The valley of penises

I want to be a ballerina princess dancing on a stage so elegant and pretty, After I give a grand performance I want to be taken backstage and forced to suck d*** and have my 8 year old p**** f***** till it’s sore, afterwards I want to be spanked till my bottom is solid red then washed away in a river of c**!

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  • Mmmmmmmm 8 yr old p****, yes please

  • Go away 8 year old

  • Where were you when Jimmy Page was looking for a good time with the band? Where?

  • This is epic lol

  • Tell your mom and dad for help and your neighbors can use you

  • Lol. What 8 yr old writes like that. I'm guessing 25yr old male with a few fingers up his ass

  • Yes some s** maniac twatt he is

  • What you need is big black c***

  • The title is click bait

  • Let's give them so much attention they will choke on their own vomit.

  • Huh

  • #verysick

  • Details sick f*** guy

  • Sick this isn't even close. This is more like the s*** Klinger did on Mash trying for a section 8.

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