Always been homophobic, now afraid I might be gay

Ok Im going to be totally honest here and say that Ive always benn kind of homophobic. I never wanted to, like, beat up gay dudes or anything but I always figured being gay was kind of sick and pathetic. Ive called gay guys names behind their backs forever, mostly "f*****". Ive never even felt bad about it until now.

Anyway, I was always proud to be straight. Im 23 and have been with a few girls and only watched straight p*** and stuff. Sure I preferred the dudes to have big c**** but not because I wanted to look at their c**** or anything.

So I have an older brother who I always figured was as straight as me. Im staying with him for a few weeks over the summer and when I got there a couple of days ago I got there in the morning instead of afternoon when i was supposed to. I cant find him when i get there so I go upstairs to look. When I get there his bedroom door is open and I hear a lot of moaning. I sneak over and look in and I see my brother on the bed on his back with his feet up on some dark skinned dude's shoulders and the guy is f****** his ass hard.

Just looking at this guy from the back I can tell that hes lean and muscled and I realized I was staring at his clenching ass and jiggling b****. I got hard and almost came in my pants. All i could do was get out of there as quiet and fast as i can.

I ended up driving around the city for hours but my erection wouldnt go down. Twice I had to pull into a back alley and j*** off until I came. Im even touching my d*** as I write this in my brother's spare bedroom. When i close my eyes I can still see him getting f***** by that dude. I have no idea what to think or what to say to him.

The worst thing is that now Im thinking of my brother as a f***** and Im calling myself one inside my head too. I shouldnt but thats what im thinking. Does this mean Im gay?

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  • I had a boyfriend who f**ked me a few times a week for two years. After I moved I was somewhat homophobic with the boys in school, I didn't want anyone to know that I had slept with another boy. Being really cute and feminine looking my smoothness and sweet faced looks attracted lots of boy's attention and even men. I tried acting so tough and hard like to keep my secret. Eventually I was seduced by a thirty year old guy who could see through me. It was wonderful, I was so submissive and wanting!

  • All the labels.. dude just be you.

  • Do you ever find yourself attracted to males? If yes then you’re at least bi. So what anyway. Just stop hating the gays.

  • I'm straight and once in a while I like to watch male p***. Sometimes I get turned on and j*** it.

  • I know a guy who literally would go to gay bars with another big redneck friend and yell "FAGG0TS!!!"

    He is now a convicted child molester and a drag queen. And he now claims that "everybody's gay, they just don't know it yet."

    His name is Mark, aka "Miss DoMeHard." These are just a few, minor examples of how intelligence and creativity are not strengths for him.

  • The worst ones are the ones in denial until they're outed, then suddenly "everybody is gay." That's a sign of weakness.

  • It's a sign of narcissism. Which is a massive weakness

  • Of course not. Your brother getting busy with a dude has nothing to do with you

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