My life

My life. A life where everyday i smile when i want to cry. When i have to pretend that everything is fine bt in reality i m breaking. My life is a mess. Total mess. I hate myself. And i hate you. Yes i hate you all. Who are you all to judge me. U don't even know what i am going through. I am suffering. You all are trying to fit me inta a box, a box of your thinking. Yes i have gained weight, yes i scored less marks but just stop. My own parents judge me then how can i expect you all to shut up. No one understands. How can you judge me when you don't even know a single chapter of my life. I am a teenager. A teenager with dull life. A teenager who is tired of her life. You want me to make others happy but how can i make others happy when i am breaking inside. I feel empty. That bubble of my life burst and i met the reality. Reality that no one cares, reality that no one will understand. Just get out of my life. Just get lost i am already feeling vulnerable and u are making the condition worst. It's my life and who are you to tell me what's right what's wrong. It's not easy. It's not easy and you are making it unbearable.

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