I Want Someone to Kill Me!

I want someone to kill me. It is all I can think about. I don't want to commit suicide as my insurance for my family will not pay. I am totally SERIOUS> NO offers of self help or pitty posts that life is worth living....no, for me it is not. You don't know my or my situation. I want to die.



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  • Go to a black area at night and call them all filthy ni.ggers

  • Did you ever think about making
    Anyone mad enough to the point
    where they want to kill. It's a thought maybe you might get what
    you want but may get it how you
    don't want it. Know ?

  • We each have our own opinions. Thank you however for placing judgement on me and such the wonderful Christian I sure you are in your perfect world. However, this not for another person. This is for me. I have MDD and many health issues. If I could move to Oregon or the UK I would. But I cannot. So. If there is anyone out there that would contact me with SERIOUS offers or options, then please do so.

  • We don't know your situation but, we know you are a coward and a selfish b******.

  • Walk through some Chicago streets some weekend night and it'll happen

  • For all we know, the OP could be the partner or ex of the individual concerned who wants this person dead.

  • Wrong website for this type of request. I send you love, peace and hugs. I hope it reaches you and deters you from your determination to die.

  • Post email address

  • Rum_diddy@yahoo.com

  • I will kill you for 500000 USD

  • You should do it for the sport and the thrill. I am not paying anything.

  • Then what would i gain out of it for killing you for free. Just like you i also need money so you need to give a part of your insurance to me so that i can give it to my family after going to jail

  • Email me

  • Let me know how that works out for ya. Lol

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