Guess I'll make this short. I am a white male liberal American. I really don't hate people based on color, creed, gender, etc. However, I do have a problem with mass invasions of undocumented, and for that matter documented, immigrants flooding into my country. I do have a problem with the thinking that every poor refugee in the world needs to be brought here for a better life. Make a better life where you are. People from other parts of the world are choking on their own waste and filth and want to come to America to escape it, and they are quickly turning my home into the same cesspool they are fleeing from. And god knows, you can't open your mouth to say such a thing or you are a right wing, racist, klan-loving, children-hating, anti-american ideals, murdering, psycho misantrope.

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  • I'm with the OP,
    But I'm from England,where we're having the exact same thing happen here. Syrians,Iraqis Turks, coming over in boats saying they're refugees.
    Are they f***, a refugee would settle in the nearest safe country,not cross 8 to end up in England. They can go f*** themselves. Whenever I hear of a migrant boat sinking and them dying,I think f****** GOOD!!!
    The sooner we leave the EU the better.
    (cue lefty f** pro remain comments)

  • It wouldn't be nearly the problem it is,in america or other countries,if people would stop reproducing like cockroaches.
    you mouth-breathers are very nicely proving op's point at the end,btw.
    and the MAGAts, Trumpanzees,whatever you want to call them (they're too stupid to answer in anything besides whines or screams anyway) just need to die. you can bet they're not as proud irl as they thought they were two years ago,so they have to insert their unwanted input wherever they can online.

  • Go to h*** liberal, or we will find you and violently redpill you. I will laugh so hard when you go reeee reeee reeeee. Hahaha

  • Uh oh, big bad scary MAGAT alert!! Eek, oh no, etc.


    Eat a bullet, sisterfucker!

  • You are a hypocrite because you are not prepared to pay more for fast food.

  • Kill them all America belongs to white and only white American infact every other country should be nuked

  • On the Liberal scale of 0 to 10, I think you may be a -100.

  • Hey man my parents, parents were Immigrants from Ireland. They came here and settled and worked hard. There have been plenty from many countries. That's who we are man. You dig? You should. As far as LZ is concerned yes I love me some Robert Plant, and Jimmy Page. Don't understand all this hate against Immigrants. Bad mojo.

  • Peace to all. Blessed be the Immigrants.

  • I think you guys have hit on something. More people need to listen to music. Music is beautiful baby. No room for hate when being involved in music. Pick up and instrument not a weapon. Amen brothers and sisters.

  • Hey yeah LZ baby! Peace and good will towards men and women. AZUL!

  • What you need to do is listen to Led Zeppelin's Immigrant song while smoking some good pot. Try it. Might mellow you out man. Great song about Vikings and raping and plunder.

  • I love Led Zeppelin. Your right smoke pot brother. Carry on

  • You are about as liberal as Mohammad bin Salman.

  • I'd shoot the undocumented. Like obviously they are disgusting for wanting to defile our clean white existence

  • Yes, the "shoot first, ask questions later" doctrine does seem to characterize most of American history since the landing of the Mayflower.

  • Yeah well if they had been tokin some good s*** and listening to some good tunes maybe things would be dif.

  • If the crew and passengers of the Mayflower had been doing that, they would have been so 'high' they would never have 'landed'at Plymouth Rock.

  • Need to write donald for your concern

  • "F" the Donald. That man hates everyone. Sad day he won. Only cause of that 'F" C*#t Hillary. If she had let that other man run what's his name Donald would have lost. What a "B" she is.

  • Boo f*** hoo liberal! Go and die!!!!!!!!!! Trump is god!!!!!!!!!

  • Trump is "god" only to the undereducated-- he said so himself. They're easily distinguished by their constant bleating of the word "liberal", overuse of punctuation, and 24/7 belligerence (often caused by their diapers needing to be changed). Also, they make this sound a lot: REEEEEEEEE

  • Your so right. Bernie Sanders would be president if it wasn't for that stupid B Hillary. Good bye to the Clintons they have been a plague on humanity. Bill couldn't even smoke pot right how F dumb can you get.

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