distract me with pain by digging her finger nails into my erect p**** and I actually liked that. I guess it was a distraction.

  • That was made so the money recolected by the priest wouldn't be inherited by their families after their dead, but the pope himself. It was made by the same pope who started the crusades.

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