I’m fading

My emotions and mental health are getting the better of me. I feel like I’m a geyser ready to burst. Like I’m covered in massive cracks with the flimsiest plaster holding me together. Why can’t I just get better? Everyone hates me and I’m just a burden.

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  • Most people suck. Who cares what they think. I can guarantee you there is or will be someone who loves and needs you. Life is a burden sometimes, how we deal with it is what matters. Learn to love yourself, don’t be a follower, remember, this is only temporary. Hugs xo

  • ^true^. my parents used to tell me all the time that "you wouldn't care so much about what people think of you if you knew how infrequently they do that."

  • I know that people who are struggling hate hearing anyone tell them "get some help", because it sounds dismissive and uncaring. I know it sounds that way because I've been there, and having friends say that to me sounded like "take your problems away from here, anywhere, but just get them away from me". But that's what you need. I don't have the impression that you need a LOT of help, but just some redirection, a bit of guidance to change your focus and to learn how to deal with the things you encounter. Ask around. Talk to friends. If you're in a church, ask for a referral to a faith-based counsellor. Call a community hotline or resource center. There are plenty of options out there, and some of them are free. You may even have some kind of limited mental health coverage on your health-care insurance plan (although if it's through your employer, you need to be certain that your contact is TOTALLY confidential, because employers can be bastards and HR people can be vengeful asshats). In any event, find someone you have confidence in (which may take a few trial visits, just to see how they handle their practice). But whatever you do, try to find help in getting better. You are closer than you think. I promise.

  • Whoever you are, I love you! This site (and the rest of the world) could really use more people like you.

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