Wife's holidays

My wife and I have an understanding, For the last 15 years she has been going to Vegas on a yearly girls trip, She travels with one of her friends who is divorced for the last 9 years, Sometimes they bring along other friends but it is always the two of them for sure. Her friend who is obviously her bestie has been aware of our agreement for some time now, 15 years ago when my wife was 25 she went to Vegas with this same girl and two others, We had been married about 3 years and she came home, Burst into tears and admitted to banging some random dude.
At first i wanted to get on a plane and fly to wherever he was and do you know what to him but as a few days passed I found myself wanting details more than answers, We were laying in bed later the one night and facing opposite walls as we had been for a few nights when I rolled over and put my arms around her, She grabbed my arms and I said "Ok...tell me what happened", She looked back at me and I said "Just tell me", She said "Tell you...What?", I said "Everything".
She started out vague, I pressed for details, What started it, Where her friends were, What happened when they got back to the room and the whole time just held her from behind, By the end I was a little surprised at the fact I was aroused but I pulled her underwear off and pounded the s*** out of her. She asked me for a long time about why, What my thoughts were, How I felt about it and why I had gotten h0rny hearing about it. At the time I told her it didn't matter and eventually we just stopped talking about it until the next year rolled around.
She had not told her best friend that I was aware of what had happened the year before and so when her friend presented the idea right in front of me my wife kind of choked, Sputtered and stammered her way to saying "Oh, I don't think I can make it this year", That night in bed I asked if she wanted to go, She said she didn't think she would be allowed, I asked if she was gonna bang any random dudes and she said "Of course not" so I said "Then no, You are not allowed". Shocked doesn't even describe her reaction and I still remember it to this day but she ended up riding me that night while we talked about the previous year.
Needless to say she went, They had planned on 4 of them going, One backed out, One got sick two days before and couldn't go so it was just the two of them that year, My wife and I were still fairly new to cell phones and neither of us had a smart phone then and I am not even sure if she had a cell phone at the time so I had to wait for her to return home. Pretty much as soon as she walked through the door I was on her and she started out shy and playing coy but by the end was giving me all the dirt. We talked for days about it and I asked if her friend knew, She told me her friend knew she had gotten laid but didn't know that I had given her permission. that year she had taken a guy back to their room and her friend had gone to the other room with his buddy.
the next and third year she told her friend, They shared a room and two other girls shared the room next to them, She didn't get laid that year due to the fact their were other girls there she wasn't comfortable with knowing if she did do something, The year after that one other girl went with and had left with some guy so she had a chance to bring a guy who had been flirting with her back to her room and that was the year she told her friend I had approved everything, When they got home her friend had somehow talked her into the idea that she should give me something and so my wife brought her friend home and we had a threeway, She was cute, A little thicker than my wife and had huge b**** but afterward I admitted that it wasn't what I was looking for.
We tried a bit of other stuff that year, I brought a friend home one night and we tagged her, She brought her friend over a few more times and I had a couple rounds with just me and her friend but it just wasn't the same, Her friend had met her now ex husband by the time they went back to Vegas in year 4 but she still got laid, This time in the same room as my wife, Year 5 her friend was married and by year 6 divorced, Year 7 she had a black guy and showed me pictures of his...Junk because she didn't think I would believe her, By year 8 her and her friend were both 33 and tagged some 18 year old guy, apparently this guy shot his load three times and still the whole thing only lasted an hour.
Year 9, 10, 11 and 12 were kind of boring to hear about just the two of them taking random guys back to their room, Just one guy each, Sometimes two nights but just the same guys, Year 13...That year my wife and her friend had another girl with, My wife got laid in one bed and her bestie and the other girl watched and made out, Didn't go all the way but touching, Rubbing and fingers. Year 14 nothing happened because there were 5 of them and no way to get away which leads us to year 15.
In two weeks the two are going again, I am now 40 and my wife had her friend over last night, We haven't hooked up in over 10 years, she is still good looking and her b**** haven't gone away, She's a little thicker but not bad and we got drunk but when I said I was going to bed they followed me, My wife told me she wanted to watch me and her friend and ended up joining in. Now she tells me she is getting bored with going to Vegas and thinks she would like to do a more often type of thing with her friend rather than once a year with some random guy, I still prefer the Vegas thing but I guess we will have to see.

Nov 1, 2018

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  • Why does she toture you and make you wait so long. Most guys these days are willing to bang a hot woman married or not and with husband present. Some want her all to themselves and some want to share. Either way it’s hot watching

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