My sister and I have been f****** since we were 7 and we both love it

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  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm would love some 7 yr old p****

  • I'd love to see pictures of her

  • I used to f*** my stepsister when both perants were out I was 15 and she was 10,she started getting into my bed and before you knew it I was really hard,I put her hand on it she smiled and knew she wanted it I lifted her nightie up,she had breast buds and fine pubes on her p**** did.nt take long before I got my d*** right up her she loved it and used to move her little bum up and down as I pumped all my young s**** up her,happy days we both married now by often talk about those times and have a giggle.

  • Can I f*** her as well...?

  • Okay Sister fuckerr

  • You named your hand "sister"?
    That's kind of odd, but whatever tips your trigger when you j**********.

  • Like really 7 what a load of bollocks.

  • We experimented at first with our bodies

  • So when did u first start f****** each other?

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