Getting my wife drunk

I like to get my wife drunk at home, and watch her stagger around drunkenly.

Last night she was so drunk she staggered around naked in front of an open window of our apartment building and kept drinking and drinking until she could not walk or talk. She is SO HOT when drunk, something so slutty about my normally reserved wife getting herself bombed drunk and staggering around.



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  • How many more "i like 2 get my wife drunk at home" bullshit posts do you need to put up? This has been going on for at least a couple of years now. Are you even married IRL? Are you even a guy? You certainly aren't emotionally stable, that much is certain.

  • Have a buddy or two come over after shes had a few..betting you will all get lucky

  • How are you doing Leanne?

  • Hi. I’m like your wife and love to get really bombed like that.

  • Hi there! What do you like to do when you get really bombed, and how often do you do it?

  • Hi. I like to misbehave. My boyfriend loves when I get very drunk. I don’t always want my boyfriend. I just want s**. I went out tonight and had a lot to drink. I just got home and don’t want to stop drinking.

  • And what kind of misbehavior are we talking about here?

  • What are you drinking? Did you meet anyone while you were out?

  • I had several glasses of red wine. It’s becoming hard to type because I’m drinking more now. I ran into some men that I know. Others flirted with me

  • No reason to stop drinking or typing. Sounds like you got some very welcome attention—did you meet anyone you might be interested in for the future?

  • Yes, I fooled around with one guy. We didn’t f***.

  • When I’m wasted I’m into almost anything

  • I could message some guys that I know and ask someone to come over. I don’t live with my boyfriend

  • That was going to be my next question—I have no doubt they would be right over. Can you describe yourself a little bit for me?

  • I’m 5’8”, fair skin, dark brown hair, green eyes, hourglass type of figure

  • What’s the wildest thing you’ve done when you’ve gotten wasted?

  • I’ve done too many things to pick one. S** against a bathrooms. I don’t know what’s wild

  • I’d say those definitely qualify as wild. What did you wear tonight?

  • Fitted black dress

  • I found this when I googled drunk s** or something like that

  • You came to the right place. Drunk s** is incredible. Do you like your man to get wasted with you and have s**?

  • I lovr drunk s**. I lovr when both people are wasted

  • I don’t know how mich more I can thpe. I should probably stop

  • No, keep going—it’s very sexy

  • Did you message one of your guy friends? What were you wearing tonight? From your description of your appearance, it’s no wonder the guys were all over you.

  • Realllly? What’s sexy about it?

  • It’s sexy to imagine you drinking at your place, having more wine, losing more and more control over your movements and inhibitions, but still wanting to share your wasted fun. Where are you at your place—in bed perhaps?

  • I’m
    Finishing a big glass of wine l. Won’t stop

  • That’s what I’m talking about. I can just hear you saying you won’t stop drinking in a slurred, sexy voice, and then taking another drink.

  • I said a fitted black dress

  • NOw a bra ant panties

  • What color are your bra and panties?

  • Black

  • IM
    I’m in my family room

  • Are you sitting up or lying down? Is there more wine in your bottle?

  • Sitting up. Tv on

  • I’m
    Almosdt finished with it but have more if I need it

  • I could still
    Call someone

  • Keep describing what you are doing. It’s so hot

  • I think you do need and want some more wine.

  • If I open anothhet bottle.ill be sioooo drunk

  • I love the look of a black bra and panties on a woman’s fair skin. I like them even more lying on the floor next to her

  • Have you finished your glass yet? Better get that bottle ready

  • I
    Don’t know where tim reply

  • This site is weird. Keep replying. I’ll find you

  • This site is weird. My replies are all over

  • I don’t even know how many people olm replying to onnhere. I’m finishing the bottle now. I have another to open.

  • All these are me

  • Who’s me?

  • Are you still there? Site would not let me post for like 15 minutes

  • How are you feeling now? You sound very, very drunk and h****

  • I’m
    Already very very druuinko

  • How far are you into the second bottle?

  • I didn’t open it

  • Wasnyg sure

  • It wasn’t letttinb me post either

  • Should I add my name ?

  • If you want to

  • Are you still in your bra and panties?

  • There has to be a better way to do this posting-wise

  • And open that second bottle

  • I will. I’m still in bra and panties. I think in need more wine and I’ll regret it in the mirimng

  • Posting here is hard. Not letting me

  • I message d my girlfriend that o eas out with tomhjt. She’s coming over. We are both not working tomorrow otr today. She’s going to have drinks with me. Soon. I’m
    Still thinking abliyf messaging a guy

  • Immd sooo driumk

  • Finally! I hate this posting system. You sound good and bombed indeed! I’m going to put a lot in this message. First off, me is Steve. I’d love to know your name if you want to give it. I’ll be up for a while too, but in case we keep having these delays, I’d enjoy doing this again with you the next time you get wasted. Let me know when your girlfriend gets there. How drunk was she when you left her, and what does she look like?

  • Hi, Steve...Im Lynn...She wont be here for anothert hour ot so...shre was only tipsy...shes hot...also brown hair and green eyes...not as fair and not tan...a little shorter..shes/ sexy like me

  • Im anut to give up posting....too muvh work

  • Hi Lynn...that’s a very pretty name...for a very sexy wasted woman...can’t wait for your hot friend to get there and start drinking with you...what time is it where you are? Steve

  • I hope you keep posting but I understand if you don’t...this posting system is a pain in the ass...did you finish the second bottle yet? Let me know what your girlfriend is wearing when she gets there...hope she gets as drunk as you are...

  • Again, I would enjoy posting with you in the future if you would like. Let me know. Steve

  • Have you and she ever fooled around, and if not, would you consider it? Just curious. Steve

  • I’ll post in the future. It’s 5:30an bere. We have made out intensely many times that’s it. Where are you aid what time is it?

  • Same time here. Steve

  • Did she arrive yet? I love that you two will be drinking at this time of the morning

  • Since you don’t have to work today, you can stay drunk all day...Steve

  • I need to stsyb awake by the time she gets here

  • Do you have a guy in mind to message? Whoever it is will be a lucky man

  • And don’t worry—if you enjoyed yourself tonight, no regrets in the morning

  • I pnly regert a hangover

  • I’m picturing you staggering to the door to let your girlfriend in, your black bra and panties accenting the glow of your curves and creamy skin

  • Im already staggering

  • How much of the second bottle have you had? Your girlfriend should bring some more

  • I habe more wine but she can bring some ...I had half og it

  • Does your girlfriend have a husband or boyfriend?

  • No hubasnd or boyfriend

  • It’s Lynn. I’m much less drunk now and just woke up. The room is still spinning a little and I wouldn’t drive. I had fun posting on here.

  • My friend had wine with me. She was tipsy. Not a mess like I was. We kissed and fell asleep. She got up and left. I’m in bed messaging with a guy that I fool around with. Lynn

  • Hey Lynn—it’s Steve. Finally got through

  • Just assume it’s going to take at least 30 minutes for anything to post. Good to hear from you and that you’re still a bit drunk...I had fun posting last night (this morning!) too. Glad your girlfriend made it over and that you two had some drinks and other fun...are you still in your bra and panties from last night? Are you planning on meeting the guy you’re messaging now later on?

  • It was so hot to read your posts as you got progressively more hammered...

  • Did your girlfriend get down to her bra and panties too?

  • Hi Steve. She was also in her bra and panties. I’m only in my panties now. Looking at my posts I can see how hammered I was then. Yes, he’s coming over soon. I told him to meet me in bed. I’m going to unlock my door. I’m supposed to see my boyfriend tonight. Lynn

  • Great Lynn...have an amazing time this afternoon and evening. Sounds like you will be VERY busy. Enjoy. Steve

  • Hi Steve. I had a great time yesterday. Thank you

  • Hi Lynn...thank you for a great time, was your afternoon with your guy friend and evening with your boyfriend, and what are you up to tonight?

  • Keeping my fingers crossed about the posting speed...

  • Yes, it’s ridiculous on here. Is there a better option? Gmail?? I’m not a big fan of posting email addresses, but it’s an option.

    The afternoon was amazing. He climbed into bed with me and it was everything it should have been, dirty and hot. My evening was quiet. I stayed in with my boyfriend and watched a movie. He brought wine. It was nice. We had s** which was even more hot after my daytime activities. I’m home after a night out with a close girlfriend. Lynn

  • We’ll see how it goes on the e-mail...maybe as a last resort if it gets worse. When you said you were in bed in only your panties and wanted him to meet you, well...that’s a perfect setup and it sounds like it went perfectly. As for the evening, that’s just dirty sweet...what did you and your girlfriend do (I would assume some alcohol was consumed)? Is she still with you, and if you did drink, are you continuing? What are you wearing now? It’s nice to get a mental picture of you, especially after how you described yourself the other night...

  • I meant after a night out with a girlfriend

  • Okay. I probably had too much to drink because I misread that Lynn

  • What did you misread?

  • Was it the same girl from the other night?

  • I misread my own typing. I meant gmail off of here. This friend was in from out of state. We honestly had a great time together. We had drinks and talked about going to s** clubs in her next visit. She said I’d likely upset her. I promised to behave. I’m now in a chemise and short matching robe. I still have a drink from her visit. Lynn

  • Is she staying with you? What is she afraid you would do to upset her?😛 What color is your sounds lovely on you...and what are you drinking? Steve

  • Is wine your favorite, or do you like a variety of drinks? Steve

  • I also love vodka. Drinking that now with diet tonic. I very much dislike this way of communication. - Lynn

  • Hi Leanne—hope you haven’t been behaving yourself too much lately!

  • I live in the same house as my twin brother. He does the same thing to his wife she loves her booze. Kelly gets so smashed on those nights she doesn't realize we both have s** with her. She thinks it only my brother.

    This happens usually from Friday to Sunday nights.

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