One and done.

My wife and I like to indulge on the dirty side of our sex life a little bit, Started out with roleplay then some discussion about possibly trying something then one evening about three years ago she went for it.
I honestly never thought it would actually happen but after a company Christmas party we invited a co worker of mine upstairs and that was the first time we had a three way, Over the past few years we have done it a couple more times, Always with guys but last night we had one with another girl, Unfortunately it didn't go well and now there is a lot of recovering to be done. First off choosing one of her friends was a mistake and second doing it drunk was obviously a mistake. We all attended a wedding to which her friends significant other was not really welcome (Long story) so I had chaperoned both girls and after the reception party we ended up back at our room.
My wife's friend who I will call Emma (Because it is short and easy to type) and my wife who I will call Jess (Same reason) were sitting on the couch in our room and Emma knows about the last two times but no details and for whatever reason doesn't know about the first time.
Jess is short, Average build and small b00bs, Emma is short, Slightly chubby but has giant b00bs, I had returned from the ice machine and it was obvious they changed the subject, My wife went to the bathroom and I asked Emma "What were you two gabbing about?", Emma got nervous and laughed saying "Oh nothing" but when Jess came back she looked at Emma and then at me and said "ask him", Emma's eyes got wide and she blushed, My wife laughed and Emma mouthed "Shut up". I played along and said "What do you want to ask me?", Emma said "Nothing" Jess said "She wants to know about...Stuff".
Stuff being code for our three times getting down I looked at Emma and she looked at me then she said "i just...I mean...Like...Ahem, You are...Ok...with that?", I laughed and sat down beside her, I looked at her and she was super nervous, I said "Do you mean...Do I like watching...Or doing?", Emma cleared her throat and said "Like...The...Whole deal". We had a bit of an awkward conversation as I explained why I enjoyed it which was not an easy thing to explain and she admitted that she had thought about it but her boyfriend was a hard no on the subject, Jess had told me in the past that Emma was not exactly satisfied in bed and their sex life was a bit lack luster, Emma was very obviously nervous but we were all pretty drunk and she had gotten up the nerve to ask a few questions.
I had motioned to Jess when Emma looked the other way and nodded toward Emma, Jess lifted her eyebrows and tilted her head scowling at me, I shook my head no and she shrugged smiling a little. We had never really played too much with the idea of girls but obviously I was willing, I just wasn't sure about Jess, I could tell Jess was thinking about it though and finally she came up and whispered in my ear "Go get some more ice", I grabbed the ice bucket and left, I took my time and when I came back Emma got up and went to the bathroom, Jess came up and whispered "She is in, She hasn't said yet but I can tell", I looked at her and said "And you", Jess shrugged and said "I don't know, Why not, Lets try it".
Emma came back and sat back down with Jess beside her and they looked at each other not saying anything but making facial expressions for a few seconds then Jess said "Come here", I sat beside Emma and Jess put her hand on Emmas thigh, Her and Emma have kissed playfully before and they kind of started with a few little nervous teasing kisses before I put my hands on Emma's hips, She took a deep breath and let it out, Jess giggled and they kissed a bit more. I was running may hands across Emma's hips and thighs as she started breathing heavier and soon Jess slipped her straps of her dress off her shoulders, She grabbed Emma's hands and put them on her b00bs and Emma started squeezing them through her dress.
Jess got Emma's dress undone and Emma said "Can we turn off a few lights, I jumped up and dimmed the room returning to my spot seated behind Emma, Emma let Jess slip the top of her dress down as I undid her bra and she shook it off, I slid my hands around cupping her giant b00bs which were actually nothing less than heavy, No $hit they were actually heavy. Jess stood up and led Emma to the bed while they kissed, Groped and stripped each other on the way there and when they crawled onto the bed they were just in their panties.
Jess laid down pulling Emma on top of her and they kissed with Emma's giant b00bs squashing Jess's small ones, I stepped up behind Emma and started massaging her bum then hooked my fingers in her waistband and pulled her panties to her thighs, As I did she kind of stiffened up and whispered "Whao $hit", I started kissing her back and worked my way down kissing her round butt cheeks then slipped my tongue between her thighs and licked her pu$$y which i found out later her boyfriend doesn't do (I didn't even know that was a thing, I thought every guy did. As soon as I did she melted, Emma laid her head on Jess's chest and moaned "Oh god yeah".
I spent a minute or so licking Emma before she pulled away and rolled onto her back beside Jess saying "No more...No more...I'm gonna c0me", Jess rolled toward Emma and put one leg over one of Emma's and spread Emma's legs as I stripped and knelt between them Emma looked at me then reached down and grabbed my shaft, She lifted one eyebrow and looked down between us then at Jess and said "Holy shit", Jess giggled and kissed Emma's neck whispering "It's never been about needing more". I leaned in and was kissing and playing with Emma's big nips and b00bs as she rubbed my shaft back and forth across her already wet pu$$y.
Emma stopped and looked at Jess saying "You're sure you are ok with this?" and Jess just giggled saying "If you are" then Jess reached down and started rubbing Emma's clit in slow circles, Emma tilted her head back and moaned then grabbed Jess's hand and put it on my shaft, Jess and Emma kissed as Jess pressed my knob against Emma's pussy then grabbed my ball$ and pulled me toward Emma, I started sliding into her and she was super tight, Emma lifted her head and looked at me moaning "Ohhh $hiiiit", I stopped shoving it in and started working back and forth as Jess reached between me and Emma massaging my ball$.
I went for a full stroke and tagged bottom, Emma jumped and tensed up pushing me back and grunted then said "aaakk, Ow, too much, Too much, Ow, you can't go that deep", she bit her bottom lip and looked at me, She looked so sexy and I said "Sorry" She smiled and said "Wow, You gotta be gentle" playfully slapping my chest. We went back to fucking as Jess sucked and licked her nips and withing probably five minutes Emma started shaking and came, I kept going but when she was done she pushed me back saying "Oh god, stop, stop, stop". Emma took a bit of a break to catch her breath while I fucked Jess, then Emma joined us, We spent the night going back and forth before working Emma up to a second orgasm which was her first time, I came in Emma at some point which Jess was not happy about later but neither of them even knew since I never skipped a beat.
Jess finally couldn't take any more and for the last half hour or so I just pounded Emma, in every position possible, Finally Emma said "Oh man, You have to finish, I can't go anymore", I said to Jess, "I want to watch her lick you while I come", It was a bit awkward getting them to do it but finally Jess tossed a knee over Emma's head and Emma was actually the one who went right for it, She grabbed Jess's hips and pulled Jess right down to her face, Emma was licking Jess and her eyes got wide as she started breathing heavy, She looked at me and said "Oh my god, That's...That's...mmmmm", Jess put her head on my shoulder and I fucked Emma, I was right on the verge of coming when Jess started to come, I held out long enough to let Jess finish then when she leaned back off Emma's face I told Emma i was gonna come, Almost simultaneously they said not inside and I pulled out and scrambled up to Emma's face, She grabbed my shaft and before she could get it in her mouth I shot a load hitting Jess on the lower stomach, And Emma shoved it in her mouth swallowing the rest like a champ and kept slowly sucking until I went soft.
We all slept in the same bed and I woke up and we had left the window open so it was hot as ball$ in the room, I got out of bed and most of the covers had been kicked off so I sat in the chair just staring at the two of them laying there buck naked, Emma woke up first and rolled over looking at Jess then at me, She smiled and got out of bed, She looked around for something to put on but there wasn't anything so she walked to the bathroom as I watched her big boobs sway and her round butt jiggle. I met her in the main room when she came out of the bathroom still naked and whispered "Can I talk to you?", She looked down at herself naked and then shrugged, I led her to the couch and we sat down, I asked if she was ok and she nodded, I could tell she couldn't stop looking at my cock so I told her "You can touch it", She said "uhhh, What about" and pointed to the bedroom, I said "Um...I think she is fine with it" and we both giggled.
She gave me head and I nailed her then she swallowed again, Afterward we sat naked watching tv with my arm around her and her head on my shoulder, When Jess woke up we all snuggled for a bit then had breakfast and carried on with life, I later told Jess I fucked Emma again on the couch and she was not happy but after a long talk about the rules she let it go. Only problem is now Emma is having remorse about cheating and her and Jess aren't talking much. Hopefully it all gets worked out in the end and they can smooth it over.

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