Recently a guy I work with during are conversations for no reason at all asks questions about my wife , My wife also does the same thing about him the other day she asked me what his wife was like , I said why would you ask that my wife said forget it don't try to make a big deal out of it . I also notice how they smile at each other a friend said he had seen them talking . Do you think I'm thinking to much or his there something going on I could do with your opinions on this thank you ?

Oct 21, 2018

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  • She wants to cheat on you and they would do it with or without your will.

  • Do you really think so , What should I do or not do

  • Just tell your wife you're ok with them f****** each other once a week. It will turn you on. My wife meets with her boyfriend every Friday noon, and stays overnight occasionally.

  • Put a condition on him that you will trade your wife with his wife.,or any women from his side

  • His daughter

  • He has a wife but not up to the quality of my wife , He would be getting the better deal my wife his hot

  • Okay, the truth is she is gonna have it just accept it and just think you are a nice hubby providing her with the comfort that you promised, because either ways she will do it.

  • F*** his daughter if he let’s you

  • He wants to f*** her silly.

  • What would you do if you was me

  • Watch her get f*****

  • The thought turns me on , But it also makes me feel sick , Would it be the right thing to do watch her , Or would regret it

  • It sounds like urhard already thinking about his c*** sliding deep up her c***.

  • Mixed feelings , yes turned on also don't know what to do ,Or exactly what he would do to her

  • He would f*** her brains out

  • If that's the case if she lets him he's a lucky guy my wife is hot

  • If you let him f*** her, you'll be a laughing stock at work, because he's going to tell EVERYONE.

    Then all the blokes at work will think they can have a go on her, and think that your weak and pathetic for letting it happen. Man up!

    Watch her closely. I disagree with a previous post about your s** life taking a dive. It's equally possible that if she's having an affair, she'll be feeling guilty, so will f_uck you more than usual.

    If you wanted to watch her with another man, join a swinging site and meet up with a stranger. But never someone you know.

    You work colleague sounds like a right w*****

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