Getting my wife drunk

I like to get my wife drunk at home, and watch her stagger around drunkenly.

Last night she was so drunk she staggered around naked in front of an open window of our apartment building and kept drinking and drinking until she could not walk or talk. She is SO HOT when drunk, something so slutty about my normally reserved wife getting herself bombed drunk and staggering around.



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  • So Jean wants to get drunk and have s e x one night, We have been talking about this for a while and dating for over a year now. What do you think?

    Yes, those are her real t i t s, They just keep growing

  • Oh H*** Yes, huge T i t s and hairy P u s s y? Make her drink till she cant walk, talk or stand

  • So we just got our first business location this day, we decided to have a drink in the new shop, and wife decided to have MANY drinks, it was a blast and OMG she was amazing that night, raced her home once she was good and drunk and now from time to time we have a drunk s e x y night. We still have the business too, to this day. This was 2014 a pic from that day. WOW was she drunk!

  • Any more pics from the shop—or once you got her home?

  • Ok its an older pic (2004) but I LOVE It when my girl gets herself drunk for me. This was back before we were living together at her place one night, had her drink bottles until she was BLASTED drunk and the s e x that followed was amazing

  • I remember one night my wife was away next town over at families house. She and I were texting and she started making a lot of typing errors. I asked her if she was OK, she said she was fine then silence for an hour. Now my wife is no drinker normally so I figured she was just socializing and stuff. Next text from her was "I want to get so drunk I cant walk, that would take a whole lot wouldn't it" I replied like WHAT? Are you ok? She told me she had been sitting there doing shots of jack for hours now and was VERY VERY drunk, and was having trouble walking and everyone else was laughing at her getting so drunk and pushing more booze on her. Now, my wife is not a small woman, thats cool, I like them BIG, so I thought it was going to take a WHOLE Lot for her to drink to get drunk. I then found out she had finished 3 bottles of jack. I raced to the house to find my wife SMASHED DRUNK really really sloppy and slurring. I helped her right to the car (ever try to move a drunk 400 lb woman? ) and took her home. Best s e x I have EVER had with her. From time to time I now get her super drunk and we have amazing s e x

  • Damn dude that sounds like fun. Wonder why she allowed herself to get so drunk, bet she was missing you and kept putting away the shots until she lost control.

  • She told me that she wanted to do a few shots with friends but a few became a lot and next thing you know she was VERY drunk, once drunk she kept drinking because she lost track of how much she had drank. We tested it out at home, got her a few bottles of jack, and told her i wanted her to drink until she was smashed. Worked like a charm after the first few glasses she was slurring and staggering, next thing you know she was guzzling from the bottles. The S e x is amazing with her when she is drunk sloppy like that

  • I would have showed up and helped them get her drunker. Big drunk women are sexy

  • I thought about it because honestly she was adorable so drunk that night but then I realized I had to take her home eventually and the drunker she got the harder it would be (she is not small lol) We tried it again last night at home, she wanted me to get her drunk like that again so she put on this SUPER sexy outfit that she was spilling out of (remember, I like huge women so to me it was SO Hot) and she got drunker and drunker. S**** using glasses I told her she had to drink it right out of the bottle! Its become sort of a side fetish for us, she told me she never wants to get drunk in public ever again but at home for me in our bedroom or home, she sad she LOVES being my drunk sexy girl.

  • So last night We did it again and I had her finish a whole bottle herself BLASTED drunk and the s e x was amazing, She is also now packing on the lbs with all this drinking because she eats like a hog when she gets drunk.. so cool.

  • Has she started to put on drinking weight? With my SSBBW she goes in phases when I will get her drunk and she starts getting this soft pillowy fat all over her body, she gets fat that feels like Jello its so awesome

  • LOTS Of drinking weight, Saw her undressing last night and she is getting a beer belly on her huge belly and her t i t s are getting HUGE, big thick fat swags under her huge arms.

  • You're a real lucky man!

  • You want to have fun? Find yourself a big big girl and make her drink and drink. WOW What fun. Check these out

  • My wife got drunk and passed out Last night. Her 24 year old son and I sucked on each others d*** and took turns c****** on his sleeping mom's face.

  • The chick I am dating now is like this.. she loves to get drunk before s e x and I mean really REALLY drunk. Once we start having s e x she will finish an entire bottle.. and she goes wild in bed. Got to love a drunk chubby girl.

  • I could not resist that, she is cute, and likes to get really really drunk by the looks of the bottle she is finishing. Looks like once she gets turned on she wants to get drunker, cant beat that.

  • Wish I was there. She looks fun.

  • I have a big fat juicy girl I have been dating for a while now. I like to push her to drink too much and watch the fireworks. She gets all slurry, sloppy and then really drunk and m a s t e r b a t e s for me while slurring about how h**** she is. Here is from a few nights ago.

  • Damn. I want those t i t s in my face and those t h i g h s around my head.

  • You can tell how turned on she is, look at those hard n i p p l e s while she rubs herself. I bet she was fun, she looks good and drunk too, love me some fat drunk women

  • DAMN I wanna jump on that. Nice and fat, huge t i t s, I hope you enjoy you fat juicy drunken bbw

  • Wow, she looks blasted Nice fat p u s s y too

  • Thanks, she has been packing on the weight since we started getting her drunk for s e x so now she is a bit fatter and her t i t s are way way bigger too.

  • Planned this night out perfect. We sat around on Saturday I fed her drinks, she got pretty well drunk and THEN I was taking her out to the bar to drink more.. We had a fun night and I had to carry her home she was a drunk slurring sloppy mess. The s e x was awesome too! This was her getting dressed to go to the bar.

  • Mmm...lovely.
    I bet her c u n t goes big and sloppy when she gets drunk. My wife was f****** e d, by five guys when we were on holiday and she was drunk every night!

  • Nice! Do you have pics of her from later that night?

  • So we are in our 50s and wanted to spice up our s e x life some, we still had s e x often but it was not as wild as it used to be when we first met. I suggested she get herself drunk and role-play like i was going to take "advantage" of her once she was really drunk, and she went along with it. Well after 4 bottles of wine she was a drunken s e x y mess, staggering around half n u d e with her nice b o o b s hanging out. Here was one of the better pics before I let her very drunk body to the bedroom for some awesome drunken s e x Her name is Dani, enjoy!

  • Nice. looks like her legs were starting to go rubbery with the drink.
    I love it when my wife can't walk anymore and she is ready for c o c k.

  • Mm yeah. I wouldn't mind a little time in the bedroom with drunken Dani.

  • She looks good and hammered—let’s see more of those b o o b s!

  • A couple of years ago, my wife and I went on holiday to Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt for two weeks. In the second week I went on one of the diving expeditions at the hotel. She didn't want to come so stayed in the hotel around the pool.
    I got back fairly late as we stopped for a meal and chatted. I sent her a Whats-app to let her know I would be back late and that was that.
    When I got back I had a drink in the bar and went back to our room. No wife anywhere and she was not answering her Whatsapp. I started to get worried at 1 o'clock in the morning when there was a knock at the door and there were two young guys and between them my wife. She was clearly very drunk indeed. Her eyes were crossed, her legs were all over the place with a very silly drunk look on her face. She couldn't walk a step as the boys carried her in and I told them to dump her on the bed which they did. We chatted for a couple of minutes, they told me she had been at a party and then they left. I went back and found her flat out on the floor. She must have slid down off the bed and her cotton dress was rucked up around her midriff leaving her on the floor legs wide apart with no panties on. I didn't need to look any closer to see that her p**** was wide open, the lips red and swollen and s**** dribbling out of her. I noticed her dress was the only thing she had on and it was all buttoned up wrong. Her bra was gone, her panties were gone, both b****** were covered in marks and nipples stiff. She had clearly had a lot of s**, but when she woke up late the next morning she had no memory of what had happened.

  • Three days later I used her phone to take pictures of her around the pool and when I looked to check the pictures I found quite a few more. It seems that while she was at the party, someone had used her phone to take pictures of her naked and being well f*****. There was even a video of her with one guy pumping in and out of her and her sucking another one. I found 8 pictures of different guys f****** her and two women 69in with her!! It was clear in all the pictures that she was drunk as h***. I transferred the pictures onto my laptop and I've been masturbating over them for the past two years !

  • My girlfirend and I started our drunk fetish when I took her out one night to a friends bar. Turns out the bar was a local hang out for lesbians, they took one look at my wife and all started buying her drinks. She nervously gulped them all down, they all thought they were going to get some p u s s y from her that night but she staggered over to me, asked me to take her home and f****** her and we left. Watching them force drinks on her was so hot, she had zero control and kept on guzzling now we get her drunk at home

  • How drunk do you get her?

  • As drunk as I can, she is so hot gulping down drinks and slurring her words

  • H*** I would have let them take her into the back and roofie her and then watch. Love having s e x with my wife when she is blasted drunk, watching other woman lick her all over would have been over the top hot

  • My girlfriend used to get wasted for me and come him smashed off of her face and telling me « I’ve done this for you because I know you love seeing me wasted ». She loved getting f***** and once let me f*** her while she was puking into the toilet. I’ve got lots of stories, just ask which type of story you would like to hear

  • Did she ever come home after being with a female friend?

  • I LOVE getting very drunk and especially letting men (or sexy women) get me drunk. The s** is so much better that way.

  • Tell me about the last time a sexy woman got you drunk...

  • It was a week ago.

  • How did you meet her?

  • She was going out to a "girls nite out" and I told her I wanted her to come home tipsy and ready for fun! Wow did she, blasted had to have her friends help her up the stairs to the door, she was SMASHED, they kept telling me they were sorry for letting her drink so much, said she was ordering shot after shot. Got her on the bed, took these pics and got busy. Nothing sexier than seeing your wife totally smashed and sloppy slurring her words as you pound away at that p u s s y. THAT was fun but she said she didn't want to do it again bummer.. She has never been drunk before so did not know when to stop.. haha I will have to trick her into drinking at home next time

  • Wow...that's lovely.
    Had she been f****** e d while she was out getting drunk??

  • Nice, good that when she drinks she does not know when to stop, the drunker she gets the better for you! I bet it would have been fun to watch her sitting there getting herself blasted drunk, and sloppy staggering around trying to hold herself up. Watching them get smashed is almost as fun as s******* them when they are smashed.

  • My wife and I were on vacation and she wore a pleated tennis skirt with no panties on to go to the breakfast buffet. We were going to play tennis after breakfast. But before we went down to the buffet I f***** her, then she jerked off, then she peed, and then I f***** her again. She never wiped her hairy p****. So we get on the buffet line there is c** dripping out of her c*** and down her legs. We sit on a plastic like bench at the table and she says she is so wet with her c*** dripping all over the seat that she is actually sliding on the c** which is now all over her ass and when we got up to leave the entire seat as she had to slide to get out was soaking wet. I saw it and thought about the next person to sit there, and how they would be sitting in my wife's c*** juices. We then played tennis with her p**** still fairly wet and mushy. It was pretty cool, but this was a long time ago, but still nice to remember it.

  • Going to a concert my wife had on a regular dress and as always with no panties. That morning and afternoon of the concert I f***** her and as always she left it wet and dripping down her leg. So right before leaving for the concert she changes into what was called a "T-shirt dress". Basically like a T-shirt it just about covered her ass and hairy p****. Then she bent over and I f***** her. Then she took a pee standing up, Then she went in my desk and got a girlie book and jerked off and squirted on the floor. After she had squirted and right before we left she bent over and I f***** her again, and she was so wet and open I just put it in between her legs and it slipped in easily until I came in her again. Never did she wipe her p**** and then we went to a fast food place as we didn't have time for a restaurant and she was dripping everywhere. At the concert and in the 1st row she opened her legs wide and flashed the musicians. Then on the way home I had to stop on a side street and took her outside of the car, bent her over and shot one more load in her. That was the sluttiest she ever was.

  • My wife would wear nylon shorts with no underwear and wear them like that for like 3 days straight. Right before she went to a store I would always f*** her from behind by just pulling the shorts aside, which was easy as the c*** would be mostly hanging out of them anyway, and she never dried her p****, so all the c** would drip into the crotch or down her legs when she went out. By the 3rd day they were not covering her hairy c*** at all as they stayed stained and smelly and were stuck up in her c*** instead of covering it. She would go to the store like that and loved when she bent over and someone would see it all from behind.

  • My wife has an open p**** with stretched p**** lips and when she bends over with her short skirts in public everyone sees inside of her. She is always wet as she wants me to f*** her before she goes out. We had a business and before she went to the bank she would j*** off to a girlie book, then pee, then have me f*** her a second time, and then go out without wiping herself.

  • My wife played tennis without panties after I f***** her twice and she didn't wipe her c***. She also loves going shopping with short skirts and no panties after I f*** her, she pees, she jerks off, and I f*** her again. She never wipes her p**** and as she walked out to go shopping one time her c*** was making squishing noises and she still just walked out. All her skirts are so short that she leaves wet spots on seats , but others that are a bit longer all have c** stains on them. Even dresses. She wore a black dress to a Christmas party a few times and the entire inside is full of c** stains. Even the inside of her fur coat is full of stains. She loves it all.

  • Not planning on sharing her, but the wife knows now, Friday night, she gets dressed up, I take her out and she does not leave until she is a slurring, stumbling staggering mess. I take her home, and we have fun. Its so hot watching her drink herself stupid, slutty and sloppy. She now knows that friday night, she is nothing more than my drunk sloppy s l u t to use.

  • Remember folks, she is never too old to get drunk dumb and sexy!

    My new girl Regina, getting herself loaded for me in her apartment before moving

  • Mmmmm.... a bit more booze inside her and you could have got the boys round to f*** her senseless !!!

  • Very nice.... Id love to see more photos of her as you got her more and more drunk.
    What happened later? Did she get f****** e d?

  • Wow, she looks BLASTED, hope she was fun after that.

  • Good day Leanne. How are you? AJ

  • HI - end of the week - thank god - have struggled recovering from the weekend. Saw ur post from below - no I didn't bring any wine back with me. Just going get changed now and meet up with some colleagues for a drink but I intend to behave. Hope things are going well for u too - Leanne

  • Hi Leanne—thought I’d put a post up here as well. Glad you have plans for more fun— and we know what kind of misbehavior can happen, even with the best of intentions—so have a great time. Things are good here also. Do share how you’re doing along the way, and perhaps we can post more as you are out. AJ

  • Good morning to you Leanne. How was last night for you? AJ

  • Quiet night out - came home early - had couple vodkas here. When husband went to bed I phoned Brent - mmmmmmmm

  • Mmmm indeed. Sounds like that was a very intense call. When are you seeing him again? AJ

  • Hopefully in a fortnight or the weekend after

  • Good for you. What are you doing tonight? AJ

  • What’s your favorite drink? AJ

  • Morning AJ - hope your wife is making you happy. I like several drinks - wine, champagne, vodka, rum and coke, tequila, baileys, drambue, kahula. Leanne

  • Hello Leanne—can’t go wrong with any of those drink choices—great to pick one for an evening or to sample several through the night. As for my wife making me happy, well, it’s**** or miss. I gather your husband is still not doing the job as far as making you happy is concerned? AJ

  • That should be “hit or miss” above. Not sure why that would have been censored. AJ

  • I understand re hit and miss. I'm also partial to a good daiquiri. As for my husband - we are more like friends than lovers - that's ok - I'm sort of used to it by now - anyway I've got Brent now.
    Does your wife get drunk for you? I started drinking when I was young and it nearly always has the same effect on me. Leanne

  • From time to time she will. Not anything like you though—you are a cut above. Given what you’ve shared about yourself, how attractive you are and how you love to get drunk and be wild, I don’t understand why your husband would not be there with you enjoying it all, and instead wants you to behave. Perhaps I am missing something here, so tell me if what I said makes sense. AJ

  • There's some issues I haven't told you that are private. Leanne

  • I understand. AJ

  • Good day Leanne. How was the rest of your weekend? Hope you got to enjoy yourself a bit. AJ

  • Hi Leanne—If you would ever be interested in communicating away from this site, let me know how I can reach you. It would be far superior in terms of privacy and ease of response. Completely up to you, and if not, I am of course happy to continue posting with you here. AJ

  • How do I suggest somewhere else without saying it here? Leanne

  • Let’s think about that. AJ

  • I have an idea but need to think more about it. AJ

  • Ok - I'm off to bed now - will check tomorrow evening

  • Good morning Leanne. I have a possible solution to try later if you would like. Have a great day. AJ

  • Hi Leanne—I’ll post my solution next time you reply. AJ

  • Hi AJ - sorry, really busy with work this week. Hope you are well. Leanne

  • Hi Leanne—good to hear from you and all the best with your work. We’ll catch up soon. AJ

  • Hi Leanne—hope all is well with you. Any plans for fun for the coming weekend? AJ

  • Hi AJ - Fri morning here - just heading off to work - it's cold here! Nothing big this weekend - how about you? Couple of drinks after work - that's all. Take care. Leanne

  • I was going to post an email address if you would want to contact me off this site. AJ

  • Hi Leanne—Glad all is well with you. Are you going to check here again soon? AJ

  • Hi babe how r u fri night here had few drinks after work and bogtttle shiraz feeelinggood r u online Leanne xxxx

  • I am. Sounds like you’re having a great night! AJ

  • Let me know how you’re doing out there. AJ

  • Hi AJ I am so so sorry ok. I tried posting you but it didn't send and I had a few more drinks and I really really wanted to chat with u because Brent is away this weekend and I couldn't talk to him and I ended up so frustrated and I cried and cried. Obviously was drunker than what I thought because Ive woken up with a really bad headache - need to take some painkillers and have a shower and make a coffee. Im so sorry about last night. Leanne xxx

  • It’s ok Leanne. This site is terrible to post on. Let’s try to link up again soon. I would like that. AJ

  • Hi AJ - mid afternoon here - feeling better now. Hope you are having a good day (or is it night there - if so, I hope your wife is doing to you what I wanted to do last night lol) Leanne

  • Hi Leanne—glad you are feeling better now. It is night here, and I would love to know exactly what you wanted to do to me last night, because I have a feeling I would enjoy it very much. Do you want me to give you a way to contact me off site so you can tell me in private? AJ

  • Yes please babe - Leanne

  • It’s AJ

  • Hi Leanne. How was the rest of your winery trip?

  • OMG - when you wake and don't know where you are, your still unsteady on your feet and can't find your clothes you know it was a big night! I wrapped a sheet around myself and went out to find a guy in the living room - I had no idea who he was. Evidently I was at his place and my clothes were being washed because I had vomited on myself on the way home. He ended up being a really sweet guy - I spent another night at his place after a few drinks and we had great s**.

  • Sounds like you had all the fun the law will allow—and then a little bit more! How did your girlfriends make out?

  • They are p***** off with me because they didn't know where I was and they were worried about me - I haven't really talked to them.

  • It’s understandable that they would have been concerned about you, but surely they were off having their own fun as well at the time, so they shouldn’t be too p***** at you.

  • I was 'missing' for a day - 2 of them stayed behind for me so they are angry - I lost my phone somewhere and couldn't contact them. My husband is also super mad because evidently I phoned him while I was out and told him some truths.

  • Uh-oh—just how truthful were you?

  • I told him how disappointing he was and some other stuff I think - we're not talking

  • Those are some hard truths.

  • Are you planning to see the guys you met again?

  • YES! Just Brent the last guy - I can't contact the other guy I've got no details. Brent is really sweet.

  • Did you go out with no bra and panties?

  • Sure did

  • That’s so hot 🥵

  • Can you describe what you look like? Would like to get a picture in my mind of you having all of this fun.

  • 5ft6 short wavy reddish brown hair ok bod - 32b widish hips. Im still reasonably slim and fit

  • You sound very physically attractive, and your wild streak just amplified your attributes.

  • Thanks u - this site is nuts to keep up with - the conversation is all over the place

  • My pleasure. It is nuts to follow. Will keep finding you though.

  • So - am I just communicating with just one person - I assume a male - or are there different people here

  • One male

  • All of these have been from me from the start.

  • Ok - so do u have a name and how old are u

  • My name is AJ...I’m in my 40s.

  • Hi AJ. So when these boxes get small we just start again?

  • Hi Leanne. You can start a new comment any time you want. I think eventually the typing goes back to the left edge. Whatever you prefer.

  • Hi again Leanne. It’s nice to have been formally introduced to you. How was the rest of your day since our last contact? AJ

  • Hi AJ - just a normal day - nothing special. At least today is Friday - get to relax tonight. Are u married too? Leanne

  • Hi Leanne. Nice to hear from you. I am married as well. Anything special planned for relaxing tonight? Did you bring some of the wines you sampled back with you? AJ

  • Hi - all packed and ready for winery walkabout at Rutherglenn Victoria tomorrow - taking my laptop - will try to post at lunch and evening (if I can). Our theme is Mexican. First drinks 10am - can't wait!! Leanne

  • Good for you!

  • Just got back to go have lunch - having great time - cold here - so many cute guys!! Had a few wines - feeling good -can't wait fr this afteroon - more tastings!!

  • Awesome! Keep posting as you can. How are your girlfriends doing?

  • Ims is back fr a bit to shower andget changed then where going out fr dinnner and then jen andme are going out toparty I've hadbestest day f****** hot guys eveywhhere I'm going get totallydurnk tonight and bring onehome wth me.

  • My freindsare awesome they are the best! Allie isdrunk but were looking after her she nearlyfeel getting off the bus buts she's ok i don't know if she's coming out wth us or not

  • Good that you’re having so much fun. Keep posting about you and all your friends getting more and more drunk. You will certainly have lots of male attention and late night company.

  • 9.30am bus heere soon still halfdrunk from last night rememmber drinking tequila anddanicning and someyoungguy and me getting together hew was all 0ver me kissing me fingering me felllover walking home he was assume in bed got bitemarks on mybboobs andthgihs and im aching need to drink xxxxxx

  • Keep drinking and f****** Leanne. How did your girlfriends fare last night?

  • Am isback fr lunch litttletiny bitdrunk f****** parrtying babe i wannna ufck ims ishorny

  • You sound more than a tiny bit drunk. You definitely need to drink more though, and you need to f*** more soon. How did your girlfriends make out last night?

  • Hey ims istotallly underconttorl ok jstfeelling f****** h**** andwet and imgoing drink to imtotally drunk and jen gotfucked andamandda and rachelspent nightogether bus heresoon

  • Great—keep drinking and posting as you can. You do seem really drunk, but you know just what you want. I know you will be getting f****** e d again soon. Glad your girlfriends are having a great time too—would you ever, or have you ever, hooked up with them?

  • The guys you are all meeting on this trip are so lucky. Would love to be one of them.

  • I isam bak here atm y room here i pissted self on lawn jen fuckking bictch said im am todruunk go out but shecan fuckoff cus iwans ccock upmypussy and iis notgoing ware pantiesbra

  • Whres isu partywth me

  • It would be so hot for you to go out without your bra and panties. That would be so hot

  • I am here

  • I want to party with you

  • You go back out and get wasted and get f*****. Forget what she says.

  • What do you want to do with me?

  • Iwannts fucjk

  • If I were with you I would party with you

  • I would f*** you

  • What are you doing now?

  • Are you going to drink and f*** some more?

  • Keep posting. Tell me what you want to do Leanne

  • How was last night Leanne?

  • How many more "i like 2 get my wife drunk at home" bullshit posts do you need to put up? This has been going on for at least a couple of years now. Are you even married IRL? Are you even a guy? You certainly aren't emotionally stable, that much is certain.

  • Go f*** yourself moron.
    What's it got to do with you what other people like to do.
    You've probably got some really disgusting kink about kids that gets you off. Ours is just having fun and having s e x.

  • Have a buddy or two come over after shes had a few..betting you will all get lucky

  • How are you doing Leanne?

  • Hey - been quiet - got big weekend coming up in fortnight. 6 friends and me going for long weekend on winery walkabout. Planning on getting VERY drunk

  • Hey there—good to hear from you! Have you seen your ex any time recently?

  • No I haven't - he decided he didn't want to "ruin his relationship with his wife " - the b******. May 8, 9 and 10 going on winery tour with friends - no husbands - planning on 3 days of being ridiculously drunk.

  • What is he thinking??? He’s going to regret giving you up, guaranteed. But hey, this winery tour you and your friends are doing just might be the start of a whole lot of new fun for you.

  • I hope so

  • Looking forward to hearing about your new adventures very soon.

  • Almost winery tour time! Bet you and your friends are itching to get started on the drunken fun.

  • Hi. I’m like your wife and love to get really bombed like that.

  • Hi there! What do you like to do when you get really bombed, and how often do you do it?

  • Hi. I like to misbehave. My boyfriend loves when I get very drunk. I don’t always want my boyfriend. I just want s**. I went out tonight and had a lot to drink. I just got home and don’t want to stop drinking.

  • And what kind of misbehavior are we talking about here?

  • What are you drinking? Did you meet anyone while you were out?

  • I had several glasses of red wine. It’s becoming hard to type because I’m drinking more now. I ran into some men that I know. Others flirted with me

  • No reason to stop drinking or typing. Sounds like you got some very welcome attention—did you meet anyone you might be interested in for the future?

  • Yes, I fooled around with one guy. We didn’t f***.

  • When I’m wasted I’m into almost anything

  • I could message some guys that I know and ask someone to come over. I don’t live with my boyfriend

  • That was going to be my next question—I have no doubt they would be right over. Can you describe yourself a little bit for me?

  • I’m 5’8”, fair skin, dark brown hair, green eyes, hourglass type of figure

  • What’s the wildest thing you’ve done when you’ve gotten wasted?

  • I’ve done too many things to pick one. S** against a bathrooms. I don’t know what’s wild

  • I’d say those definitely qualify as wild. What did you wear tonight?

  • Fitted black dress

  • I found this when I googled drunk s** or something like that

  • You came to the right place. Drunk s** is incredible. Do you like your man to get wasted with you and have s**?

  • I lovr drunk s**. I lovr when both people are wasted

  • I don’t know how mich more I can thpe. I should probably stop

  • No, keep going—it’s very sexy

  • Did you message one of your guy friends? What were you wearing tonight? From your description of your appearance, it’s no wonder the guys were all over you.

  • Realllly? What’s sexy about it?

  • It’s sexy to imagine you drinking at your place, having more wine, losing more and more control over your movements and inhibitions, but still wanting to share your wasted fun. Where are you at your place—in bed perhaps?

  • I’m
    Finishing a big glass of wine l. Won’t stop

  • That’s what I’m talking about. I can just hear you saying you won’t stop drinking in a slurred, sexy voice, and then taking another drink.

  • I said a fitted black dress

  • NOw a bra ant panties

  • What color are your bra and panties?

  • Black

  • IM
    I’m in my family room

  • Are you sitting up or lying down? Is there more wine in your bottle?

  • Sitting up. Tv on

  • I’m
    Almosdt finished with it but have more if I need it

  • I could still
    Call someone

  • Keep describing what you are doing. It’s so hot

  • I think you do need and want some more wine.

  • If I open anothhet bottle.ill be sioooo drunk

  • I love the look of a black bra and panties on a woman’s fair skin. I like them even more lying on the floor next to her

  • Have you finished your glass yet? Better get that bottle ready

  • I
    Don’t know where tim reply

  • This site is weird. Keep replying. I’ll find you

  • This site is weird. My replies are all over

  • I don’t even know how many people olm replying to onnhere. I’m finishing the bottle now. I have another to open.

  • All these are me

  • Who’s me?

  • Are you still there? Site would not let me post for like 15 minutes

  • How are you feeling now? You sound very, very drunk and h****

  • I’m
    Already very very druuinko

  • How far are you into the second bottle?

  • I didn’t open it

  • Wasnyg sure

  • It wasn’t letttinb me post either

  • Should I add my name ?

  • If you want to

  • Are you still in your bra and panties?

  • There has to be a better way to do this posting-wise

  • And open that second bottle

  • I will. I’m still in bra and panties. I think in need more wine and I’ll regret it in the mirimng

  • Posting here is hard. Not letting me

  • I message d my girlfriend that o eas out with tomhjt. She’s coming over. We are both not working tomorrow otr today. She’s going to have drinks with me. Soon. I’m
    Still thinking abliyf messaging a guy

  • Immd sooo driumk

  • Finally! I hate this posting system. You sound good and bombed indeed! I’m going to put a lot in this message. First off, me is Steve. I’d love to know your name if you want to give it. I’ll be up for a while too, but in case we keep having these delays, I’d enjoy doing this again with you the next time you get wasted. Let me know when your girlfriend gets there. How drunk was she when you left her, and what does she look like?

  • Hi, Steve...Im Lynn...She wont be here for anothert hour ot so...shre was only tipsy...shes hot...also brown hair and green eyes...not as fair and not tan...a little shorter..shes/ sexy like me

  • Im anut to give up posting....too muvh work

  • Hi Lynn...that’s a very pretty name...for a very sexy wasted woman...can’t wait for your hot friend to get there and start drinking with you...what time is it where you are? Steve

  • I hope you keep posting but I understand if you don’t...this posting system is a pain in the ass...did you finish the second bottle yet? Let me know what your girlfriend is wearing when she gets there...hope she gets as drunk as you are...

  • Again, I would enjoy posting with you in the future if you would like. Let me know. Steve

  • Have you and she ever fooled around, and if not, would you consider it? Just curious. Steve

  • I’ll post in the future. It’s 5:30an bere. We have made out intensely many times that’s it. Where are you aid what time is it?

  • Same time here. Steve

  • Did she arrive yet? I love that you two will be drinking at this time of the morning

  • Since you don’t have to work today, you can stay drunk all day...Steve

  • I need to stsyb awake by the time she gets here

  • Do you have a guy in mind to message? Whoever it is will be a lucky man

  • And don’t worry—if you enjoyed yourself tonight, no regrets in the morning

  • I pnly regert a hangover

  • I’m picturing you staggering to the door to let your girlfriend in, your black bra and panties accenting the glow of your curves and creamy skin

  • Im already staggering

  • How much of the second bottle have you had? Your girlfriend should bring some more

  • I habe more wine but she can bring some ...I had half og it

  • Does your girlfriend have a husband or boyfriend?

  • No hubasnd or boyfriend

  • It’s Lynn. I’m much less drunk now and just woke up. The room is still spinning a little and I wouldn’t drive. I had fun posting on here.

  • My friend had wine with me. She was tipsy. Not a mess like I was. We kissed and fell asleep. She got up and left. I’m in bed messaging with a guy that I fool around with. Lynn

  • Hey Lynn—it’s Steve. Finally got through

  • Just assume it’s going to take at least 30 minutes for anything to post. Good to hear from you and that you’re still a bit drunk...I had fun posting last night (this morning!) too. Glad your girlfriend made it over and that you two had some drinks and other fun...are you still in your bra and panties from last night? Are you planning on meeting the guy you’re messaging now later on?

  • It was so hot to read your posts as you got progressively more hammered...

  • Did your girlfriend get down to her bra and panties too?

  • Hi Steve. She was also in her bra and panties. I’m only in my panties now. Looking at my posts I can see how hammered I was then. Yes, he’s coming over soon. I told him to meet me in bed. I’m going to unlock my door. I’m supposed to see my boyfriend tonight. Lynn

  • Great Lynn...have an amazing time this afternoon and evening. Sounds like you will be VERY busy. Enjoy. Steve

  • Hi Steve. I had a great time yesterday. Thank you

  • Hi Lynn...thank you for a great time, was your afternoon with your guy friend and evening with your boyfriend, and what are you up to tonight?

  • Keeping my fingers crossed about the posting speed...

  • Yes, it’s ridiculous on here. Is there a better option? Gmail?? I’m not a big fan of posting email addresses, but it’s an option.

    The afternoon was amazing. He climbed into bed with me and it was everything it should have been, dirty and hot. My evening was quiet. I stayed in with my boyfriend and watched a movie. He brought wine. It was nice. We had s** which was even more hot after my daytime activities. I’m home after a night out with a close girlfriend. Lynn

  • We’ll see how it goes on the e-mail...maybe as a last resort if it gets worse. When you said you were in bed in only your panties and wanted him to meet you, well...that’s a perfect setup and it sounds like it went perfectly. As for the evening, that’s just dirty sweet...what did you and your girlfriend do (I would assume some alcohol was consumed)? Is she still with you, and if you did drink, are you continuing? What are you wearing now? It’s nice to get a mental picture of you, especially after how you described yourself the other night...

  • I meant after a night out with a girlfriend

  • Okay. I probably had too much to drink because I misread that Lynn

  • What did you misread?

  • Was it the same girl from the other night?

  • I misread my own typing. I meant gmail off of here. This friend was in from out of state. We honestly had a great time together. We had drinks and talked about going to s** clubs in her next visit. She said I’d likely upset her. I promised to behave. I’m now in a chemise and short matching robe. I still have a drink from her visit. Lynn

  • Is she staying with you? What is she afraid you would do to upset her?😛 What color is your sounds lovely on you...and what are you drinking? Steve

  • Is wine your favorite, or do you like a variety of drinks? Steve

  • I also love vodka. Drinking that now with diet tonic. I very much dislike this way of communication. - Lynn

  • Hi Leanne—hope you haven’t been behaving yourself too much lately!

  • I live in the same house as my twin brother. He does the same thing to his wife she loves her booze. Kelly gets so smashed on those nights she doesn't realize we both have s** with her. She thinks it only my brother.

    This happens usually from Friday to Sunday nights.

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