My wife is a WH0RE

Don’t really need to go into anymore detail then that. Heading pretty much sums it up....

My wife is a F*CKING WH0RE!!!!! She has f***** just about all of her co workers at one point or another. She has f***** a number of our kids sports coaches. And just the other night, we went out for a friends anniversary party and I caught her in an empty party room getting “split-roasted” by 2 strangers that were at the party.

I’VE HAD ENOUGH!!!!!! It was kind of HOT when she first started f****** around cuz she would tell me all about it. But now, it’s out of hand!!! And she doesn’t give me any s3x!!!!

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  • Just have fun and go along with it. Consider yourself a “Cuckold”

  • Sell her for big amount of money, this way you will take your revenge as well as get some money.

  • So, what did you say your wife's phone number is again?

  • Either you also start f****** other girls or divorce her but let her live her life

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