My wife and I went away for a long weekend to chill ,The first night we went out for a meal on are way back to are hotel we walked passed a little cinema and they was showing a film my wife wanted to see . It was still quite early and there was not that much to do so why not , There was only a few people in the cinema and this guy sat next to my wife I thought strange there was a lot of empty seats . The film started after ten minutes my wife nudged me i didn t know why she done it again , I looked down this guy had his hand on my wife's leg my wife pushed it off . I've heard of places like this but I thought it was made up , Now we had never done anything like this ever but it was exciting to me . I whispered to my wife let him touch your leg she looked shocked next time he put his hand on her leg she let him keep it there , He started pushing his hand up my wife's skirt again my wife stopped him . Nothing happened for a while i think he was a bit put off by my wife stopping him , We had never done anything like this but for me it was a turn on I put my hand on my wife's leg then pulled her skirt up exposing her knickers to him . That was enough encouragement he needed this guy had his hand on my wife's knickers in a second , i kissed my wife and squeezed her t** she was shaking with excitement not only did my wife open her legs she moved her skirt up further so he could get better access , I never noticed all of a sudden there was a guy sat in front of us and one behind us . The guy who was sat next to her put his hand in her knickers my wife was loving it then she noticed the other two guys and panicked , My wife got up and walked out when we got back to the hotel she was h**** and wet we had a good night . The next couple of days we walked past the cinema my wife looked I said do you want to go in she said no , The last evening I asked again she said no i walked to the entrance I said if you want something dirty to happen to you walk in she walked in . If you enjoyed this and still interested I will tell you what happened

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  • 1100pm tonight

  • Hello xx

  • Ok then

  • I really love when a woman that normally isn't that way turns into a real life s*** in public places. Tell her that she is really a good person and she needs to go all the way there for the experience and explore her sexuality for herself

  • Very interested. I hot an immediate hardon!

  • Interested tell more please

  • This time when we sat down nothing happened for quite sometime there wasn't many people in the cinema only us and four other guys . I was a bit disappointed and i think my wife was too , Im sure my wife wanted something to happen so i whispered to my wife pull your skirt up and undo a couple of buttons on your top . Then my wife moved her bum up then pulled her skirt up showing her knickers , She then undone not a couple of buttons but all of them still nobody approached us so I said I'm going to the toilet . My wife looked worried and said don't be long , I went to the toilet and just waited a few minutes then I thought I'll wait a full 10minutes before I go back , When I returned what greeted me was a guy sitting in my seat . He must have just arrived because the other four was still sitting in the same places , So I sat on the other side of my wife when I noticed she was holding his d*** and he had his hand in her knickers . Now he is going to think I'm like him not her husband so i started to grope her t*** then I pulled her bra up so they was on display , MY wife started to moan and she was tugging him frantically then at the same time my wife was in extacy has they both came together .

  • Where is this cinema? I want to go!

  • Any more?

  • Yes there is more but not from the cinema that was the start for me and my wife to makie are lives more interesting . And unfortunately the cinema closed not long after in Devon , If you want me to tell you anything else about my wife just ask or what we got up to after the cinema experience

  • Yes please!

  • Ask me anything about my wife and I'll tell you anything

  • First what does she look like:
    Hair colour/length,
    What colour eyes,
    Breast size, how pert and supple+what are her nipples like,
    Ass in description,
    P**** in description.
    And also how does she like to dress?
    So I can picture her properly please

  • The only thing missing his her name and where she works and lives ,I bet you would like to know that , I could be tempted to tell you

  • Of course, it would be easier and more discreet if you have an email?

  • Very attractive , 5ft 6in 10 stone good figure , Ash blonde medium curl , Green eyes , Breast size 36c firm very erect nipples , Tight ass , Bald and tight , Always wears high heels short skirts , fantastic legs , open tops showing cleavage , Bras that push them up thongs , Sometimes No bra , And she does ware suspenders with stockings .

  • She sounds absolutely gorgeous!
    How old?
    What turns her on?
    Favourite positions?
    Fetishes? (Others)

  • 30 , She likes to be treated a bit rough , Also if you put a camera on her it turns her on ,

  • Both posts are from me, do you want to give your email?

  • Let me think on that , Did you want to meet with us or my wife

  • Make sure you use a burner email as you will have many pervs blowing you up forever more

  • I take it you would like to be there and watch or something like that?
    Either way I'm OK,
    What would you like me to do with her?

  • Hello are you still there this is the guy who you have been talking with

  • We have been away

  • Oh! OK want to talk?

  • Keep on with your story I m dying to hear more of your adventures. Please.

  • Is your wife there then?

  • Look at the top comment

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