Seriously thinking of humoring my little sister.

My little sister is 10. I’m 15 (and a girl too). Both of us have really gotten into the original Full House series after watching Fuller House on Netflix. Recently we watched that one episode where DJ and Stephanie accidentally get handcuffed together and stuck that way because they don’t have the key.

Our mom was watching the episode with us and after it was over she told us about how her mom actually handcuffed her and her sister together once when they were kids to get them to stop fighting. We both got a laugh out of that. My little sister then said she wants to know what it’d be like to be stuck together like that. She said we ought to get a pair of handcuffs and spend a day cuffed together.

I admit I’m curious as to what it’d be like too. So here’s what we’re thinking of doing. Once we have a set of handcuffs, we’ll wait for a weekend to roll around. Then, we’ll lock ourselves together and stay that way for 24 hours. Our mom has already agreed to hold the key for us to make sure we don’t lose it and also to keep it from us until the 24 hrs are up. I think we’ve worked out how to handle the bathroom situation, LOL! So that won’t be an issue.

Maybe we’re both nuts, but I’m seriously thinking of doing this. Who knows? Maybe it’ll bring us closer (literally and figuratively)! :) Any reason why we shouldn't? Should we go for it?

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