Getting my wife drunk

I like to get my wife drunk at home, and watch her stagger around drunkenly.

Last night she was so drunk she staggered around naked in front of an open window of our apartment building and kept drinking and drinking until she could not walk or talk. She is SO HOT when drunk, something so slutty about my normally reserved wife getting herself bombed drunk and staggering around.

May 8, 2019

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  • I love this! I’m a gay f@g c********** bottom and love to drink and have random men over come and use me like a c** dump. I’m married to someone for almost 10 years now (together 16 years in total) and I always wondered if he was into me being used. After seeing comments here, it describes him well. I’ll swear off alcohol, he is like okay… month later comes home with a bottle of vodka and a shimmer in his eyes. I down everything I can get my hands on for the next two days, Have as many guys over as is possible, and then he takes care of me while I’m coming down and swearing off alcohol again. Lol. I posted this in a reddit titled crippling alcoholism and they thought I was fake….I seem to have found my people here.

  • I love the look in my girlfriends eyes when she is starting to get drunk, you know, bloodshot, open wide, drunk silly smile, just staring at me, so hot, knowing full well you are gonna get her drunker and carry her home

  • Love that, just recently had that type of time with the girlfriend, We went out to a bar to hear a band, she does 5 jello shots, downs 2 drinks in under an hour and then asks me to get out there and slow dance. OMG you could just tell she wanted to f****** me right on the floor right there. bright red bloodshot eyes and silly "Im almost too drunk to dance" look on her face, I finished her off with a few more shots, took her huge bubble but home and did her into oblivion.

  • I love that, I also like to send her out and tell her to come home SMASHED and USED, She staggers in like a drunken w h o r e and I get to finish her up

  • Yeah I would not do that with mine,she would end up drunk in a gutter with about 10 gallons of c u m dumped into her, She is a flat out w hor e when drunk I plowed her c u n t last night, she was slurring about how she likes it when I finger f****** her she rolled over and spread that huge a s s out and I f****** e d her like no tomorrow

  • Oh we need to see pics of what she looked like when she got home

  • Ok fair enough, dress ripped, falling down, drunk smile on her face having a hard time holding herself up for the pic

  • Oh i like that, looks like she was well used, clothing ripped off and force to drink so much that she didnt care. She is cute

  • Thats my girl, she is sitting here naked right now downing a bottle of fireball we are gonna have fun tonight I will get you more pics. Cant wait to show her off we just met a few weeks ago and she is a serious drinker, so cant see it lasting long term but its fun as h*** now

  • That is an awesome pic, shows how drunk she was, Love the c** splattered all over her ripped dress, She is hot, Keep her drinking

  • Oh I plan on it, noticed today she is starting to get plump, chubby arms, bit of a beer belly and her b o o bs are swelling up

  • Fatten her up and keep her drunk and s lu tty

  • I got into the whole drunk fetish thing with a boyfriend. He wanted to try a swingers club, and i knew if I was gonna get banged by 12 guys I had to be out of my mind drunk. I guess one of the guys noticed my drinking and started buying me shots and flirting with me, before I knew it I was a useless rag doll getting used by 12 guys and loving it. I realized that i am more of a one guy woman and never swung again but I did love the drunk feeling and having s e x while drunk so when I met a new man I made sure he knew about my fetish. So while I am not up with letting a bunch of guys do me all at once, I do love to have one man make me drink, turn me into a stumbling mess and have c u m leaking out of my p u s s y for weeks after s e x

  • I was out with my partner and was a bit drunk, and liked the look of men in the bar,hubbie let me dance with them, and i was allowed to invite them home for coffee! Well must have been something in my drink, and was very well used by all 3 men,while i was out for the count. Well the photos looked real h**** and the vids turned me on big time. Now 2 yeas latter and i just want it all again. Sadly unable to find the men to slip that drink to me, and get totelly satisfied again. pity. at 56 i need that extra turn on. Jane.

  • Feel free to share pics n videos

  • Do you still have those pics and videos, and if so, open to sharing a few?

  • And btw, completely ready to slip you whatever you want…

  • Anyone out there still interested?

  • So I have been following this thread since I posted on it ages ago, Still getting myself WAY to drunk Husband likes to take me out in sexy outfits and pour the drinks down my throat and being the drunk bimbo i am I drink every last one! Updated pics plus and outfit you might remember me from in red.

  • You got great t***. I want to get you wasted and c** on them

  • Oh sweetie I love c u m on my t i t s, you force me to get super drunk and you can c u m on them all night

  • So G******* saexy .

  • I'm ready whenever you get back from the casino or something else I can get you a little bit honry but it's been pretty good just sitting here watching a little bit of my hard times sweetheart and I'm just getting my stuff up for nothing

  • So good to see you again! Keep posting more drunk slutty pics for all of us!

  • Wife likes to go to the local swingers club with me once and a while, tonight she told me she was getting too drunk too quick (The couple we swing with was forcing shots on her like crazy) and she wanted to slow down some, well that was my sign to buy the bottle and have her finish it. This was the result, my wife went from "getting a little drunk" to "Sloppy d i c k s u c k i n g w h o r e" in about an hour.

  • Nice pic. Love tonsee more of her

  • So I Started dating this mature lady with a SLAMMING body, perfect t i t s, nice a s s and very well put together but wow can she drink. I get over there today about 1 pm by 5 she was nude, and staggering around swigging vodka from a bottle, nevver been with a drunk chick and let me tell you it was fun!

  • Any pictures?

  • My sexy drunk girlfriend falling out of her bikini and drunk out of her mind at a pool party with her friends, the fatter one got her SO drunk, the s e x after was amazing

  • If that were my wife I would keep her drunk and keep her eating, she looks hot fat with those big heavy saggers on her chest

  • So hot, both of them are covered in a thick layer of fat, her ass is amazing I would take her out on a public beach like that and let her drink until she could not walk or talk SHe is so hot

  • Nice! She is about my wife's size, who becomes a shut when drunk. Then wants weed and the s** is awesome!

  • Damnnn she is hot and so is her chubby friend! She looks BLASTED too, was she slurring her words and stumbling around?

  • Yup she was, she is out right now drinking her face off with that girl, gonna get me some drunk s l u t tonight when she gets home, she already called on the phone and was slurring badly

  • It looks like it was a perfect weekend.

  • That is hot! Does she get drunk like that often. Not gonna lie, I would do both of them! The fatter one has a nice big gut and looks like she drinks a lot too. Your girl is hot and yes, she is falling out of that outfit. I would take her out in public like that and let her drink until she could not walk just to show her off.

  • Yeah this is on our property but I would LOVE to take her out like that and get her BLASTED drunk and stagger around falling out of her clothing like that. She has huge saggy t i t s and I love seeing them bounce around !

  • Do you have more photos? They're fantastic.

  • Yeah her ass is spilling out too, that looks hot!

  • My husband likes to get me drunk too, and I am not one to resist! He likes me to sit at the bar and do shots until I am plastered and I end up coming home on his arm looking like this! This was from a few nights ago

  • Mmmm..lovely. I bet you got well F****** E D when you got home!
    I got my wife really drunk on holiday. She was so drunk I had to get another guy to help me get her back to our room. Once back we gave her more to drink and stirpped her off naked. I loved watching the other guy get his big
    C O C K into her whilst I held her legs up in the air!
    She still has no idea what happened that night!!

  • Yes, my c u n t was well taken care of that night

  • So hot!

  • Count me in as another woman who likes out of control drunk s e x. My current lover always tells me if I am able to stand and walk, I am not drunk enough for s e x so that leads to me getting blasted drunk often!

  • My husband has always known that I like to have s e x when I am REALLY drunk, like wasted sloppy drunk, so one night while out with friends I saw a girl who looked like someone had slipped something into her drink she went from stone cold sober to a totally drunken mess in minutes. Thats when it hit me, I wanted to be like this! I asked the hubby to drug me next time we were home and drinking!

    Needless to say we made arrangements to do this as safe as possible at home and when the night came Oh My God, its fun, it hit me like I had drank 12 bottles of jack Daniels all at once. Total loss of control and nothing on my mind but getting drunker and having s e x. I drank SO much that night as well!

    Ladies if ou want a wild night let your man drug you

  • What did he drug you with?

  • Every time that my wife got really drunk she would ask me if I would call one of my friends to come over and f*** her

  • And did you?

  • I have a new girl nothing serious but AMAZING body from the pics she has sent me, she is 52 years old but looks like she has the body of a 22 year old, red hair (and red hair p u s s y too) huge t i t s and plump body. We have been texting and talking online so I finally got to meet her the other night She lets me in and I notice what sounds like she has a speech impediment and she is a bit light on her feet but nope... she is SMASHED drunk. We hung for a long time, having s e x with her was amazing and she just kept drinking and drinking. I can see lots of fun times with this short chubby little redhead.

  • Any news?

  • Update: We have been trying to get her to down a case of beer a day, its working, not only is she getting stumbling drunk but her beer belly is HUGE Now, Its just BULGING out If you look at the other pics you can see just how bulging and fat her gut is getting along with her thick thighs and HUGE heavy t i t s, she is even starting to develop a nice thick plump FUPA. I am loving this! Updated pic:

  • Damn you done some work on her, her gut is HUGE compared to the first posts you made last year, she looks hotter and better now, that belly is sticking right out over that sexy fupa

  • She is really porking up, I am going over there in a few hours to get her ridiculously drunk and then make her eat like a little piggy and then pump her v a g until she passes out, just like the little fat drunk girl she is

  • Wow sexy, you are lucky, sober or drunk I would pound that p u s s y relentlessly. I cant believe how she is purposely getting herself drunker and fatter for you, she must be in love or something. I am a bbw lover as well and I dream of taking a slightly smaller chick and blowing her up like a circus fat lady.

  • I am working on it, she told me she liked getting fatter the other day, I showed up at her place, she had been eating all day, her gut was BULGING over the top of her jeans. She is getting VERY fat now and her gut is beginning that sag over the FUPA

  • Does her Fupa bounce around yet? I am a sucker for fat jiggly fupas.

  • Yeah when I am fingering her its like a huge fat blob now!

  • She sounds like fun! The fact that she gets herself that drunk for s e x is a plus too. Slurring stumbling women are hot Bet you with all the drinking she will do with you her "chubby" is gonna turn into "Nice and fat"

  • Dude it was amazing, I am going back tonight for more She says she gets nervous and drinks a lot, but the s e x was incredible. The slurring and staggering around nude and those huge t i t s on such a tiny girl (she is only 5 feet tall) are so much fun to watch bounce around.

  • Awesome man enjoy it!

  • I am was over there today and saw her stagger to the door nude and BLASTED drunk, my d i c k was already hard. She leads me in, stumbles on the couch and does more shots a slurry drunk messs and we screwed all morning. She is getting a big belly too! When she sits up its starting to hang over her plush red haired pu ss y

  • Oh a readhead too? Very lucky man, next time she gets that drunk make her get on top and hold her up, its more fun watching them try to stay on top!

  • We are together right now and she is getting herself BLASTED Drunk. Its so hot. She has amazing t i t s too, She will do a shot for every comment on her huge fat t i t t s. Get her drunk for me guys! This is her I just took this while she was trying to hold herself on top of me!

  • Well she didnt need comments to get blasted, she is currently stumbling around the house nude with her huge t i t s hanging out. She is a read head and I wont let her shave her c u n t so she has a nice hairy bush under her big beer belly! I am gonna try to get some video for you

  • Nothing better than a big t i t t e d chubby girl who drinks. Get her so drunk she gets top heavy and falls forward

  • She went out with her girlfriends last night, about 2 AM i hear her at the door her girlfriends had to CARRY her up the stairs. She was blasted and we had s e x for an hour

  • Thats it, Get her drunk and f****** her c u n t. Its the best

  • Sounds amazing. Bet she is fun when she is all sloppy and drunk, you said she was getting a beer belly that is so hot. Woman who drink like she does always get nice and plump and by the looks of her pic her t it t s are big too

  • Any news from your readhead?

  • Yup been f****** ing her senseless and pouring the booze (and food) into her She is shaping up nicely.

  • Oh yeah, she's a drinker, I can tell by that beer belly, it grows em really fat

  • Does she have red c u n t hair? I cant tell in that pic but she looks like she has a nice starter belly and a nice wide c u n t! So hot

  • Love that foto. She looks great. I envy you. Drunk chubby women are the best.

  • Tell us the next time you're there.

  • Here right now she is downing a bottle of fireball, already pretty drunk! She is so hot, that red haired p u s s y of hers is getting nice and bushy, and that belly is sticking out the more she drinks! Love her body!

  • Ohh she is plumping up! See booze does that to women! Looks amazing She is at least 20 lbs heavier than her previous pics. You are so lucky, looks like that red head bush is getting nice and thick too

  • Well we had another amazing night, Here she is nude, sloshed and sloppy. She gets this goofy smile on her face when she starts to get really drunk, its amazing how much this little woman can drink, and her b o o bs and gut are starting to get SO thick and plump, She wants me to stuff her with food and get her drunk more often! Here she is drunk, slurring and helpless!

  • Love it, she is cute too

  • Thanks, we had a blast this weekend, pretty much kept her drunk and nude all weekend. So hot, and she is blowing up nice, love them drunk and plump

  • Wow, you are doing amazing work on her body, that belly is BULGING out now and her t i t s are HUGE, She is hot, you are one lucky guy, in that first pick I can see how weak her knees are getting she must have been super drunk. Keep on packing on the pounds on her and keep her SUPER drunk at all times

  • She is in my bed right now purposely getting herself smashed for me, going to make a day of it! I will try and sneak some pics! She it getting so plump and so sexy!

  • Wow she is really plumping up, she looks smashed too

  • I had not seen her in a week, went over there today, and OMG she got a HUGE belly now, her pants were tight on her gut and her new belly fat rolls right over her panties. She slapped her new fat belly and says "Im gettin fat but you like that"

  • 2 weeks later my drunk sexy redhead, after I gave her shots of rum, that gut and those t i t s are out of control Look at that sexy drunk girl gut!

  • Wow she has huge juggs are her nips always hard like that?

  • Yes for some reason her nips are constantly hard, they are fat too, big thick fat ones to suck on, its even more fun when she mixes Xanax and alcohol, she gets insanely drunk

  • God that is a dream come true, sexy

  • Thanks, yeah she is loving it, this was our facebook chat tonight

    Cin: I'm sorry I don't want you think I'm a drunk baby

    Me: its ok baby

    Me: So you drank the whole bottle?

    Cin: I know you love me but you also have to understand that I love to have s** when I am very drunk

    Me: Yeah its ok, I like it when we have drunk s ex

    Me: I understand

    Cin: Yes I drank the whole bottle so I will need some help walking soon

    Me: ok so in about 20 mins I will be over once you feel good and drunk LOL

    Cin: Yeah I am getting there already

    Cin: But I also have to let you drink more too tonight I want to make love tonight drunker than I have ever been, but I dont want to go out in public because i felt llike a drunk slob that night, I got too sloppy that night, I felt dirty

    Me: Thats ok, I like tht, you looked really hot staggering around

    Cin: Its making my belly bigger too baby I hope you like that

    Me: You know I love that

    Cin: Baby you better get over here i am getting drunker by the second,

  • That is so hot its like she is trying to be more of a fat dunk bimbo for you because she knows you love it!

  • Haha it gets better I am about a mile from her house I better get over there soon

    Cin: I am going to get naked and show picture to you

    Me: haha once the alcohol hits you, i want video too!

    Cin: Really?

    Me: Yes, a video of you having trouble standing up lol

    Cin: Ok if you say so! Hurry up and get over here I want to be able to have fun before I pass out

  • Damn dude, her t i t s are down to her belly button they are HUGE, you are so lucky

  • She is hot, I cant believe she is in her 50s that is a sexy body for an older woman.

  • Those t i t s on her are insane, She looks short so she is gonna get good and fat too, most short women with big t i t s can get pretty huge, you mind me asking how old she is? She has the body of a 21 year old

  • Amazingly enough she is 51, shocking I know,, she has had 2 kids too, you would never know it to look at that body. She is short only 5 feet tall

  • Dude you have to take her out in super tight s l u t t y clothing and get her BLASTED drunk, let her really put on a good s l u t show, take pics and show us all!

  • So we took your advice last night, She has some older clothing before she gained so much weight so made her wear it, its SKIN tight on here, and also made sure she had no bra on. I have never seen this in a woman before but her nips are almost always hard so the tight t shirt looked good on her.

    Anyway we went on this dive bar, and started her doing shots and dancing. she didnt dance long, got herself SMASHED drunk in about an hour and looked like a fat sloppy drunk s l u t as she stumbled around keeping drinking and doing shots. Took her home and dumped my come into her and she was a drunk slurry mess. Was hot to see her go from fat sloppy girl to fat sloppy s lu t in about 1 hour

  • So we picked out another outfit for her to wear out next time she goes out to get herself super drunk for me. I am going to go with her, and buy her drinks until she is so drunk she cant stand and she is going to wear this outfit! What do you think if you saw her stumbling around looking like this would you take her fat c u n t home and f****** her fat p u s s y?

  • I dont know what you are feeding her but keep doing it! She is getting massive and WOW would love to see her all drunk in a bar in that outfit

  • Well I keep her well stocked with beer, and junk food, then when I stay over i bring out the good stuff, Jack Daniels and vodka. Yet to see her throw up either, she just gets drunker and drunker. She is getting nice and fat! Thats fdor sure

  • Wow her t i t s are SAGGING and heavy, you are doing a good job, We watched here as her t i t s went from perky to big heavy saggers! Love it Great job Love that hairy p u s s y too, Bet you have blasted many loads into that

  • Yup blasted another 5 loads into her today, I went to the store for her, she was sober when I left, came home and she was sloshed drunk nude and waiting for me to take her on the bed Love how she slurs when she is drunk

  • I love it when my wife gets really drunk. The evening usually ends up with her going home with one or more guys who f*** her all night long and bring her back the next afternoon. They usually let her out at the curb completely naked and she walks up the driveway and into the house. One Sunday I was talking to the next door neighbor when she got home. We watched her kiss the man in the car and walk to the house. When she saw the neighbor she walked over to us and kissed me and told me to not be long since she would be asleep soon. My neighbor said that I was a lucky man and that I shouldn't keep her waiting. I asked him if he wanted to join us and he said that his wife wouldn't be back for another hour so he said sure.
    My wife was surprised when she saw the neighbor since we always thought how straight they seemed. I let the neighbor f*** my wife first and after he came in her I f***** her very freshly f***** c***. While I was f****** my wife she licked the neighbor's c*** clean and after I came I kissed my wife and got a mouthful of the neighbor's come. The neighbor then had to leave to get home before his wife got back. I got a bath ready for my wife and while she soaked, she told me about how there had been three guys that f***** her so with the neighbor and me, five guys had f***** her in less than a day. She said I wonder how many can I get to f*** me in one day? I told her that we should see next weekend.

  • As a woman there is something to hot about being a man's drunken spineless f****** doll after he forces shots on you until you cant even stand. I love letting a man ply me with drinks and get me drunker and drunker then take me home and USE me like a drunken s l u t

  • When was the last time you did that?

  • For the 300th comment I as a woman, want to show you how drunk I like to be when having s**. This video sums it up perfectly, I want to be drunk, I want to me forced to drink more and i want to be used. This is one lucky girl right here, wish I was her***-f*****/?promo=11914

  • Corrected link since this site censored posts

  • Love it, wish I had a man to get me that drunk, look at all that hard p e n i s that lucky woman has to suck. I want a man who keeps me like this and lets me suck on his c o c k all day

  • OMG that is so hot, I would love to f****** a woman when she was that drunk

  • I met my wife to be about 30 years ago - she was a party girl - drinking during the week and getting totally wasted on Fri and Sat nights to the point that she often couldn't remember the next day. When sober she was fairly quiet and shy but once boozed up she got confident and an extravert - showing off her bod and her affection. we had amazing s** in bar restrooms, friends bathrooms, outside and at home. Then she got pregnant and just stopped drinking - nothing more than a glass of wine. For the last 12 months she has been going out on a Fri night with work friends but she's always home by 10:30 and sober. She celebrated her 50th birthday last weekend. Went out with her work friends - promised not to be late home. I phoned her at 11.30pm and got no answer. I must have fallen asleep because my phone woke me at 2am. It was one of her friends saying they had put Leanne into a taxi and I would need be out the front to meet her. When the taxi arrived I walked around to the driver to pay as Leanne opened the door to get out - the next thing I saw was her fall over in the gutter. The taxi drove off and there she was trying to stand up - unsuccessfully. I helped her to her knees where she promptly fell against me and started kissing and sucking my c*** thru my pants. I lifted her to her feet and she was all over me kissing me and telling me she loved me - her words super slurred. I put my hand between her thighs and rubbed her as she told me she wanted to f uck. I helped her get her top and bra off and positioned her bent over a parked car on the road and gave her a birthday present that unfortunately she cant remember but I won't forget.

  • Let me start by saying I love drunk s e x. Always have liked it, but not run into too many guys willing to get me drunk and wild. The last one I dated took me to a nude beach, and proceeded to get me so drunk all I could think about was sucking ever d i c k that passed by me. By the end of the night I was a c u m covered drunk mess.

  • Too bad you don’t live near me. I’d be happy to make sure you’d be drunk and c u m covered all the time.

  • As a woman I can see why guys like it when we get drunk. I remember the first time I let a man get me smashed, I was so nervous and had a few drinks to relax, next thing you know I was a slurry sloppy drunk woman with little to no control I love that feeling now and will always ask a partner to take me out drinking before we go home. There is something so sensual about drinking until I just lose control and can think about nothing but s e x

  • When was the last time you got slurry, sloppy drunk like that?

  • About a month ago I always lose control now once I start drinking and end up staggering home smashed.

  • I live with 2 women and its a poly relationship, they BOTH like to drink and when they start drinking together its always a good night for me :) One is 29 and the other is 42, yes both are plump, juicy and large as i would not have it any other way. You don't need to "get" these 2 drunk when they make their minds up they get each other blasted sloppy drunk!

    Have fun and take a look!

  • Wow love the one on the left, nice and thick, big belly!

  • The blonde is always trying to get her drinking and eventually gets her sloppy drunk and on top of me

  • Ohh they look yummy!

  • This is my wife a few years ago at a party

    She got so drunk she couldn't walk .
    Me and a few mates carried her home .
    And then we all f***** her till the morning.

  • Mmmm nice.
    I wonder how many c o c k s she had inside her before she was sober?

  • My name is Bob and my wife of 22 years is Donna.
    We have been practicing this "drunk or high" fetish since we were first introduced.
    We have been watching this thread for years but because of Donna's employment, we have never posted before.
    However recently I received permission to post one a photo and talk about an event recently that really blew me away!
    It is pretty rare that Donna goes out and visits friends during this COVID situation... but a week ago, she went over to a co-workers house to finalize a project they had been working on.
    I was expecting her home around 5pm but when 7 rolled around I called her cell and she sounded pretty weird, I asked her if she was OK and had she been drinking. Long pause... then she says a little bit, actually, but not to worry, she was OK And would either get a ride home or give me a call.
    By 11 I had not heard a word and began texting and calling to no avail.

    At about midnight I get a call and can barely understand a word she is saying.
    She was seriously beyond hammered! She was trying to tell me she needed a ride, but had to put her co-workers husband on the line to give me directions.

    When I got to their house, the husband answered the door and directed me to their hot tub where the girls were.
    Both of them were absolutely snot-flinging drunk, at first i was a little uncomfortable with the situation, as I did not really know these people, but the husband came out, stripped off his clothes and hopped in the tub and invited me to join.
    Everyone kept up the partying until after dawn, Donna refused to get dressed for the ride home, but it was early enough that I doubt anyone noticed her lack of clothes on the way to the car.

    When we got home and I got her to the toilet and then to bed, she asked me for her purse and proudly displayed a couple of blunts and asked me to find het a lighter!

    Depending on the feedback she may wish to post more

  • A great story, we are waiting for more!

  • We do this sometimes, and as you can see by my wife in the pic, its always a good time. She is 42, and so hot once she gets really really drunk. This is from last Friday night. She gets all dressed up at home and we role-play some kind of scenario where I "Get her drunk at a bar and take advantage of her" She got SMASHED good last Friday, she was well on her way here.

  • Wow .shes super hot

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