Wife watchers

There are many posts referring to story's of husbands enjoying seeing there wives with other men , Not only cuckold story's could be letting somebody see there wife naked or just kissing them all different scenarios . Do any of you regret what you have done if so why and what did you do , I know I regret what we did .

Oct 17, 2018

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  • I regret it, and am trying to get out of that lifestyle. Professionals have been no help. I admit that I am mostly, or at least partly, to blame for getting involved in cuckolding. My wife and I still love each other but I cannot get her to give it up. If anyone has any advice I'd appreciate it.

  • There is that moment when the wife reaches up and pulls the lover to her that is instant erection for me.
    She says she does it just for me, knowing it turns me on but I have seen her thrusting away and know she likes the different feelings also.
    She usually also gets on top so I can watch them slide inside of her, it's so hot and beautiful.
    We have lots of friends, she told me she wants to try two at once but that hasn't happened yet.

  • I used to have my wife sit in the passenger seat with her p**** on display in full service gas stations. That was back in the 70's when they still washed windows in Oregon.
    She had some seriously short skirts that made it easy for them to see everything when she spread her legs wide. Most seemed to enjoy it, we had one guy we flashed probably 40 times over many months. One day he asked if he could see her t*** so she showed them, too.
    Lots of fun. Now we do nude beaches, shoe stores, and sometimes dressing rooms at a local clothing store. Usually some bored husband is waiting while his wife tries on outfits, we make the day more interesting.
    Now that she is older we don't do it so much, but we have friends over for card parties and she sometimes does a strip tease.

  • I learned to accept it and enjoy it right from the start. I consider myself lucky to have dated some very attractive girls who guys would always hit on. At first it made angry but soon realized I would go crazy if I let it keep bothering me. Also the girls did not like me getting upset either. I accepted it as normal and became proud of myself that I had very desirable girlfriends. I began to actually enjoy watching them dance and kiss other men and eventually was in a long term relationship where I openly encouraged her to flirt and make out with other guys which she did and we both thoroughly enjoyed

  • I only regret not getting her to do it sooner. I love to see my wife in the arms of another man, kissing passionately knowing that she will likely have s** with him.

  • Amen Brother. I wish we had started sooner. Love watching my wife Julie being a total W___e for her new man that she just picked up in a club. For more conversation & pics of my wife , email Richard. Texasvixen@hotmail.com
    Also would enjoy sharing DVDs I was camera man on. Very hot videos of Julie. Blk & white c__k.

  • I feel the same way. Its so arousing to watch her playing with other men.

  • Love it too. Email me. Wife, Julie, is a total S__t , 38dd-24-36. Like to share info , pics & DVD. Texasvixen@hotmail.com. R

  • I don’t regret letting other men see nudes of my virgin fiancée.

  • Most responses are actually fantasy. Hard to get anyone serious on here.

  • For real here. Playing long time. S__t wife 38dd-24-36. Wife Julie. Hubby R. Email. Texasvixen@hotmail.com

  • When I was young I was a Bull for several married couples and single mothers. When I got married my wife knew and was fine with me still providing that service to married women and single mothers. It was her Idea to father some of their kids.

    At some point something changed in me and I wanted my wife to get plowed for me. It took me a while to admit it and over 20 years to get her to try it. It was really mixed in the beginning. The experience messed with both of our heads. I don't regret it but I think she does.

  • Was she raped and unable to bear the trauma ?

  • I have always enjoyed my wife being naked in front of others. Most activities we get do involve nudity. Nude Cruises, clubs, hot tub parties ect.

  • What happened?

  • If your still there I will tell you later if you still want me too ?

  • I am listening

  • This just happened it was not planned speaking for my self i had no interest in seeing anyone touching my wife . We went out one night with a old friend of mine we ended up back at his house his wife had passed away awhile back and he was lonely . Some how the conversation got around to what him and his wife was into , He was quite open about it we had all been drinking my wife was a little bit drunk but ok . He was saying what he misses I think we both felt sorry for him , Then he just blurted it out to us would you let your wife give me a hand job . After the initial shock and some talking about it I convinced my wife it was ok , He went to his bedroom then returned with a robe on he removed the robe he was naked then he laid on the floor . He asked my wife to stand over him so he could look up her skirt because that gets me going , My wife did has he said she stood there for a few minutes. Then he said could you pull your skirt up then crouch over my face then give me a hand job , My wife done this when he was getting close he asked my wife to stand up again well he finished himself off . Then he shouted show me show me my wife looked at me then removed her panties , Has he was coming my wife squatted over his face I could not believe it . Worse thing he wants her to do it again

  • It was such a normal thing the way you exaggerated

  • If anything I held back

  • So what was so horrible about it? Why wouldn't you do it again for him? Is your wife willing to do it again?

  • Yes my wife don't mind I do thou she's my wife , I'm worried he will try and go further I don't think I could handle that , My wife thou she won't admit it but I think she liked it , Since that night she has done the same to me ,I don't know what to do and how far I should let things go

  • If reality doesn't meet fantasy, then stop now, before she gets to liking it too much and cucks you.

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