So this gay guy likes me....

Ok so I met this gay dude on Xbox that is very boisterous and can be very fun to be around. But he is the embodiment of a f*****, he would say things like “I get more d*** than you”, “my p**** hurts”, “whatchu want me to do? Cry?” And it makes me wanna just jump through his screen and punch him in the face. Later on he told me that he had feelings for me and loved me, I felt so weird because I would make homophobic jokes and say things like that. I already done enough damage to him (because I thought he was a stupid self inflated f****** narcissistic b******. One of my closed gaming buddies made him break down after a deep put down. Most times I introduced him to one of my guys on Xbox, they would make fun of him and call him a f*****, (he does bring it on himself tbh) We started talking on Instagram and we know what each other look like and at one point he sent me Pokémon futanari pictures and furry femboy s***, it infuriated me so I just went in a said some horribly deep disrespectful s*** to him because I felt violated, so he asked me out the first time and I said no, He had a game I wanted and I kinda set up a huge lie saying that I would date him if he gave me wwe2k19 via game share, I convinced him into thinking that I really loved him back and he gave me the game via game share. I never thought faking a online relation ship would be the f****** hard... this dude lives in California while I’m all the way in North Carolina. He really expects us to meet in the future and date and have careers together just because his sister met her current husband on Xbox and they married later on and live in a house together.... This boy is absolutely batshit crazy! I really don’t want to be with him, I am not even gay or bi, I just wanted a video game and now I am at risk of breaking a dudes heart, note that his last boyfriend dumped him and called him a b****.... Someone Help! I don’t want to be with him but he keeps showering me with love and affection through text messages and it’s really making me feel uncomfortable


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  • That sucks dude. Well first off, try to be a good person. Stop with the insults and put downs. It obviously doesn't work on this dude. Tell him straight up that you are not interested in having a relationship with him and that you shouldn't have led him on with the game request. Then say that you're happy to maintain a friendship, but he's gotta pull back on the flirting because it's making the whole friendship uncomfortable. Try kind honesty first. At least that way if he doesn't get the message then it's on him for being an idiot and you don't have to feel bad about "breaking his heart".

  • Okk thank you I “broke up with him and the fake relationship” but he can’t take it when I talk about a girl I might like at school

  • Who's catfishing who here ?

  • We are not cat fishing we know what each other look like, we even FaceTimed a lot

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