I hate my wife

I hate my wife. I really really hate her

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  • Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhYckH-RrBo

  • I hate my wife too. I know hate is a strong word but its true. I sometimes come home from work and will just sit in the driveway , it takes all I have to walk in that door to face more BS from her.

  • Do you hate her more than you would hate losing half your assets ?

  • Don't fret: EVERYBODY hates your wife.

  • Reason(s) ?

  • He is gay

  • Well here's an idea...Leave!

  • I love my wife only till she is naked

  • Yah, I get it: I hate mine, too. Somedays, I want to hit her. I'd never do that, but I want to.

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