Knew wife’s plan and punished her

Two months before the big event, I accidentally read my wife’s email chain and texts between her and her s*** friend. They wanted to have a large party of friends at my house, where they would put rofy in my drink where I would be put to bed, but made to believe that I had screwed her s*** friend. The goal was to then get me to agree to let my loving wife s**** a friend who supposedly has a big d***.

Prior to the party, I set up multiple cameras throughout the house, including where the bar would be set up, my bedroom, etc.

I also told two old friends what was going on and asked them to come to the party and to never leave my side. These friends are cops in my town.

Throughout the night, my wife repeatedly gave me drinks, my favorite, double crown royal, and always with a smile.

After she left, I handed the drink to one of the friends, and went back to milking the drink that I poured myself and knew was safe. I eventually went to bed, even though the party was still going on.

After everyone left, the s*** friend came up to my bedroom and started stripping. I started yelling at her and told her to get the f*** out of there.

The next morning, I got up early, around 5 am and transferred all of the videos to my computer as well as an external hard drive with I immediately hid. I then made small cuts, including ones of the s*** friend handing her perscription bottle, and my loving wife putting a pill in each of my drink, then stirring it, then handing it to me. I also took cut of her handing me the drinks, then me handing them to one of the cops friends, and her friend coming into the bedroom, stripping, and me yelling at her.

When she woke up, she came downstairs yelling at me for trying to sleep with her friend and how she wanted a divorce. I kept my cool as I simply turned my laptop around and showed her the video of friend coming into the bedroom, stripping, and me screaming at the s***.

She was shocked and wanted to know how long had there been a camera in the room. She was speechless when I told her that I thought it was prudent thing to do after I read her emails and texts. I slid over a stack of paper with the emails and texts.

I then showed her the other clips and told her that I already had an appointment with a divorce attorney for Monday morning, and the police in the afternoon. She started crying and begging me not to do it. She said she only did it because her s*** friend convinced her that she should f*** the guy with the supposed huge d***.

She said she would do anything for me to not divorce her nor go to the police. So, I made her an offer that was non-negotiatable.
1) she would never talk or communicate to the s*** friend ever again.
2) write a detailed full confession and post it on Facebook
3) Because they planned this for 2 months, the next punishment would be 1 year for every month of her deception. The first Friday of each month, she would have a woman waiting for me when I came home from work. She would also be required to buy the woman lingerie, and sit in the corner completely naked while I had s** with the woman all night and into the early morning.

She agreed to all of it.

The posting of the confession made her and the s*** friend pariahs. The hung guy’s wife was especially brutal to her and made sure everyone in town knew what my loving wife planned on doing. She begged me to move, and I agreed, but AFTER the punishment was complete.

The morning of the first guest was to arrive, I replaced the painting over our bed with a large framed poster of a photo of her friend laughing at my loving wife and my wife looking embarrassed. I want my loving wife to see the s*** friend when she sees me s******* done other woman. And just as I left work, I popped a cialis. And in accordance with the punishment, I screwed one of her coworkers all night long, while my loving wife sat in the corner chair naked. She broke down multiple times throughout the night.

During the 3rd month, there was no woman waiting for me. When I asked about it, my loving wife said it wasn’t going to happen anymore. The next several days were very quiet as we didn’t talk much. That was until one of the cops showed up to the s***’s work and asked if she would answer a few questions about the prescription bottle. The s*** called my wife in a panic, who then blew up my phone, but I didn’t answer. I spent the night at a hotel. On the next day, my loving wife was served with divorce papers at work. I finally answered one of her texts by simply saying I would be at home that night.

At home, after she screamed herself out, I simply said that she knew what the consequences would be if she didn’t go through with her punishment. She begged again, so I said ok, but the upcoming weekend, her s*** friend would be the woman on Friday night (the next night), and wife still had to find a different woman for Saturday night. She reluctantly agreed. I ONLY f***** her s*** friend anally and orally that night and following morning.

Since then, every first Friday of the month has gone off without a problem. My loving wife has met all of the requirements, despite having trouble at times finding a willing woman, remember, she really doesn’t have any friends any more. She has created a profile on Tinder and POF trying to find women, and I suspect one time hiring a professional

She has been going to therapy to find out why she tried to do what she did, and to deal with her punishment. I have gone with her multiple times, and the counselor tried to convince me to end the punishment. I have said that she can stop at any time she wishes, put she wil face the other consequences (divorce and arrest).

Next Friday will be #11 out of 24

But with the exception of the first Fridays, we are a very loving couple. I make sure that I am all lovey dovey with her, and I must admit that we are a good couple

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  • You Sir are a genius.

  • So you are blackmailing her with the threat of arrest in exchange for sexual favors as payment?

  • TL;DR

  • Fiction

  • Well, that's one way to get your wife to kill you...

  • Real class people here.

  • Mr.planner you don’t know where you are heading for, everytime you humilate her more she dwells hatred for you in her heart . She will get another chance if not she will kill you no matter what consequences are but she won’t be ready to take any embarrasment anymore. So wise thing to do her is you had your revenge now through the garbage out of your house

  • Good for you powerful pete and cowsy.

  • And people say men are the toxic ones? Women will lie to you for years and never feel any bit of guilt about it.

  • Really? why would she want to stay?

  • Wow! What an awesome punishment! Make her suffer

  • That was something extra ordinary you did , i loved the way tou handled the situation. I also loved the part where you said that you fuckedd the slutty friend rigoursly. Yeah, she should pay all the life like this way to you as she owes

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