Large teenage boys

Being a mum of a teen boy I know how big boys are these days compared to my generation
I have enjoyed a couple of my sons mates attentions and flirtations. Even to point of kissing and more
My son seems either oblivious to it or doesn't mind. I wear shorter skirts and heels when they are here. My son and his mates tower over me as I am just over 5 foot. They are over foot taller. I feel helpless when they are about And they make fun of my height in a fun way not nasty. I play up to it as well and had fireman's lift from son and his one mate. My dad used to do same and it arouses me.

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  • Im a boy. I love to play on snapchat. Any girls wanna play add me plz. Andyc2104. Girls only.

  • You sound like my wife, she always makes an efforts for the kids' friends. They are 15 or 16,a bit taller than me, much taller than her. She wears tiny skirts or yoga pants, and usually a low cut top, she is around 5 foot, very slim but big t*** that amazingly never left after the pregnancies. She said one of them walked out of the shower in front of her after a sleepover, naked, with a huge erection, she said it was bigger than mine, 16 is legal age in U.K., so nothing illegal here. She later timed it so she could walk out naked in front of him. He immediately got his c*** out, she said she wanted to ride it so hard but resisted, instead she spread for him and let him w*** himself off. Annoyingly she told him he was bigger than me. When he comes round, my wife makes an extra special effort, she has flashed him a couple of times, even once squeezed past him and rubbed her ass against his d***. She has imagined him f****** her when we f***. She is such a s*** lol

  • It's gonna happen...sooner or later she'll be c****** on this young studs c***. If you plan it, it might be better since you can avoid things like her becoming pregnant.

  • Remove the bra & panties, then let them enjoy themselves. I bet you will enjoy yourself too ;)

  • Yes I’ve noticed the younger generation boys have much bigger c****. Taller is usually the way to go. My Hispanic wife has always loved giving herself to white guys since college. While I San Diego we met a young soldier who we invited back to our place. I was really amazed how he looked on soft and didn’t take much convincing wife to blow him. I was glad to finally see how she would react to a man much bigger c*** inside of her. I watched and j/o as she kissed him passionately and she verbally told me how he felt inside of her

  • You should walk around without a bra when they are around so they can see your nipples. This way you can see how many and which one will f*** you.

  • I used to have the same with my daughters friends all walking around in little skirts and tight tops.

  • I bet you would like one off them to f*** you

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